Edit your videos from Instagram, TikTok and more from the iPhone — 2022

Video editing is an aspect that is becoming more important every day and is more present in the lives of most people. Fortunately, many users have devices with enough capacity to easily edit videos within their reach. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about a series of applications that will allow you to easily edit videos from your iPhone.

Things to consider when editing on an iPhone

one of the huge advantages thing about editing with the iPhone is that it really you have it all in one device . Fortunately, the Apple smartphone has one of the best cameras on the market, so you can always use this device to record the clips that you will later use to make the video. In addition, this device has enough capacity to easily and comfortably edit a video through different applications, which we will talk about in this post.

However, not everything is as easy as recording several clips and putting them together, since you always have to take into account a series of very important aspects . Usually, users who use the iPhone to edit videos do so to later share them on social networks such as Instagram Y TikTok, where people consume content in vertical format, hence also the fact of recording the clips themselves with the iPhone provides that advantage of having the clips already in vertical format.

However, despite this, the format It is still a point to keep in mind when editing video for social networks. For example, on Instagram the same format does not exist if what you want to publish is a Reels or IGTV, or if on the other hand it is a post, since these have different formats. Therefore, one of the aspects that you must always take into account is the optimal format of the platform in which you will later publish your video.

As we told you, shoot vertically If you are going to publish your video in vertical format, it will save you a lot of time in editing, plus you will know that everything you are taking in the video will be seen as it is after going through the editing program. In the same way you have to act if you want to publish your video in horizontal.

Slow motion is one of the most striking resources when making a video, however, to be able to do it correctly and for the result to be really attractive, you have to configure the iPhone camera in such a way that it is capable of recording at the necessary fps to later apply the slow motion. On the iPhone you can modify these parameters by following the steps below.

  1. Open the App of Settings.
  2. Click on Camera.
  3. Choose Record a video.
  4. Choose the most suitable optionfor you. To get a correct slow motion in editing, we recommend recording at least 60 fps.

Record for slow motion

However, you also have the opportunity that the clip you record is automatically in slow motion, for this you just have to select that option in the camera application itself and the clip you record will be directly in slow motion. In this case, you can also modify the parameters in which the iPhone records by following the steps below.

  1. Open the App of Settings.
  2. Click on Camera.
  3. Choose Engrave in slow motion .
  4. Choose the most suitable optionfor you.

Record in slow motion

Free apps to edit your videos

In the App Store there are many application alternatives to carry out practically any task that a user needs to carry out. However, there are always applications that are completely free and others for which you have to pay, either to be able to use the app in its entirety or to be able to unlock some premium function. We will talk about the latter later, since now we are going to focus on two applications that are completely free.



The first app we have to talk to you about is iMovie. Surely if you are interested in video editing you have heard of it on occasion. This is the video editor that the Cupertino company makes available to all users who buy one of its devices, completely free.

Although it is completely free, it is an application that c It has all the tools that a basic user needs to edit a video. It is a very intuitive and easy to use video editor, even for users who have never edited a video, it will be very easy to do it through their iPhone with this application.

iMovie iMovie Descargar QR-Code iMovie Developer: Apple

vn video editor


This application is one of the few quality alternatives that you can find in the App Store if you want to edit video on iPhone completely free of charge. Furthermore, one of the points to note is that you won't have to deal with watermarks that usually leave this type of applications, so you will have a fantastic tool to make both your reels and your TikTok.

The Interface of VN is really intuitive, so it is an application that can be used without problem from basic users to video editing professionals, everyone can create videos of the highest quality with this tool. It has the basic functions of a video editor, to which you must add great and special effects that will give your audiovisual creation that professional touch to surprise all viewers.

vn video editor vn video editor Descargar QR-Code vn video editor Developer: Ubiquiti Labs, LLC

Most powerful video editing apps

As we mentioned before, many video editing apps on the App Store are not completely free. And it is the case that we are going to talk about next. You can download and use these apps without having to pay a single euro, however, there are some functions that are subject to a payment in order to be used. However, many users do not require the use of these functions and enjoy these applications completely free of charge.

InShot – Video Editor


We begin this category of the post with one of the most popular applications in the App Store for video editing. In fact, InShot it is the tool through which many influencers edit their different stories and reels that they later upload to Instagram, so it is guaranteed to enjoy a complete and easy-to-use tool.

In fact, if we had to define InShot as a video editor, we could say that it is simple but powerful . It has professional features that will take your videos to the next level. You can add music, transition effects, text, emojis, filters, background blur, in short, as we said, it has the tools that every user needs to upload attractive videos to social networks.

InShot - Video Editor InShot - Video Editor Descargar QR-Code InShot - Video Editor Developer: InstaShot Inc.



If this application stands out for something, it is because how easy it makes it for users to edit their videos for social networks. It is a tremendously intuitive application, which means that all users who try it are delighted, proof of this is the more than 14,000 reviews it has in the App Store. We could really say that inside it hides all the power of a desktop editor, but optimized for your iPhone.

It has the main editing tools , so that both the most basic and the most advanced users can carry out everything that their imagination is capable of creating. You will be able to apply filters and adjust the colors of your video, add different slides, adjust the playback speed of the video to generate that fast motion or, on the contrary, the very attractive slow motion.

Splice - Video & Photo Editor Splice - Video & Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Splice - Video & Photo Editor Developer: Bending Spoons Apps IVS

VivaVideo – Video Editor


VivaVideo is one of the most complete video editors for iPhone which you can find in the Apple app store. It has more than 800 million downloads worldwide since it is an application that offers everything the user needs, from the most basic user who does not want to complicate his life editing a video to the most advanced user who demands more powerful functions.

The simplicity and ease of using this tool is one of the strong points which make users trap in this app. It has mini-tutorials to get you started with video editing easily making it perfect for first-time users. However, it also has everything that an advanced user needs to edit video, such as timeline, multitrack music, trimming, speed adjustment, scaling and background, in short, all users will be able to edit video independently with this application. of your level.

VivaVideo - Video Editor VivaVideo - Video Editor Descargar QR-Code VivaVideo - Video Editor Developer: QuVideo Inc

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor

Filmmaker Pro

We continue with video editing applications, however, in this case we focus on a more professional audience. In fact, the very name of this app makes it very clear: Filmmaker Pro, an application that puts the best video editing tools on the table so that professionals in the sector can give free rein to their imagination.

The number and variety of tools it has is fantastic, you can create and manage unlimited projects , which is very useful if you have to edit different videos at the same time, it is compatible with the 4K videos that most iPhone models record for a long time. It has the ability to work with an unlimited number of video sequences, audio tracks, voiceovers and text overlays, in short, it has a long list of tools with which to achieve fantastic audiovisual creations.

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor Filmmaker Pro Video Editor Descargar QR-Code Filmmaker Pro Video Editor Developer: Tinkerworks Apps

Video Leap by Lightricks


Videoleaps is a video editing application that has enough power to meet the needs of all users who want to use their iPhone to edit video. It is made both for the most basic users who only need to use the most common tools and for users who do want to go one step further to make use of more sophisticated tools.

With this application you can combine clips, add text, effects, everything you need to create spectacular videos. It has the possibility of creating animations by key frame, making chroma key compositions, adjusting the clips to the format you want, all this in a completely intuitive timeline, with zoom and maximum precision.

Video Leap by Lightricks Video Leap by Lightricks Descargar QR-Code Video Leap by Lightricks Developer: Lightricks Ltd.



LumaFusion is the video editor for iPhone and iPad, no more Really is the closest thing you can find to Final Cut for both devices, and that's saying a lot since Final Cut is surely the best professional video editor you can use on Apple computers. In fact, it is one of the most used, so if we can consider LumaFusion in such a way, it is because it has a fantastic quality and variety of tools.

In this case, this app is paid , so you will have to checkout if you want to use it, the good thing is that it is a single payment, so once you pay the price you have, you will not have to pay a single euro again. Actually LumaFusion provides all the necessary tools to make a professional video editing in a device as small as the iPhone, that is, without giving up an intuitive and simple interface, so much so that despite being able to consider it a tool for professionals, it can also be perfectly used by users who have just arrived in the world of editing Of video.

LumaFusion LumaFusion Descargar QR-Code LumaFusion Developer: Luma Touch LLC

Video Studio – Editor Videos

Video Studio

If you want to enjoy on your iPhone a versatile application To edit all the videos that you are going to upload to both Instagram and TikTok, here is a fantastic alternative that delights all users who try it, both the less demanding and those who need more advanced tools.

With Video Studio you can easily create your project from various videos that you have on your iPhone's reel. It has numerous tools to adjust your video to the format you need, as well as cut, adjust its speed or volume. You can also add music or sound tracks to introduce different voices, as well as incorporate transition effects, filters, emoticons and texts.

Video Studio - Editor Videos Video Studio - Editor Videos Descargar QR-Code Video Studio - Editor Videos Developer: Months

VideoShow – Video Editor


We are going with the last app of this compilation, which does not mean that it is neither worse nor better than the rest that we have mentioned, in fact, as you can see in the App Store it has a fairly high score as a result of more than 5,000 reviews that it has received from all users who have tried it.

This app will offers a great video editing experience since with very few steps you will be able to achieve an attractive result with which to attract the attention of the public in the different social networks. Within the app you have numerous musical recommendations that you can incorporate into your video, as well as make use of the tools that every video editor needs to carry out their ideas.

VideoShow - Video Editor VideoShow - Video Editor Descargar QR-Code VideoShow - Video Editor Developer: Shanghai Enjoy Information Technology Co., Ltd

Of all of them, which one can be better for you?

As we always do in this type of compilations, the time has come to tell you, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, which of these applications seems to us the most suitable for editing video from the iPhone and obtaining an attractive result that allows us to feel proud of it and share it on social networks like TikTok The Instagram.

As for the free applications that we have mentioned, the application with which we feel most comfortable is with iMovie since it integrates perfectly with all of Apple's own services as well as offering tremendously easy editing. As for the paid applications or those that have premium functions for which you have to pay, without a doubt the most complete is LumaFusion, however, to edit videos in vertical format InShot It is the one that most attracts our attention.