Edit audio from your iPhone or iPad with these apps — 2022

The Mac is often the go-to device for many audio editing professionals. However, both the iPhone and the iPad can be used perfectly for this task. For this reason, in this post we show you a compilation of applications that you can find in the App Store and that will help you edit audio wherever you are.

What does an app have to have to edit audio?

When it comes to editing audio, it is very important to have a tool that provides you with those functions that you are going to need to use. Within the App Store there are numerous alternatives, however, some are more advanced than others, and that is a point that you will have to take into account when choosing one application or another.

On many occasions, opting for the most powerful alternative can complicate your life and it is better to opt for a simpler option but one that you can take advantage of. However, below we leave you a series of points that you have to take into account when choosing an audio editing app.

    Compatibility with different types of files. This is a fundamental point that you have to take into account. Usually, most applications offer a very wide compatibility, but you should not stop paying attention to it. Export in different formats. In the same way that it is essential that the app supports different types of files, it is also vital that it gives you the possibility to export your audio file in different formats. Effects LibrarySound. It is interesting, to enrich the final result, to be able to count on different sound effects that you can introduce in the edition according to your needs. import content. In the same way that it is convenient to have the possibility to use sound effects from the app's library, it is also very useful to be able to import different files directly from the device and thus form your own little library.

Apple native apps

The Cupertino company is not only characterized by making fantastic devices, but it also provides these devices with the necessary software so that users can get the most out of it. This is not an exception, Apple has in the App Store with different applications developed by themselves that you can use for free to carry out audio editing. They are the following.



We start this compilation with the alternative par excellence of Apple itself . Surely it is about the most complete application that you can use to edit audio on both the iPhone and the iPad, and on top of that, as we have mentioned before, it is completely free since it is part of the entire work suite that Apple provides to all users of its devices.

Garageband has a huge variety of sound effects In addition to having enough tools to be able to classify it as a complete recording studio that you can carry in your pocket with your iPhone, or in your backpack with your iPad. The possibilities that Garageband offers are enormous, it can even be complicated to use if you've never had contact with either audio or video editing programs. However, it is one of the most complete alternatives that you can choose.

GarageBand GarageBand Descargar QR-Code GarageBand Developer: Apple



Another of the tools that are part of that compendium of free applications that Apple provides to all its users is iMovie. In this case it is an alternative that was designed and developed for video editing , however, it is also perfectly suited for audio editing due to all the tools it provides to the user.

It has a wide sound effects library, it is compatible with multiple file formats and it also gives you the possibility to export in a wide variety of these. In addition, its use is very intuitive, providing a very fast learning curve. It has the possibility of importing different files so, as you can see, it perfectly meets the requirements that we mentioned before, despite the fact that it is an app focused on video editing.

iMovie iMovie Descargar QR-Code iMovie Developer: Apple

Alternatives within the App Store

Once we have told you about the alternatives that Apple itself puts on the table, it is time to mention some of the applications that you can also find in the App Store and that have been developed to provide users with a fantastic tool to be able to edit audio from iPhone or iPad.



Surely if you usually listen to a podcast at some point or another you have heard of Anchor, but not really as an audio editor but as a platform to distribute podcast episodes . Well, Anchor, in addition to giving the possibility to users who want to distribute their podcast on the different podcasting platforms, also offers a fantastic audio editing tool.

What the developers of this application are looking for is that you only need to use an application to carry out the entire process of creating an audio file, or podcast in this case. Obviously, it can not only be used to create podcasts, simply you can use it to edit the audio file you want, since it has all the tools that a user needs to carry out a complete edition. It even puts at your disposal a wide library of sound effects that will come in handy.

Anchor – Create Podcast Anchor – Create Podcast Descargar QR-Code Anchor – Create Podcast Developer: Spotify Ltd.

EZAudioCut – Audio Editor Lite


This application has been designed and developed solely and exclusively to provide users with a f fantastic tool for audio editing on both iPhone and iPad. With it you can edit, record music, record voice, as well as making other types of recordings with total ease and with an interface that shines for how intuitive it is .

It has the possibility to adjust the reverb, the gain and, of course, with a extensive library of sound effects which, we repeat, will give your audio file a tremendous leap in quality. It provides high-precision editing thanks to the fact that it supports zoom within the track, as well as the basic functions of cutting, undoing, redoing, etc…

EZAudioCut - Audio Editor Lite EZAudioCut - Audio Editor Lite Descargar QR-Code EZAudioCut - Audio Editor Lite Developer: Long Gang Li

Voice Recorder Pro – Audio

Voice Recorder Pro - Audio

This application is a voice recorder or audio recorder that not only gives you the possibility to record sounds but also provides all users with the opportunity to edit that audio file thanks to the tools it has and that are good enough to be able to have this application as a powerful alternative.

It is compatible with a multitude of audio files such as MP3, M4A, AAC, MP4, CAF, AIFC, AIFF, WAV . Of course, it has the possibility of shortening files, voice changer, creating a ringtone, adjusting the speed of the audio, merging, mixing, dividing to cut, in short, everything that an audio editor should have.

Voice Recorder Pro - Audio Voice Recorder Pro - Audio Descargar QR-Code Voice Recorder Pro - Audio Developer: Linfei Ltd.

Voice Recorder – Editor

Voice Recorder Pro - Editor

We continue talking about voice recorders that, once again, not only offer the user the possibility of using this application to record sound, but also put a fantastic alternative on the table to be able to edit everything they need, that is, a very usable two in one.

With this app you can reduce noise from your recordings as well as clear your voice of the protagonist so that the people who later listen to it can enjoy the quality of a good audio file. It also gives you the possibility to transcribe all speech to text as well as trim, copy, cut, paste, split, merge, insert, merge, in short, all the functions that an audio editor must have in order to meet the needs of users.

Voice Recorder - Editor Voice Recorder - Editor Descargar QR-Code Voice Recorder - Editor Developer: OneStep Inc.

Voice Recorder – Voice

Voice Recorder - Voice

There are not two without three, or that is what is usually said, and in this case it is fulfilled since we are once again talking about an application that is not only capable of recording audio but also offers the possibility of editing it thanks to the tools it provides, which are not overly professional but will be more than enough for most users.

Within this app you can store all the audio files you want , so you will have the possibility to import the sounds you need to use to obtain your final result. Of course it has the basic functions that every audio editor must have to meet the expectations of the users, at least, more basic. All this with a very simple interface but that never puts up any wall between the user and his purpose, which is to edit his audio file.

Voice Recorder - Voice Voice Recorder - Voice Descargar QR-Code Voice Recorder - Voice Developer: Hieu Nguyen

Voloco: Vocal Studio

Voloco- vocal studio

This app is one of the most popular in the App Store for audio editing, in fact it can be classified as a pocket recording studio due to the wide variety of functions it has and that it puts on the table so that users have the possibility of getting the most out of it.

Behind his back he has 50 million downloads , which suggests that it is an application that really does what it promises. If you want to sound like a professional Voloco is the application you have to use to edit your audio files. It has a totally free library of rhythms that you can use to raise the quality of your files, you can also import all the files you want to be able to carry out the edition you were looking for.

Voloco: Vocal Studio Voloco: Vocal Studio Descargar QR-Code Voloco: Vocal Studio Developer: Resonant Cavity LLC

Voice Recorder – Voice Notes

Voice Recorder - Voice Memos

We promise you that this is the last voice recording application that we mention in this post, but in addition to giving you the possibility of recording all the sound you want, it also has the necessary tools inside to be able to transform those recordings into a fantastic audio file.

Count with one new modern design which makes it very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to the editing tools, all users will be able to use this application to create their audio files. Obviously, it is an app designed for users who do not need to use very professional tools, but who are looking for an app that is easy to use and with the basic functions that allow them to edit their audio files.

Voice Recorder-Voice Memos Voice Recorder-Voice Memos Descargar QR-Code Voice Recorder-Voice Memos Developer: Linfei Ltd.



We end this compilation with an application that is designed for professionals, but not really for audio professionals but for video editing professionals. LumaFusion is the best video editor that you can find for both iPhone and iPad.

But in the same way that it happened with iMovie, also It has the tools to be able to edit audio although initially it is focused on video. With this app you can import all the content you want, make use of the sound effects it contains and, of course, all the professional tools it has for editing. As we mentioned, it is the most professional app to edit video, and therefore, also one of the most complete applications to edit audio on iPhone and iPad.

LumaFusion LumaFusion Descargar QR-Code LumaFusion Developer: Luma Touch LLC

Which is the best option?

As we always do in this kind of compilations, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida We want to tell you which are the alternatives that have caught our attention the most and for which we opted. However, you have to bear in mind that these are our personal preferences, which may or may not coincide with yours, since each user will have specific needs.

As for the applications provided by Apple, without a doubt the best and most complete is Garageband, It is surely the most suitable app for audio editing in the entire App Store. On the other hand, if we have to choose an alternative outside of those offered by Apple itself, LumaFusion The EZAudioCut They are the ones that have caught our attention the most, both because of the potential they have and because of the intuitive interface.