Episodes of series and other premieres on Apple TV + — 2022

Friday is the quintessential day of Apple TV +, since it is when the company takes the opportunity to release new content. This week was not going to be less and new chapters of series and documentaries have already been released. We tell you everything below and we also advance future releases this month.

Ted Lasso temporarily fired

Ted Lasso 1x10

Our favorite soccer coach,Ted Lasso, says goodbye to its first season on Apple TV + with its tenth chapter entitled Hope kills with a duration of 34 minutes. In this episode, the coach could be putting his professional and personal future at stake, since Richmond is being measured in a vital game at all levels, so both the coaching staff and the players will fight for victory.

We remember that this series will return with its second season next year, since it was confirmed as soon as the first chapters were released. Therefore this is not a farewell but a see you soon. If you have not seen any chapter you can already see the 10 broadcast and we will continue to be attentive to know more news about that second batch of episodes.

Tehran is already in its fourth chapter

Tehran 1x05

After its premiere last week, theTehran seriesIt has already released its fourth chapter. Although it is normal in the premieres to find two or three chapters as in this case, later they are broadcast weekly. In the case of this series there will be eight and this room that we are talking about is titled Shakira and the sickly boy, it lasts 47 minutes and focuses on a meeting that Tamar has with a commune of opponents of the regime. A vibrant episode that continues to get us hooked on this espionage thriller.

Rumbo al Norte also premieres a new episode

The World by Motorcycle Heading North

We continue to enjoy in the first person the feat of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in their documentary series adventureLong Way Up(The World by Motorcycle: Heading North). Its fifth chapter has already been released with a duration of 51 minutes and in which we can see how the protagonists cross the Atacama Desert on their way to Bolivia, meeting locals, landscapes and inconveniences after a mishap suffered by a member of the team.

Micromundos has already been released

Micromundos Apple

As we warned in previous weeks, today was the day ofMicroworlds premiere(Tiny World). This documentary series has the narration of Paul Rudd in what is a spectacular production in order to get to know the smallest animals and elements of our nature. have already been released 6 episodes which, at least for the moment, make up the first season. Savannah, jungle, forest and garden of a house are just some of the spectacular settings that we can already enjoy.

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