Emojis are also in macOS and so you can use them — 2022

In a certain way, emojis have changed our way of communicating, even if it is to save us words or phrases. A voucher is now replaced with a thumbs up, an I'm angry with the red rage emoji, I'm going on a trip can be replaced with a plane, car or train icon attached to the flag of the place. In short, there are many expressions that can be shown with these elements and although you may think that they are not in macOS, the truth is that they are despite the fact that they are a bit hidden. But don't worry because in this article we show you how to use emojis on your Mac.

Are they the same emojis as on an iPhone?

Yes, the emojis you'll find on your apple computer are the same ones you'll find on your phone. And not only that they are all present, but also that they have an identical design. Of course, it must be said that if you have a older software version You will only have access to those that existed at that time since new emoji packs are added every year and these only reach the most recent versions. The same thing happens in this case as in iOS, a system that must be updated to its latest available versions to have the implementations made by Apple and the Unicode Consortium in charge of standardizing these characters.


Will they always look the same?

What you should also know is that emojis they will not look the same on all devices and not even in all applications. In Android devices there are other designs of emojis different from those that Apple implements in its equipment, so in these equipment the emojis equivalent to their own design will be seen regardless of whether they were originally different. If, in addition, the emojis are new and are going to be seen on devices with older Android versions, it is possible that they do not appear correctly and something like a square with a question mark is displayed. And as far as applications are concerned, it is also possible to see them in another way if it has its own emoji standard, for example Twitter web, despite the fact that it is used through the Mac's Safari browser.

Ways to put emojis on Mac

As in almost everything, there is a long and a short way to access the emoji keyboard on a Mac. It really is not a keyboard as such, but a small window in which to view them. The long way to get to them is to be in any app and go to the top toolbar and follow the path Edit > Emojis and symbols . It is not that it is a very complicated way to reach them, but the truth is that it is much faster to press the keys at the same time Control + Command + Space . In both cases, a box appears on the screen that can be viewed in two ways.

Emojis Mac

The first one is very similar to the style used in iOS, since the entire list of emojis classified in their corresponding category appears. You can slide between them with your cursor or use the arrow keys, but it's more comfortable the first way. To I insert an emoji into a text you just have to click on it, although the moment you do, the window will close. However, you can copy and paste those emojis in the text, so that if you want to repeat the same emoji several times you don't have to constantly add it.

mac symbols

The other way to visualize them is with the character viewer , which will appear if you click on the icon at the top right of the window. In this way you will not only be able to access the emoji keyboard, but you will also be able to see other special characters such as arrows, bullets, Latin letters, mathematical signs and even pictograms. You can also customize this list, see them larger, see the list with the most used and even perform a search to access the emoji or symbol you want more quickly.