Don't worry about making invoices with these iPhone and iPad apps — 2022

Both the iPhone and the iPad have become two devices that for certain tasks can replace the function of the traditional computer, adding even more advantages due to their portable nature. For this reason, in this post we bring you a compilation of applications that you can use both on your iPhone and on your iPad to invoice your customers wherever you are in a simple and comfortable way.

Remember how your invoices should be so that they are legal

Although the vast majority of applications that we are going to comment on in this article already come with templates with which to create completely legal invoices, the truth is that it never hurts to check that all the data included is correct. According to the Spanish Tax Agency, these are the data that must go on the invoice:

  • Number and serial if apply.
  • Expedition date.
  • Date of operation if it is different from the date of issue.
  • NIF and name and surnames, reason or company name of the issuer.
  • Identification of the goods delivered or services provided.
  • Tax rate, and optionally also the VAT expression included
  • Full consideration.
  • In corrective invoices, the reference to the rectified invoice.
  • In your case, if the following circumstances occur:
    • In exempt operations reference to regulations
    • The mention billing by the recipient
    • The mention investment of the passive subject
    • The mention Special Regime for Travel Agencies
    • The mention Special regime for used goods.

Apps with which to design your invoices yourself



We begin this compilation by talking about Apple's native text editor, a fantastic tool full of functions that the company provides to all users of its devices for free, so that, in addition to having functions that will be very useful to you, you won't have to spend a euro.

However, to be able to make invoices you will need a model, a template, so if you don't want to create it yourself, there are many web pages like the ones we link at the end and from which you can download an invoice template. In this way you will only have to worry about entering the corresponding data and sending the invoice to your client. Another point that adds to Pages' favor is that by using iCloud you can have all your invoices synchronized between your different devices and access them at any time from any of them.

Invoice Page Templates Pages Pages Descargar QR-Code Pages Developer: Apple



In the same way that we recommend the use of the native Apple text editor, we also recommend the Microsoft text editor, that is, the well-known Microsoft Word. It is an application or program that, at some point, everyone has used, and now you can carry it perfectly in your pocket or backpack installed on your iPhone or iPad.

As with Pages, if you want to use Microsoft Word as an application to generate invoices for your clients, we recommend that you use one of the templates that you can find on the internet to create invoices. You can also create them yourself or customize them, although it never hurts to see the ones that are already created because they could serve you perfectly for the function you are looking for.

Word templates for invoices Microsoft Word Microsoft Word Descargar QR-Code Microsoft Word Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Specialized billing applications

Invoice & Budget – BILLDU


With this application you will be able to issue invoices, budgets and even professional purchase orders, all with an attractive appearance and investing a few seconds in it. Ease of use is one of the fundamental points of this application, so you won't have to break your head to be able to issue your invoices. In addition, all your data will be stored securely, also synchronizing between all the devices on which you have this application installed.

Even with Invoice & Budget – BILLDU you can create and generate your exclusive invoice model. Within the app you have up to 5 different models in which you can add your own logo, signature, adjust the color of the entire document to create just the invoice you want to give your business personality. The 5 proposed models stand out for their clarity, being pleasant and informative.

Invoice & Budget - BILLDU Invoice & Budget - BILLDU Descargar QR-Code Invoice & Budget - BILLDU Developer: BILLDU LTD

Simple invoice

simple invoice

Factura Simple is an easy-to-use billing application that allows you to create both estimates and invoices, as well as professional receipts, with the possibility of printing the material or sending it by email with inserted photos. We can say that it is the simplest billing system that you can find on the market.

Within the application you can add all the information you want, and even include your company's logo to be able to personalize estimates and invoices as much as possible. As for the customer's data, you can add it manually or take it directly from a database that you can create as you use the application.

Simple invoice Simple invoice Descargar QR-Code Simple invoice Developer: Zenvoice Inc.

Billin: Create your invoices


It is a free download billing application designed especially for both SMEs and the self-employed, so that they can create and send their invoices in a few seconds and without having to suffer complications throughout the process. Billin allows both invoicing and sharing information with your manager in a single click, since it controls the sending, creation, reception and storage of all your invoices, regardless of where you are.

In addition, the application itself comes to offer you professional help for free, which, added to the fast and simple billing it provides, will help you save a lot of time in all these procedures and be able to really dedicate it to your work or your leisure. You also have to take into account the peace of mind that comes from being able to know the status of your invoices at all times.

Billin: Create your invoices Billin: Create your invoices Descargar QR-Code Billin: Create your invoices Developer: My expenses

Invoice Creator: Invoice2go


Invoice2go is the #1 invoice management app for small businesses, contractors, and freelancers with the ability to create and send professional invoices and estimates in minutes, hassle-free, all from your iPhone or iPad. This makes it easy for small business owners to create professional invoices at any time.

With this app you can create invoices with a professional look, offering a solution so you can invoice on the go for all kinds of businesses, from freelancers and dog walkers to web designers or musicians. All this with the security that all the data is automatically synchronized on all your devices, so you can create and invoice from one at a given time, but check all the information more carefully later on another of your devices.

Invoice Creator: Invoice2go Invoice Creator: Invoice2go Descargar QR-Code Invoice Creator: Invoice2go Developer:

Invoices, offers and receipts

Invoices, offers and receipts

This application, in addition to offering you all the advantages that an invoice application for iPhone or iPad can give you, also charges value for the desktop version that it has for a computer, both for PC or Mac. It makes it easy for the client to be able to sign the relevant documents, since you can do it from the device screen or via email.

Within this app you can view the invoice, estimate or even see a payment summary by month, customer or item, something that not all billing applications usually offer. In addition, you can also send your customers the receipts once you have registered the payment. Even this application has active support for 12 hours so you can ask any questions.

Invoices, offers and receipts Invoices, offers and receipts Descargar QR-Code Invoices, offers and receipts Developer: Bookipi Pty Ltd

Invoice and estimate app

Invoices and estimates app

SppedInvoice is an invoicing app that has web access so you can use the invoice generator from any site and device, be it from your Mac, from your iPhone or even from your iPad. This app offers you up to 500 background images to put on your invoices and give them a different and very personal touch. All the data that you handle in your bills will be stored securely and automatically backed up, so you won't have to worry about it in case you lose the device with which you usually do all your bills.

Before we commented that the app provides you with up to 500 images, but you can also upload your own to take the personalization of your invoices to the next level, you can even include your logo and signature on the invoices. It has reports to be able to verify your sales, clients or articles or even to be able to report VAT.

Invoice and estimate app Invoice and estimate app Descargar QR-Code Invoice and estimate app Developer: SpeedSolutions Pty Ltd

Nomo: Accounting and Invoices


Nomo is the accounting app for freelancers and small businesses, available in one click, in fact, more than 70,000 small businesses use Nomo to manage their business. In terms of functionalities, this app will allow you to generate budgets, keep your business accounting up to date, order billing, store tickets by digitizing them without problems, and all this from the device you want.

It is the application with an online management service for the self-employed and SMEs, making self-management really easy, since with this app you can create and send invoices from your iPhone or control expenses or income, up to what the tax contribution forecast will be, to know So how much will you have to pay in taxes?

Nomo: Accounting and Invoices Nomo: Accounting and Invoices Descargar QR-Code Nomo: Accounting and Invoices Developer: Innocells

Debitoor Make Bills & Expenses


Debitoor is the easy, fast and intuitive billing and accounting app for freelancers and small businesses. Their billing software gives you the tools you need to create and send professionally designed invoices from anywhere, at any time.

The process to create invoices is simple and intuitive, in fact, you can have your invoice finished in less than a minute, with the customization and design you want, which will add personality to your business. In addition, all these invoices can be sent by the way you want, in PDF format by mail, WhatsApp, Messenger or any messaging service. You can even automate the sending of your invoices with recurring invoices.

Debitoor Make Bills & Expenses Debitoor Make Bills & Expenses Descargar QR-Code Debitoor Make Bills & Expenses Developer: Debitor ApS