Don't miss out on these free apps and games in the App Store for Black Friday — 2022

On the occasion of Black Friday 2018, the App Store hosts a large number of applications and games that can be downloaded for free for a limited time and that our colleagues at MovilZona have compiled. We are not clear until what day these offers will be available and that is why we s we recommend you install them all before the time limit runs out since in the future they may be very useful to you.

Free apps for Black Friday

The applications that have become free these days and that have caught our attention cover a wide range of categories . These are the following:

App Store symbol, where 32-bit applications will not be supported from Apple

Free games for Black Friday

In addition to these applications, we find tremendously interesting games that are free right now, for example The Walking Dead a New Frontier . The full list of free games are as follows:

In addition to these we can findthief games for iPhonethe stoppool games that are free today.

In addition to these deals on the App Store, Apple is giving gift cards to spend in the online store when buying a new device. But if you want to open your fan more we recommend you see all Amazon mobile offers, the best operator rate promotions, or the best deals on technology products for Black Friday.

If you have found any free game or application that we have not commented on in this article, we invite you to leave it in the comment box so that we can update it.