Earth Day comes to Apple's YouTube channel with these interesting videos — 2022

Apple launches a series of videos commemorating Earth Day. Some quite curious videos, with drawing as a vignette.

Apple and Earth Day

I think we all know the kind of obsession that Apple has for the care and respect for the environment and the Earth.

That is why they have created a series of short videos where they explain how they, despite being a large company, take care of the environment so as not to contaminate the planet with waste, a product of manufacturing.

Interestingly, these videos have not only been released in English, but Apple Mexico has also posted them on YouTube, to the delight of Spanish speakers.

In total they have created 4 videos in drawing format type comic . A curious way of explaining how they contribute to creating an environment that is as healthy as possible.

The most curious thing is that These videos are narrated by Apple workers themselves.

First video: Can a building breathe?

In this video, Apple explains to us how they have built their Apple Park, which by the way we talked about this morning in this article, to make it as ecological as possible, emphasizing its natural ventilation system.

They tell how, through some pipes distributed throughout the upper part of the building, through which cold water is circulating, together with the help of the wind, they cool the building without having to install air conditioning systems.

Second video: Can solar farms feed yaks?

In this video Apple tells us how they take advantage of sunlight to provide light in all their factories in China, their data centers and their stores.

with the term dual land use They want to tell us that, despite using a Yak as an example, they do not harm the animals or their ecosystem in any way.

Third video: Is it possible to produce zero waste?

Its main rule is not to create any waste that clutters recycling points or landfills.

Fourth video: Why does Apple produce its own sweat?

Although it sounds a bit disgusting , Apple has created an artificial sweat to test its products that everything is fine. In this way, they know that, in the case of the Apple Watch, the material from which both the straps (fluoroelastomer) and the digital crown are made, they will not be harmed when we sweat.

Without a doubt, it is a different way of seeing how they work at Apple, in a very fun and original way.

What do you think of these explanatory videos? If you want to see them in English, here we leave you the link to the YouTube channel in English.