Email managers for iOS and iPadOS — 2022

When you start an iPhone or iPad for the first time, a series of default apps always appear, most of them developed by Apple itself. Among them is Mail, the native app of the apple company to manage email. However, and despite its recent improvements, this app isn't quite as complete as we'd like, and for this reason, in this article we'll show you a series of apps that can perfectly replace Mail and also provide many productivity extras.

Main characteristics of a Mail manager

There are many options that you will be able to find to be able to manage your daily email. You will be able to find all of these in the App Store, but the truth is that you always have to take into account some important recommendations when making your choice. In this way you will be able to have the best option on your iPhone or iPad to ensure that the mail is not a problem. We recommend following the following points in order to have access to the best app:

    Smart tray:this is essential in any email management application. This is especially crucial when you have many different accounts. This is common when you have a professional account and a personal account. The intelligent tray will unify all the accounts, and will give priority to those emails that are most relevant. It will leave out promotions or notifications that may not be as valuable to you. Privacy:it is certainly a valuable part of any application. In the end, access to personal email accounts is being granted. This means that you always have to choose an option that is completely reliable. By this we mean choosing established companies. But if it really is an important point, we recommend you go to those options that have a subscription system. Supported Services:Although right now you only have a personal account, it is also interesting that it is compatible with different mail services that you can find. In the long run you will end up thanking it, especially if it allows you to connect to third-party servers.

Mail, the native manager on both devices

As we have mentioned, by default the Mail manager can be found on iPhones and iPads. It works perfectly as it is completely integrated with the operating system. You have the ability to set up different accounts, including numerous services. Furthermore, it is completely free for all these users, being implemented in all third-party applications to be able to send emails extremely quickly.


It has a unified inbox to be able to access all the emails you have from the different accounts. This is also added to its gesture system that allows you to delete or archive any mail with a simple slide of your fingers. In this way, the aim is to always have the best possible organization and ensure that you have absolutely nothing in the inbox.

But it also has numerous problems. The most important is that it does not have a smart inbox. This is inconvenient if you have a lot of emails on a daily basis, as they can be diluted by advertising or common notifications. Likewise, add a system to be able to mark those that are most important to you.

Mail Mail Descargar QR-Code Mail Developer: Apple

Alternatives to Mail on iPhone and iPad

But beyond the native Apple option, there are other third-party managers in the App Store. These offer numerous very varied functions to be able to stand out above the rest of the managers that they can find. Below we recommend the best.

Spark is good, beautiful and… 100% free

We must recognize that for us this is the best mail manager. It has the advantage of be multiplatform and being able to manage different email accounts from the same tray. In addition to a simple and customizable interface, some features like the Smart Inbox that filters the most fundamental emails are striking. All this being completely free.

But if you're a big fan of email, this app will always let you schedule emails quickly. The notifications are rich, being able to respond or exercise actions with them. This adds to the possibility of having access to a widget on iPhone or iPad to quickly view your inbox.

Spark Mail - Readdle Mail Spark Mail - Readdle Mail Descargar QR-Code Spark Mail - Readdle Mail Developer: Readdle Technologies Limited

Airmail, a classic among mail managers

Complete email manager with multiple features to be much more productive when looking at emails. It is possible to customize workflows and acquire many shortcuts thanks to its added functions with 3D Touch. It supports all types of email accounts and is also capable of integrating them all into the same application.

This is added to the possibility of integrating with Drive, Droplr, OneDrive or Dropbox to be able to attach files. If you are an organized person, you can make use of labels in order to have your emails grouped. But it will also be able to be sent to applications and services.

Airmail Gmail Outlook Mail App Airmail Gmail Outlook Mail App Descargar QR-Code Airmail Gmail Outlook Mail App Developer: Bloop S.R.L.

Outlook, the desktop classic now also on iOS and iPadOS

If there is a classic email manager, that is Microsoft Outlook. On this occasion we describe the mobile version of this manager, which has little or nothing to envy to the desktop version. You will be able to add any email account and manage it in a minimalist interface but full of powerful tools. An ideal app to focus on what really matters when checking your inbox.

It relies heavily on swiping through the different messages you have in your inbox. Specifically, you'll swipe to quickly schedule, delete, or archive messages. You'll find everything you need in the integrated search engine that tracks a specific word through everything you have archived. And of course, it will integrate perfectly with the entire suite of applications from the Microsoft family.

Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Outlook Developer: Microsoft Corporation

The mega known Gmail


The official Gmail app brings you the best of Gmail on your iPhone or iPad: powerful security controls, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search across all your mail. It comes with an algorithm that aims to block spam messages as much as possible. It has the ability to create multiple accounts and interconnect them, so you can switch from one account to another with a simple touch.

And speaking of this, a very suitable gesture system is also integrated that will allow you to access a quick system at all times to archive or delete your emails. It should be added that it will work properly with all the applications of the Google suite on the network. And if you have files stored in Google Drive you can quickly attach them to a new message.

Email - Edison Mail Email - Edison Mail Descargar QR-Code Email - Edison Mail Developer: Edison Software Inc.

Edison Mail, like the native, but improved

Edison Mail

Perhaps the only downside to this app is that it's in English, but otherwise it's the perfect replacement for the native iOS and iPadOS Mail app. It has interesting features such as scheduling emails, intelligently categorizing the arrival of new emails and many more. Its interface is simple and straightforward, very much in keeping with the way Apple manages its software. Above is one hundred percent free.

In this way you will have access at all times to numerous functions that are mainly focused on the daily productivity of any type of user. It can be interconnected with different accounts, and enjoy a system of gestures to be able to manipulate all your emails in an agile way.

Email - Edison Mail Email - Edison Mail Descargar QR-Code Email - Edison Mail Developer: Edison Software Inc.

myMail takes privacy by the flag

It's not that the previous mail management applications were insecure, but myMail goes further and allows you to add a series of security measures that will prevent them from accessing your inbox. They achieve this by protecting the app with Face ID/Touch ID and PIN code. Beyond that, it complies with everything that is required of it, being able to order received emails as we want, manage and schedule outgoing emails and much more.

myMail: email app myMail: email app Descargar QR-Code myMail: email app Developer: MGL MY.COM (CYPRUS) LIMITED

Newton Mail, to know who has read your emails

We are very used to the fact that in messaging apps like WhatsApp we can receive feedback on a message in the form of the famous double check, however this is not common in emails. Precisely Newton Mail stands out for functionalities such as email reception notifications, email scheduling or postponing received messages. All this in a subscription package that is quite interesting considering the professional tools it offers.

Boxer - Workspace ONE Boxer - Workspace ONE Descargar QR-Code Boxer - Workspace ONE Developer: AirWatch, LLC

Boxer – Workspace ONE

Boxer ONE Mail Interesting email manager that stands out for the tremendous customization it supports when it comes to adapting it to our way of working, being able to choose scrolling gestures and functions, quick response templates and more. It also synchronizes perfectly with calendars, so it can be a good manager with which to gain productivity on a day-to-day basis.

Boxer - Workspace ONE Boxer - Workspace ONE Descargar QR-Code Boxer - Workspace ONE Developer: AirWatch, LLC