Evernote is made compatible with the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro — 2022

Evernote, the popular application for both iOS and macOS, has just been updated in this latest operating system, adding very important new features such as compatibility with the Touch Bar of the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Evernote compatible with the Touch Bar

Evernote just became one of the latest Mac apps just added support for the new touch bar that incorporates the MacBook Pro 2016 , but the best thing about this update is the approach it wants to give thanks to the Touch Bar user interface.

Simple and practical, this is how we can qualify the new Evernote update thanks to the functions in the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016, but how do the developers of this application achieve this? After a new update, the touch bar will show the buttons for start a search, start a new note, or access tags , all the options that a user really needs instantly, options that you really want to be able to do with just a simple touch.

Although it is true that the options can be a bit more complicated in specific cases, such as when the bar becomes a slider to choose colors or when extracting a set of tools for images , it does not seem that this update enters the realm of the complicated, we are talking about practical options that will allow you to enjoy more of the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro.

Improvements in the future (hopefully not too far away)

Although the novelties introduced by the developers of Evernote are important, they assure that their intention was to try to make some controls and shortcuts go directly to the Touch Bar, which will allow most basic tasks as a consequence of the change in position of these options.

Since the release of the 2016 MacBook Pro, major Mac applications have been developing and incorporating (very slowly) support for the Touch Bar. A job that over the months is reaching more and more different applications but where more will is needed on the part of the developers. Hopefully as sales of these 2016 MacBook Pros increase, more users will demand these features on their devices so that developers take good note of user requests.

Other famous third-party apps like password manager 1Password added Touch Bar support last year, and Microsoft already updated Office with Touch Bar support last February. Apple has also been adding Touch Bar support to more applications so little by little we continue to see news in this section. We will continue to be aware of possible developments in Evernote or in other third-party applications that incorporate new features in the touch bar.