Earn money with your iPhone thanks to these apps — 2022

Earning money in a simple way is something that we all want to achieve. Although slowly, we can do it with our own mobiles thanks to different applications with which we can carry out surveys and even receive cashback for the purchases we have made.

Apps to do surveys


In this application you will be able to carry out different very interesting surveys in exchange for a few points. This is quite widespread, although obviously if you don't like to give certain information this is not your application or your way of making money. Once you have a good amount of points you can exchange them for different products and even for a PayPal transfer.

In the end, the privacy of all users is also guaranteed at all times. It may be the case on many occasions that you see some products or advertisements that have not yet been published, so this is something totally positive that can be achieved.

i-Say rewards your opinion i-Say rewards your opinion Descargar QR-Code i-Say rewards your opinion Developer: Ipsos

SB Answer

SB Answer

Application that shows us a series of surveys about our own routines and with questions such as our latest purchases or experience with a specific product. There are many companies that carry out this type of opinion study and obviously a payment is received in return. It is true that it is not much, but as we accumulate points we will have access to Amazon purchase cards or transfers via PayPal.

The only problem that can be found is that the surveys are in English. Although this is not really an impediment since the language used is quite simple to understand and in many cases you will find several images. In addition some of these surveys can also give you surveys depending on your current location.

SB Answer SB Answer Descargar QR-Code SB Answer Developer: Prodege LLC

Money App

In this application we will have different daily challenges such as doing surveys, playing games, or giving an opinion about a service. With each of these completed tasks you will earn points that you can exchange later for different services. It is true that the interface is not the most beautiful in the world, but it certainly fulfills its function, which is to make us earn money.

Once you have obtained all the necessary points, the possibility will open to make the corresponding change in the exchange section. Among some of the options that can be found is PayPal to be able to transform the points into real money.

Money App – Money and Prizes Money App – Money and Prizes Descargar QR-Code Money App – Money and Prizes Developer: Money Rewards Online, Ltd

Cashback apps for purchases


If you want to take part of the money you spend on your weekly purchase, this is your application. With GELT, a series of products are presented with a monetary value that if we have in our purchase receipt, that money will be deposited in our wallet. The way to verify that we have purchased these products is to take a photograph of the ticket and upload it to the application.

It is true that some of these products are from well-known brands and therefore do not have an economic price, but it ends up being compensated. To this is added that the application has a section where the main supermarkets are located to find out if there are products within this promotion.

Gelt: Earn money on your purchase Gelt: Earn money on your purchase Descargar QR-Code Gelt: Earn money on your purchase Developer: applicable


Letyshop is a cashback service in selected businesses. As soon as we enter the application we will see a series of online stores where pressing will take us to their website where we will make the purchase normally. But we will have the difference that in a few days a percentage of this purchase will appear in the application that we can transfer to our bank account.

Although it must be taken into account that the percentages that appear on the website can be totally variable. That is to say, that a product has a cashback that is not always conservative in the store.

LetyShops — Cashback LetyShops — Cashback Descargar QR-Code LetyShops — Cashback Developer: Letyshops Europe GmbH


There are many occasions when we pass the card through a dataphone to make purchases. Thanks to the Curve service we can take a percentage of this purchase to spend on whatever we want. It is true that we are dealing with an extra banking service, but it does not have any type of commission and thanks to the code DGPZQQQD you can have a €6 cashback start.

The only thing to keep in mind in this application is that the cashback is limited in the first months of subscription. After this term, a monthly payment must be made by the credit card in order to have access to these cashback functionalities.

Curve Curve Descargar QR-Code Curve Developer: Curve

Apps to earn money on the stock market

Earning money on the stock market is possible, although obviously you must have a fairly high level of knowledge in finance in order to be successful with investments. This is why we recommend using these applications only if you are sure of where you are going to invest and if you have the right knowledge to do so.


Online broker highly recommended to make arrangements as a beginner in the world of investment. We have access to the main world markets and buying and selling shares is extremely easy to do, being able to customize all our orders with stop loss for example. We have all the guarantees that we are in a trusted and 100% legal regulated service.

This is an application that is especially indicated for those investors who are starting now on their investment path. It includes some tools that are ideal for all these cases.

DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa Descargar QR-Code DEGIRO - Trading App - Bolsa Developer: DEGIRO

Interactive Brokers

Much more advanced online broker than the one mentioned above. We have a really low commission per trade, although we will face an app that is less visually intuitive, so we must be very careful and use it only if we have enough knowledge.

As in the previous cases, we have access to a multitude of markets as well as customizable orders. In the search engine you can select the value you want in case you have one that you already have controlled by an external service.

IBKR Mobile IBKR Mobile Descargar QR-Code IBKR Mobile Developer: Interactive Brokers LLC


Start trading in all the markets of the world thanks to BUX X. Thanks to its beginner mode you will be able to 'play' a little with fake money to get used to the different tools before moving on to serious and real investments in which you can play everything you want.

In addition, you can also make investments in cryptocurrencies where you can also get a very good monetary return to have more money in your account thanks to your own iPhone.

BUX X – Trading App BUX X – Trading App Descargar QR-Code BUX X – Trading App Developer: BUX B.V.

As you can see, using your mobile to earn money can be really simple with these applications that we find in the App Store.