Equip your Apple TV 4 with these accessories: Siri Remote — 2022

In this first installment we offer you options to be able to equip, in this case protect, your precious Siri Remote.

The delicacy of the Siri Remote

The Siri Remote, as you may have already noticed, is really delicate and sensitive. More than one user has already dropped it from the table and it has ended quite badly. In addition, the fact of replacing it with another, since the broken glass can be dangerous, supposes an extra cost. And it's not exactly cheap, since it costs around €80 new.

Siri Remote inside

It hurts to see him like this, right? well it is something quite common . With a simple fall from the table, if it lands in a certain way, it can end up like this. For this reason we have prepared this article that, without a doubt, will be very useful to you. Let's go there!

How to protect your Siri Remote

I have selected two items that I have found essential if you want to give that extra protection to the Apple TV 4 remote: Cover and protective sheet.

protective covers

The first product you should buy when you get your brand new Apple TV 4 is a protective case. I already know it. The control of the Apple TV 4 is a joy, beautiful, very skinny and comfortable, but you have to protect it if you don't want it to end up like the one in the photo.

This is the cover I use daily

This cover is the one I personally use. I am delighted with her. Resistant , a little thick so that possible falls are more isolated, and very good materials .

Is Available in various colors : black, blue, red and green. I have one in black and one in blue and they are totally different. Black is a more sober and laid-back color, it really doesn't make much of a difference since the controller itself is black. In blue it is, in my opinion, more beautiful. The contrast with black looks great, and totally changes the native design of the Siri Remote.

It is ergonomic . It fits great in the hand. I would dare to say that it grips better with this holster than in its native form. The material used is silicone, but it does not slip, which gives it a very positive point.

Perhaps the thing that sets you back the most is the price , and this protective case costs almost €10, but believe me it is very worth it.

For here I leave you the purchase link. shipping is really fast , unlike others that sell on the same website or on international sales websites.

There are other options, but the cheaper ones take a long time to arrive and are really very thin, so I don't know how well they will protect your controller. I personally would not recommend them.

Protective film

Protective foil for your Siri Remote

Another option that I have found interesting has been this pack of two protective plastic sheets. Eye, it is not tempered glass , so be careful.

The sheet completely covers the entire controller, it is anti-fingerprint, it does not reflect either and it is designed to prevent scratches, mainly. It is the perfect complement to protect your controller together with a cover.

The interesting thing about this article is that there are two protective sheets. If you know someone who also has an Apple TV 4, it will be cheaper, although its price is quite affordable : Does not reach €2.50.

from this link you can purchase it.

Do you have any other cover model that you want to share with us? For this we leave the comments enabled, leave us the link and if we find it interesting we will add it to this post so that more users know about it.

However, any other accessory that you find interesting, let us know. Also if you use theiPhone as an Apple TV remote.