Edge on iOS will notify you when you enter a website with possible Fake News — 2022

Most companies today are trying to wage war against the spread of fake or unreliable news yes WhatsApp we have seen how it has imposed amessage forwarding limitand Telegram has empowered group admins toveto the sending of certain content. Microsoft has joined this strategy with its web browser, Edge, compatible with iOS and that you can currently find in the App Store.

In order to warn users that they are on a website with possible false news, Microsoft is going to provide Edge with enough technology to warn users when they are on a site with unreliable news as reported today by the media The Verge .

Edge will notify us when we are facing a possible Fake News

Specifically Edge will be integrated with NewsGuard , a system that uses an algorithm designed by two journalists: Steven Brill y Gordon Crovitz. This tool will be in charge of analyzing the website where we are browsing using as criteria the use of unreliable headlines, the transparency of the property, the sources used...

After analyzing the web in particular, a color pattern will be used to be able to inform users of its reliability. Specifically it is used red to warn that we are on an unreliable website and green to inform that we can trust what we are reading.

So far NewsGuard we found it as an extension for some browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Chrom e but now it will make the leap to full integration with Microsoft's browser, Edge. Sometimes this tool has been wrong to warn that a media outlet was not trustworthy when it was, as The Guardian has reported, but the founders of NewsGuard claim that they are transparent and assume possible blame without problem. One of these websites that received a false warning was RT News and that is why he received an interesting compensation as compensation.

For us it is a very interesting novelty that we hope will end up being seen in other browsers since it will put users who browse unreliable pages in check and therefore the spread of false news that generates conflicts can be prevented.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new function that will arrive in the future in Edge update mode in the App Store.