Edit photography like a professional on Mac with these apps — 2022

Whether we are an amateur or a photo editing professional, we have all searched at some point for the best application to be able to transform our photos. On Mac there is a wide range of possibilities that we have tried to compile in this article, taking into account that there are both free and paid options.

Professional tools available to anyone

One of the strong and characteristic points of Apple computers is that they are so easy and comfortable to use that any user, regardless of their computer knowledge, is capable of taking full advantage of it and mastering it in a matter of a short time. This Apple tries to transfer it also through the different tools that it makes available through the App Store, that is, through the applications.

Photo editing is something that many people are interested in, however, not everyone has the same level of knowledge about it, hence the existence of a large variety of alternatives in terms of photo editors for Mac it means. Fortunately, macOS users have a wide variety of applications that adapt perfectly to all users' needs, putting on the table the necessary tools both to edit a photograph in a simple and comfortable way, and to carry out professional work .

You are starting? Use these apps

Whenever a person begins to do something new that they had never done before, they never look for things to be made easy for them, but also that the tool they are going to work with also provides them with that learning curve to advance their knowledge. In this case, we have selected a series of applications that will allow you to take those first steps easily, but that also have enough power to accompany you in that learning that photo editing will take you.


This application will allow you to perform from the easier editing tasks even the most complex. Without a doubt, it is very suitable for those people who do not have much knowledge of this type of tool and are looking for something simple. It allows blurring, editing the color of the image and everything you need to make an incredible montage for both a web page and a job.

It is one of the most used applications in macOS given the number of things you can do with it. As we mentioned, it is perfect for all users who are starting out in photo editing because it makes things very easy thanks to its intuitive interface. In addition, not only will you be able to edit your photos, but you will also be able to make a collage, GIFs, and many other functions that enrich the possibilities of this fantastic application.

PhotoScape X - Photo Editor PhotoScape X - Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code PhotoScape X - Photo Editor Developer: Mooii Tech


Pixelmator offers a much more professional suite of tools and that integrates seamlessly with both the operating system and the cloud. This allows us to continue working on any team in the Apple ecosystem. We will have available different selection tools, retouching, drawing, real effects, color gradients, and much more so that you can make all your creations.

It is an application that has two versions, It is simpler and focused on those more beginner users and another version Pro more vitaminized with exclusive functions designed for a very professional audience. However, despite this differentiation, the classic version has a fantastic number of tools, so users will be able to do from very basic tasks to being encouraged to advance in their editing knowledge .

Pixelmator Classic Pixelmator Classic Descargar QR-Code Pixelmator Classic Developer: Pixelmator Team

Fotor Photo Editor

photo editor photo

this tool stands out for being quite simple but that will be enough for the most basic tasks when it comes to cropping an image or changing different parameters. Among these, the inclusion of filters, textures, or text on top of any image stands out so that it can be shared as completely as possible. In fact, it is classified as light Photoshop, or light, which means that, despite its apparent simplicity and simplicity, it is capable of carrying out somewhat more complex processes.

It has really interesting functions that will familiarize you with professional photo editing, such as batch editing. It also has the possibility of editing portraits, as well as the best-known tools to be able to edit the main parameters of a traditional photograph.

Fotor - Photo Editor, Designer Fotor - Photo Editor, Designer Descargar QR-Code Fotor - Photo Editor, Designer Developer: Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Adobe Lightroom

Tool designed for photography professionals, which offers the necessary tools to readjust the color, crop, eliminate elements of the photograph that do not interest us... This app is part of the Adobe suite complementing Photoshop. Obviously you will have to weigh the fact of having to pay a small subscription in order to have access to all the photo editing tools.

Although this tool, in theory, is intended for professionals, it is also we can incorporate it for those users who have a medium level of knowledge about editing . The number of functions and tools that it makes available to people, added to how intuitive it is to work with, means that we can consider it a universal app for any type of user, regardless of their level. We have included it in this category since we consider that Adobe already has Photoshop for a purely professional audience, which we will talk about later.

Adobe Lightroom Adobe Lightroom Descargar QR-Code Adobe Lightroom Developer: Adobe Inc.


Free and open source tool that will allow us to customize our editing experience as we please. Although the tools included are very basic, they are certainly enough to perform editing tasks. It includes the possibility of working with transparencies, tools for scripting, sub-pixel sampling, among many others. The most interesting thing is that we have a wide suite of tools that are totally free.

Being open source, what allows the user is to be able to add functions as their level of knowledge about editing increases. You can develop these functions yourself if you have enough knowledge to develop the code, otherwise, you can use the different developments that other users have uploaded.

Download GIMP

Photo Editor Lite Movavi

photo editor live

With this application you can turn your photos into authentic works of art. With a single click you can change the exposure of the photo, and manually modify the parameters. It allows you to rotate, invert and adjust the images. It allows you to straighten the horizons manually, in addition to being able to modify the exposure, light and color temperature. You will be able to edit photos of almost any format, and export it to the one you want without any complications.

You will be able to remove elements that are left over in the background, as well as modify the background and replace the elements that you want. It is a very good option to learn to edit photos since it is very easy to use and has some very good options so that your photos are always perfect, without having to watch tutorials or having to learn to use an application from scratch.

Make the leap to these professional editors

Despite the fact that many of the applications that we have talked about so far are completely usable and sufficient for many professionals, there are apps that go a little further by offering very specific tools that are necessary at specific times for a large number of professionals. For this reason, here are some of the photo editors most used by professionals on macOS.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo includes a wide selection of tools designed specifically for creative and photographic professionals. It allows the editing and retouching of images, the creation of complete compositions with multiple layers or quick and customizable effects. Everything is accompanied by a very good performance since we will see the editions in real time and it is also compatible with PSD files.

This application has been awarded by Apple with the Mac application of the year award for the functions that it is capable of offering to users, one more example of the enormous potential that it has. It fully supports images larger than 100 megapixels, with 16-bit and 32-bit per-channel editing, as well as full support for unlimited layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, filters, and masks.

Affinity Photo Affinity Photo Descargar QR-Code Affinity Photo Developer: Serif Labs

Polarr Photo Editor

Powerful photo editor for Mac that includes the application of custom filters, the incorporation of photorealistic and layer effects, as well as different depth, color, radial, and gradient masks. In short, everything you need so that if you're a photo editing professional you don't lack for anything to do your job in the best possible way and unleash all your creativity.

In addition, Polar is completely customizable , not only will you be able to change the color of the theme of the app, between white, black or any other you want, but it also has two different workspaces, one Pro, designed to make a more calm edition and where you have access to all the tools that this application has, and another Express, to make a faster edition with a simpler interface.

Polarr Photo Editor Polarr Photo Editor Descargar QR-Code Polarr Photo Editor Developer: Polarr, Inc.

Adobe Photoshop

Undoubtedly one of the best known tools for photo editing on any platform is Photoshop. Now working through a monthly subscription program, you will have a wide range of tools available to be able to edit your photos professionally. It includes the ability to create layers, add filters as well as outstanding tools such as 360º panoramas or the curvature pen tool.

Photoshop is the quintessential application for professional photo editing. Most of the professionals in this sector have this application as the main tool to carry out all editing tasks thanks to all the tools that it makes available to users. In addition, it has a perfect synchronization, how could it be otherwise, with all the applications of the Adobe suite, such as Lightroom, the app that we have talked about previously.

Descargar Photoshop

Krita painting

Krita Painting open source application that integrates tools of all kinds. It includes a section focused on photo editing but there are also tools dedicated to illustration. It is compatible with the different graphics tablets on the market to be able to create authentic works of art on your computer, which makes it a fantastic tool for many professionals.

This app has been created by the same artists who want to make this tool accessible to all users . Being open source provides the advantage that you can customize it to your liking, both by developing those functions yourself if you have enough knowledge, and by using all the code that other users have developed.

Download Krita

Aurora HDR 2019


It is a very complete payment application. It has the possibility of a polarizing filter to be able to modify the colors of the photographs, as well as remove background noise. You will be able to redesign the color of the photos depending on what you are looking to edit. Thanks to its lighten and darken filter you can, in a very simple way, apply the filter you want to give or remove light from your photos.

It's an application with a simple interface so you don't have to waste time learning how to use the app. One of the obstacles that this application has is that its price is somewhat high and it is necessary to have editing knowledge to be able to use it. Even so, if you're a novice, you won't have much trouble learning how to use it thanks to the tutorials offered by the application. Undoubtedly a very good option to learn the basics of photo editing.

Aurora HDR 2019 Aurora HDR 2019 Descargar QR-Code Aurora HDR 2019 Developer: MacPhun LLC

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out this type of compilation of applications, we like to share the preferences of the La Manzana Mordida writing team. As we mentioned before, photo editing is an area in which more users are introduced every day, so having the right tools is very important. Therefore, if we have to stay with an application that they can take full advantage of and that we consider ideal for beginners, we stay with Adobe Lightroom , which as we have said, can be suitable for all types of users, from newcomers to professionals in the sector.

In case of raising the level a bit, we are going to choose the tool par excellence for all professionals in this sector and that, in addition, generates fantastic synergies with Lightroom. This app is Adobe Photoshop , the reason is clear, there are few photography applications that are capable of offering professionals as many tools as this one from Adobe.