Downloading iPhone apps over the internet and its reliability — 2022

It is very possible that you are considering downloading third-party apps on your iPhone from the internet. Either to save money from the app or because it is not available in the official store. Beyond the App Store there is a huge world of possibilities, but iOS has security systems that prevent possible threats from these places. That is why in this article we analyze this possibility, since it really is not how you might have thought.

The difference with an Android mobile

If you come from an Android phone or have seen or read about downloads on them, you already know that it is possible to download files from the browser apk that are then installable on the device and work as one more app. The disadvantage of this method is that on many occasions it requires continuously downloading files manually to update the applications. If it is also a paid app that is free on the internet, you should know that the download you are doing is pirate and hence illegal .

Android apk

On an iPhone on the contrary It is not possible to do this type of download . Apple has security mechanisms that prevent this type of installation from being carried out. It will not matter if you use Safari, Chrome or any other browser.

The App Store is one hundred percent reliable

The main reason why Apple bans this type of download is the existence of the App Store. This app store has thousands of apps and games at your fingertips, either through free downloads, paid downloads or subscriptions within the apps themselves. If they all have one thing in common, it's going through Apple's arduous security verification system. There is no app that enters this place without having been reviewed by specialists who ensure that they meet security and privacy standards, as well as being fully optimized for the devices.

App Store

Internet downloads, safe as they may seem, could bring malware that infects your device, preventing it from working properly and/or putting your data at risk. Therefore it is understandable that the company prevents it. There is a false myth that iPhones do not have viruses and to a certain extent it is true. Apple releases updates with some regularity that guarantee the security of the system and cover possible vulnerabilities, but also the prevention of these downloads is another fundamental pillar that hardly detects malware on iOS devices.

If there is an app that is not available in the App Store

It is totally legal to want to enjoy an application or service that is not available in the App Store. However, in most cases, the reason that these are not found in the Apple store has enough weight to make you suspicious. The company probably left it out for being insecure or even containing malware, so downloading from another portal does not guarantee that this is the case.

There are some video game services from well-known platforms like Xbox that are intended to be available through Safari, but in this case we are talking about a prestigious company like Microsoft whose security is also guaranteed and that does not involve a direct download of files that can infect the iPhone.

If you want paid apps for free

Free iPhone and iPad Apps

There is a totally legal and lawful way to have free applications and games and it is with the weekly offers offered by the App Store itself. Normally these are not announced except in very specific cases, but from time to time interesting discounts appear. Obviously waiting for the one you want to be on sale is not the most recommended thing in the world because there is no guarantee that it will have discounts, but you can always make new discoveries. Without going any further, on this same web page we publish every Wednesday a compilation of applications on offer and every Friday of games, so if you pay attention you will be able to find out before anyone else.

There is a method, but it has risks

You may have ever heard of the jailbreak . This, in a nutshell, is a method by which the limitations of Apple's operating system can be removed, making the iPhone more widely and openly customizable than usual. However, this method is not recommended for several reasons.

Beyond the fact that it is something unrelated to Apple and that even makes you lose the iPhone warranty if you had it, it would put your terminal at risk if you download files as third-party applications. Through this jailbreak you will be able to download apps from a multitude of sources, but if you don't have a certain amount of knowledge and the portals don't offer guarantees that they are safe applications, you will be putting your device in trouble in the face of possible vulnerabilities.