Editing a PDF document on Mac is really easy with these apps — 2022

There are many of us who must deal with dozens of PDF documents every day and to be as productive as possible we must know how to choose which program to view this type of document with and, of course, knoworganize your Mac by folders. In this article we are going to discuss the best applications compatible with macOS to be able to open documents in PDF format and that they give us many very versatile tools to be able to work with them.

View and edit PDF documents on Mac with these apps

If you are students or office workers, surely you have the folders of your Mac full of PDF documents and sometimes e raises the need to edit these documents or in the case of students, above all, make annotations on top. With these apps that we are going to try to collect here, these tasks will be very simple to perform and will make you much more productive. Also, remember that you caninstall new font types on your Macto further customize your documents and there are evenapplications to manage all your documents from the iPhone or iPad.


If you are new to macOS, surely you already know that it natively integrates an app that allows us to open this type of PDF document, although is quite limited in terms of editions and the saving it does is sometimes quite inefficient. Surely on some occasion you have made some kind of annotation and it has not been saved correctly or the notes that it integrates are quite complicated to use.

Apart from these problems, preview can help us perform basic actions such as some annotations with geometric figures, sign documents and even add text to the PDF. In addition this native tool it is really versatile since we can also open and edit photographs and not just documents. But it is importantdigitally sign documents on macwith official programs to be a legal firm.

PDF Reader Pro

One of the best applications that we found in the Mac App Store is PDF Reader Pro since it is a very powerful tool that allows you to do many actions on documents in PDF format, such as editing, filling out and creating forms, converting, creating documents from scratch, signing and even protecting the most important files for you.

As in Preview we can make annotations as we mentioned before but the truth is that the interface is totally different and much more professional . We have at our fingertips many more tools to be able to edit the document to our liking. The way of reading the documents is also quite different due to the views that we have available and we even have the possibility of converting the PDF documents into a document with .txt format. Without a doubt, this is the most recommended app today to edit and view PDF documents.

Download PDF Reader Pro from the Mac App Store

PDF Element

If what really interests you is edit PDF documents as if they were Word documents this is the application that should not be missing on your Mac. On certain occasions we find ourselves in the need to edit one of these documents because we have seen a typo and we start looking like crazy to pass it to another editable format, although we can suffer changes in the arrangement of document elements.


With PDF Element, in addition to having many other tools, the possibility of editing documents in a really simple way stands out, even detecting the font format that we are editing so that this change is not noticed and it remains totally natural.

You can download PDF Element from its official website here.

PDF Expert

Another of the most awarded applications in macOS and that has won many awards such as the 'Best app of the year' that Apple gave it in 2015 is PDF Expert . This tool is very versatile and includes a large number of tools to edit our PDF document with very diverse annotations, as well as the possibility of modifying the text and even inserting new images in the document.

We find other very interesting tools such as the censorship of certain parts of the text if we are talking about a document with personal data, the possibility of filling out forms and even signing them. The only problem with this application is the price, which is somewhat high, but we think that if you work with many documents of this type on a daily basis, and you need to edit it, this tool will make your life much easier and in the end you will amortize what it costs.

Download PDF Expert from the Mac App Store here.

Microsoft Word

Although it may seem surprising to you, from Microsoft as of Word version 1.60 They allowed opening PDF documents to be able to edit them as if it were a .docx document, requiring an online conversion. At a first glance we have been able to verify that the conversion carried out by Microsoft in the cloud is quite good since the general format of the PDF document is maintained quite well.