Download any Instagram story with this tool — 2022

Instagram stories have become an iconic feature of this social network, even though they originate from Snapchat. As a reminder, these stories are only shown to the public for 24 hours and then they are removed. But if you want to keep the history of one of your contacts saved (always with their permission) it is possible to do so thanks to an online tool. In this article we will tell you how to use it on the iPhone.

Download Instagram stories from other users

Although on Android we can find various applications that allow us to download third-party stories in a comfortable way, on iOS things are quite different. In the App Store we do not find any app that does this action and that is why we have to resort to external websites. This can be an advantage, since we can download the stories on our iPhone, but also do it through a computer.

The website in question that allows us to download stories is StoriesIG , and it does it in a really simple way. When entering through Safari on our iPhone we have a section to enter the username of the account in which we are interested. Once entered, we will press 'enter' and wait a few seconds. The loading process can be a bit long, especially if there are many stories and it also takes into account the pinned stories. This is something very interesting, because the web is not limited to showing us the stories that last 24 hours but also those that are highlighted.

download instagram stories

Once the web has loaded, we will see how the profile picture of the chosen account and the active stories appear at first. You just have to click on it so that an embedded video with all the stories and a download button will appear on the web. By clicking on this, a new window will open only with the compilation video and we will simply have to go to the bottom, press the button to share and we continue ‘Save to Files’ . In this simple way we will have the stories of a contact stored on our iPhone and we can repeat them as many times as we want. This same operation as mentioned above can also be performed on a Mac using any type of browser.

Sign in to StoriesIG

Obviously, before performing this action we must have the express permission of the owner of the story. The dissemination of third-party material that is not authorized can be a serious problem, since we would be violating the privacy of these people. With this tool we will save ourselves having to take screenshots of those stories that interest us, because for example we go out with another person. But as you can imagine, in this section those stories that are included in the category 'Best Friends', since these are not public.

Download own Instagram stories

If you are new to this social network, you will surely think that to download your own stories you must also follow these steps. But the truth is that in this case it is much easier. We simply have to access our own story, and in the lower left we will see a series of points and when clicking on them we will see the option 'Download'. In this way we can download the photograph in question or the complete story, depending on our needs.

As you can see, this is a really simple operation. This will save us having to take screenshots or even record the screen, which is sometimes a somewhat tedious process.