Download, install, change and remove fonts on Mac — 2022

Being able to change the font of a text is something that, despite being very trivial today, is still something important. Whether to further customize a document or even create logos. Changing the font on Mac for another with a different style is possible and also not only with those that already come by default, but there is a wide catalog of fonts that can be installed extremely easily on Apple computers.

Typefaces: what are they and where do they apply?

Typefaces, also known as typography, font, or letter style, are at the end homologous to the calligraphy of each person. Just as each of us has a particular style of drawing letters and characters, in the digital environment we also find that there is a wide variety of styles. In addition to the fact that within each one you can find variations such as bold font, underlined or italics.

All these styles can be found in many areas. See, for example, a classic text document, either through the native editor of Pages or the well-known Microsoft Word. All of this expands to practically any program that allows you to write texts or add letters. Therefore, it is also possible to find different fonts for image editing applications, whether to create posters, a logo or a text watermark. Even for video it can be useful, whether in subtitles, credits or the like.


By default, Macs already have a catalog of fonts that may be sufficient in the vast majority of cases. However, there are some more particular styles or those created by third parties that are not integrated and that, however, can be added to be used regularly in programs like the ones we mentioned previously.

Get new fonts

As we were telling you, you can find hundreds of thousands of fonts. You may even come across tools and websites that allow you to create your own, either by hand or digitally. It must be said that these can then be free, which is because they are royalty-free, while another does require a payment that usually varies depending on what the creator himself estimates. Now, what is the exact procedure to download them? Where should you go for it?

In the App Store

The Mac application store is full of tools of all kinds and although fonts are not the most abundant, you can find quite a few. You just have to look for things like fonts, typefaces or fonts to find one. The most downloaded currently is called 550 fonts which, as its name already indicates, offers up to 550 different fonts.

The download procedure is the same as any other app , since in the end they are still normal and current applications. You hit the Get button, enter your password if required (and even payment method if it has a cost) and simply wait for it to be installed to open it and view the different fonts that are included.

fonts app store mac

Via Internet

This is the most common method to find fonts for the Mac, having a huge catalog at your disposal. All you have to do is access Google with a browser like Safari or Chrome and start searching. Although with caution , because in the end any download from the internet can be a threat to the system, so it is always recommended that you do it trusted websites and that you do not ignore under any circumstances a possible browser alert that warns that it is an unsafe site.

In case you want greater peace of mind, let me tell you that there are specialized websites where hundreds of styles are safely downloaded every day, serving both Mac and Windows computers. One of these is Dafont , although even Google itself has a website specialized in it, such as Google Fonts . We insist that there are many more and reliable, but these two options are the most popular and have very extensive catalogs.

Install Apple's own fonts

As a curious addition, you should know that many companies patent their own fonts. This is the case of Apple, who have the so-called style San Francisco. The company's style book is very evident and you can clearly see how both on its website, as well as in advertising or the boxes of its products, a typeface always appears.

Although it is not clear to what extent the company allows its use for commercial purposes, if you have a particular interest in using that font, you should know that you can download it from the website itself of the company. In fact, you will not find just one, but several that are part of that style and that, of course, include their respective variations for bold, italics, etc.

san francisco apple font

Install the fonts

Once you've downloaded the font, it's your turn to install it. It is not a complicated process, as you will see below, but you must know how it is done. Similarly, we warn you about what to do if they do not come out installed after following the steps that we will tell you about and basically it is to restart the app that you are using to write texts and even completely restart the Mac. And this is a requirement that is usually always requested so that the installation can be effective.

If it is from an application

If you followed the App Store procedure and downloaded an app with fonts, the procedure can be one of two different ways. On the one hand, it is possible that it allows you to perform a download that is normally done from an external server, so in the end the installation process will be the same as if you downloaded it directly from the Internet. If so, skip to the next section to find out what to do.

On the other hand, it is possible that the application directly has some installation guide or quick access in which, simply by choosing the type of font, an install button appears. In that case, you only have to click on said button and the installation process will be carried out by itself, this being the easiest way to install a font.

If the download comes from the internet

Once you have the font you want to install on your Mac located in a folder, the installation process is really simple. You have to look at the file with .otf extension. It might come in a ZIP file, so in that case, the first step is to uncompress it to find the format that we have indicated. Once you have this, there are two ways to perform the installation.

    Open the .otf fileand follow the steps indicated on the screen, always having a button that says Install font. The process is usually extremely fast, although you will also be informed on the screen when it has been completed. Dragging the .otf fileto the fonts folder on your Mac. You can find this folder by opening Font Catalog on your computer, which is a tool that is usually found in the Other folder of Launchpad.

Install fonts on Mac

Options available when already installed

Once you have your fonts installed, you should know that there are now some interesting options such as turn them off or even delete them . The first option allows you to make that font invisible, preventing it from being used in any text-editing applications, but making it available again without having to install it again. The other, as its name suggests, completely erases all traces of that font, forcing you to reinstall it if you wish to recover it at any later time.

The process to follow for both cases is similar, just having to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Font Catalog.
  2. Find and select the font you want to disable or delete.
  3. In the top menu, go to Edit.
  4. Now click on the Delete or Deactivate SOURCE NAME option.

Disable typography on Mac

Notably some fonts cannot be deleted, always being the ones that come by default with the system, since those that you have downloaded on your own can always be deleted and, of course, deactivated.