Epic Game promises to improve the performance of Fortnite on iOS — 2022

Fortnite has undoubtedly ended up conquering all iOS users, although lately players have been reporting on Reddit performance issues already known to Epic Games that they have assured that they will address in future updates, although the players do not understand why the graphic performance has gone from bad to worse when in the first versions of the application the operation was correct.

Fortnite for iOS begins to give players problems

The latest Fortnite update has come with performance issues for all iOS gamers with poor graphics performance. These drawbacks they have also been presented in versions for Windows and Mac but they have been totally solved with patches that have been released by Epic.

In the very Reddit thread where these problems began to be reported, a representative from Epic Games has stated that they are aware of these drawbacks in the performance of the game and has gone so far as to state that they are working to release a patch as soon as possible to fix it.

Without a doubt, from Epic they must treat their iOS users very well because a total of $100 million was earned in the first 90 days it was available on the App Store, and has already managed to enter a billion dollars on all platforms in its short life.

If you are a Fortnite player on your iPhone or iPad and are experiencing these issues, we hope you can be patient as the solution is on the way. If not, you can always play on a Windows or macOS laptop to experience better performance.

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