Editing tweets on Twitter may be closer than we think — 2022

The function of editing a post is available on many platforms, such as Facebook. However, other social networks such as Twitter they do not allow it yet despite the fact that we are many users who claim to be able to edit our own tweets yes This could end up changing in the not too distant future according to its CEO Jack Dorsey.

When will we be able to edit our 'tweets' on Twitter?

If you are a Twitter user, it is likely that from time to time you have had to delete an already published tweet because you realized that it contained a misspelling , or that you simply wish you had expressed yourself in another way. Surely on those occasions you would have preferred being able to edit that tweet rather than delete it and lose all interactions with it that it would have generated. You are not the only one and there are many users who at some point have needed this tool that is not available on the microblogging network.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO

The co-founder and current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey , recently made some statements at an event held in India regarding the possible incorporation of a tweet editor:

You have to pay attention to what are the uses that would be given to the edit button. Many people want the edit button because they want to quickly correct a mistake they made, like a misspelling or tweeting the wrong URL. This is much more feasible than allowing people to edit any tweet over time.

In addition to these words, he also wanted to add to his statements that The company has been working for some time on the possibility of incorporating this tool , although again emphasizing the l temporary imitations of the publisher. The controversy that erasing something from the public record could generate also worries Dorsey.

What disadvantages would a tweet editor bring?

We can easily appreciate the advantages that the inclusion of a tweet editor would bring, such as the correction of spelling errors already mentioned. However, it can also be double-edged weapon .

Twitter Logo On Apple Iphone 5S

Eitherone reason or another, Twitter lives permanently in the eye of the hurricane . Or rather, it is some of its users who live at the mercy of controversy, like public figures, who are closely watched by their followers and also by their detractors, bringing certain controversies to light. With a tweet editor, these could be remedied somewhat, although you have to count on the possibility that the editor included a edit history . The latter could further fuel the controversy on many occasions.

In short, Twitter and its developers have to tread carefully with each innovation and anticipate possible problems due to the particularity of this social network . As for the tweet editor, it is still a mere request from many users, because although the possibility of including it has been considered, It is not yet being developed nor has it been 100% confirmed that it will be done.

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