Must-have tools for creating infographics on Mac — 2022

When you want to explain something, such as the steps to follow in a specific situation, the protocol in an emergency, it is important that this information is transmitted clearly and visually. If your case meets these conditions, you will undoubtedly need to design an infographic. On Mac there are many tools available to create them, and in this article we will tell you the best options for you.

What to look for in these tools

As is logical, it is important to have the highest quality tool to be able to have infographics that are up to the task of your business or your project. It is vitally important to have an attractive template that allows you to capture the attention of users and that they can inform themselves with your infographic. The Mac is a fundamental work tool within the entire ecosystem, and that is why there are many tools to create them. In order to choose the best tool, we recommend you follow the following points:

    Template quality:a point that is vital in any software that you can install on your Mac or use online. You always have to look for one that has a great variety that can always be adapted to the public that is going to read it. Also to the information that will end up being included to give it a meaning that is not annoying for the end user who is going to read it. Font to use:Beyond the template, the rest of the tools that are customizable are also important. In this case we talk mainly about fonts. It is vital that you have a wide range of different options, something that can be found in the different software that we offer, which also allow the download of external add-ons. Price:a point that is also valued whenever you have to buy a specific application for Mac. In these cases you can find a wide variety of options, although if you are a student or have a small business, you are interested in programs or services that are free. In this case, we recommend above all those web services that offer all their content online in the browser.

Programs to use on Mac

Keep in mind that within the Apple ecosystem, you can mainly find two programs in macOS with which you can create infographics. These can include different templates that are also found in the Mac App Store, and that provide the necessary aesthetic tools.


Powerful and fast tool for professionals and beginners that aims to create graphs, maps, images and much more . It has graphic tools to be able to integrate all the necessary information that you want to expose to a specific audience. Obviously, it has the necessary templates of dimensions that are needed to be able to design the infographic characteristics.

The application was originated to be able to integrate with the use of vector graphics, which allows the creation of high resolution images and graphics. This is something widely used, especially when we talk about graphic designers, by giving it many more wings. As soon as the work is finished, it will be possible to carry out a download file en.jpg'wpappbox .wpappbox-f3cea35a7b7880a53e2a0d11923548f2 simple appstore'> Infographer design Descargar QR-Code Infographer Developer: Michael Amling


This is an application known to all, as it is the main tool available to create slideshows. But beyond being able to generate presentations of this style, it can also be used to design your own infographics. It has features as interesting as the possibility of including personalized images, modifying the typography of the letters to be used and also the background.

The most interesting thing of all is that although at first we are used to viewing a slide with a rectangular style, all the proportions can also be modified. This will make it very easy for you to free your imagination to generate infographics for your business or simply for some research project in which you need to explain different concepts.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Another of the essential software in the world of work and education to be able to have high-quality presentations, and also infographics. This is because Microsoft allows many templates to be included, even though they are not under its control. It is something essential to be able to make use of this infographic feature that requires some very specific dimensions.

In this case, Microsoft PowerPoint can work much better than Keynote. This is because, in general, you will be dealing with higher quality software that has better integrated customization tools. Modify images, change their dimensions, or a wide range of different typography. This is what you are going to get if you use the Microsoft office suite.

Templates that you can download

In the Mac App Store, more than programs that are intended for the creation of Infographics, the use of templates can be highlighted. These act as complements to the main programs such as Keynote or PowerPoint to be able to boost them and turn them into the editor you need right now to make a graphic composition.

DesiGN Templates for Keynote

Templates for Keynote - DesiGN

In this case, we are faced with a complement consisting of 700 high quality designs for Keynote presentations, infographics, and data visualization templates. There are many topics that are included, such as business, travel, leisure, fashion, science among many others. They are available in two sizes: standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9. But beyond the backgrounds, the proportions stand out to create incredible infographics.

In this case, the Keynote design pack is completely free. From here you must pay different installments on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis. In this way you will be able to access this set of designs easily. Installation is really simple, and it acts like any other application. When executed, you will choose between the templates and the Keynote application will open to start working.

Templates for Keynote - DesiGN Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla Descargar QR-Code Templates for Keynote - DesiGN Developer: Graphic Node

Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla

The indispensable companion for all your needs that arise while you're working with Keynote. It has thousands of customizable elements and millions of ways to combine them. It has the complete design of themes, compositions, awesome infographics , and you will always be able to get all the information thanks to the vignettes or clipart. In this way the limit you will impose yourself with your imagination.

Toolbox for Keynote is a free download with samples in the category of each element. It acts as an individual application that groups all these designs. When you choose one of these, it will download and run in Keynote. In the event that you want to use an element that is not free, you will be able to buy it individually, but also make a subscription to have them all.

Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla tooblox Descargar QR-Code Toolbox for Keynote: Plantilla Developer: Jumsoft

Toolbox for PowerPoint

Toolbox for PowerPoint

In this case, unlike the previous one, this toolkit is intended for Microsoft PowerPoint. It offers all the necessary elements to enrich the experience you have with this application at all levels. From create presentations that are classic to infographics. That is why we are facing a definitive complement for all your work or educational projects.

It has thousands of customizable elements and millions of ways to combine them. All this from fully designed themes, simple layouts, to stunning infographics. The problem is that in order to access all the designs that are available, you must pay a monthly subscription, although it also integrates a single payment system. And obviously it is only compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, which must have an active license.

Toolbox for PowerPoint CANVA Descargar QR-Code Toolbox for PowerPoint Developer: Jumsoft

Main web pages

Beyond the programs that can be installed natively on the Mac, certain services that work online must also be downloaded. There are many infographic editors that are integrated into relevant web pages accessible to all users. We tell you the main pages available.



You have no doubt heard of Canva. It has a presence in the App Store, but only for iPad and iPhone. Although it will also be able to be used on Mac through its website. It is a powerful software that is designed for those people or teams that they need to create logos or content for social networks, to documents that are intended for high-quality printing.

It should be noted that it integrates thousands of very diverse templates. With a simple search, you will be able to find the template that will adapt to your most particular needs. With a grab and drop system you will be able to integrate all the elements that are necessary, such as transparent images to be able to integrate perfectly with the background of the infographic.

Access Canva


Online tool that aims to design and generate infographics on any type of platform. It is designed to be used in projects and also in presentations for free. You start with a collection of templates, so you should not start completely from scratch . Likewise, you will also be able to create a personalized template with your brand, by including your company logo or colors.

You will be able to surprise your entire audience through animations that are extremely successful. You'll set objects to zoom, bounce, rotate, or fade. This will mean that if you are exposing it in a presentation, you will be able to show your professionalism and without much effort. And in the case of having to show results, the possibility of create interactive charts or maps.

Access Infogram

What we recommend

There are plenty of possibilities, both within the App Store and on the web, to create professional infographics on a Mac. But we're definitely going to stick with several of these planned options. The first one is Toolbox for both Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint . We think it has a wide range of different layouts, and it's not just limited to infographics, as it also opens the door to enriching the more classic slideshows.

In a second place, we must definitely recommend Canva . It is a web service, so you will be able to access it from any device. It integrates a large number of templates aimed above all at the general educational and informative world. Ideal if you have a business or want to attract attention with a series of steps. In this case it is completely free to use in a home environment.