Do not despair if Apple Music does not work: this is the solution — 2022

The bugs and problems of Apple Music exist and it is perfectly understandable that at a given moment you get desperate if the service does not work normally. Slowness, inability to listen to songs, interface that freezes... These are just some of the problems that can be found and in this article we will try to help you solve it in the best possible way so that you can continue enjoying your favorite artists.

Most common Apple Music failures

Apple Music is usually a service that does not present incidents or errors, however, it is not exempt from possible occasional failures that may hinder the use of the application for users. Below we list the most common problems that may arise in Apple's music streaming service.

  • The song does not play.
  • Playback cuts off or jerks.
  • No search results are returned.
  • The application freezes.
  • The app quits unexpectedly.
  • The app skips songs automatically.

Fortunately for all users, these errors that we have mentioned are not usually common in a service that, among other things, stands out for offering a fantastic user experience. However, as we have already mentioned, it is not exempt from possible failures, so below we are going to tell you what you can do in the event that at some point, any of these problems appear on your device.

Apple Music on iPhone

If it is the app that gives errors

On many occasions the errors that usually appear on the devices, in this case, on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, have nothing to do with the service you are using but with the application itself, or rather, with what is occurring within your device in relation to the application. That is why it is very important that before attributing said error to the Apple Music service, you try to solve it through the ways that we propose below.

The solution for almost everything: reboot

One of the solutions that we always propose for any problem that a device may present is to restart it. The reason why the music playback in Apple Music is failing may be caused by a process that has been blocked in the background and to unlock it, what you have to do is restart the iPhone, iPad or device with which you are having this problem. issue. In this way, all the processes will be restarted and we will eliminate the possible blockage that was triggering an interruption in the music playback in the application.

restart iPhone

To restart your device you just have to press a combination of buttons that will depend on the model of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you have. In case you want to restart it on the Mac, you just have to click on the Apple menu and click on restart. However, our recommendation is that from time to time, once a week or once every two weeks, you restart your device to avoid possible failures that have to do with a process that has been blocked in the background.

Keep your device up to date

This recommendation is not only for this problem, but for most of the problems that can occur on all your devices. From La Manzana Mordida we recommend that you always have your device updated to the latest version. Apple puts a lot of effort into providing a secure, smooth operating system with as few incidents as possible, which is why the volume of software updates is so high. Therefore, if you do not have your device updated to the latest version of its operating system, we recommend that you do so to rule out that the existing problem with Apple Music is in the software version in which your device is. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Click on General and then on Software Update
  3. If you are not in the latest version, it will come out and you just have to click on Download and install.

Update the iPhone

Uninstall and reinstall it

It is possible that the problem is within the application itself, therefore, a possible solution to this would be to uninstall the application from your device and then re-download and install it from the App Store. In this way, what you get is to eliminate both all the processes that were being carried out and the files generated by the App itself, so that if any of these were the problem or the cause of the problem, it would be eliminated.

To do this, you just have to press and hold on a part of the screen until the apps start to shake, once this is done, click on the icon - located in the upper left part of the app and then click Delete app. In this way you will have eliminated the application. To reinstall it, you just have to search the App Store for the Apple Music application and reinstall it.

uninstall app

Problems during playback

Within the fact that Apple Music is a service that on a regular basis is quite unlikely to present any failure, those that appear usually have a presence during the reproduction of musical content. This is really frustrating for many users as nobody likes to be interrupted when they are listening to their favorite song or just using music to relax. Below we propose a series of actions that you can carry out to solve these problems.

Check your internet connection

One of the possible problems that you may have if the music playback on your device with Apple Music does not work as it should is the internet connection. Apple's streaming music service works with an Internet connection, unless you've downloaded the music, obviously, so if the network connection isn't good, this may affect music playback on your device.

speed test

In this way, what you have to do to rule out or confirm that the problem is in your connection is to carry out a speed test. However, if the problem is very recurrent and you are connected to the internet through a mobile data connection, it may even be a good idea to contact your telephone company to rule out problems with your data rate.

Check Apple servers

Another possible cause that Apple Music is failing on your device may be because the service is actually down. This is not something usual since Apple, obviously, has enough infrastructure to guarantee the service continuously, but it is possible that it may have fallen, therefore, we recommend that you enter this web page to know the Apple System Status , looking at Apple Music, of course.

Apple System Status

As we mentioned, this problem is not usually at all common, in fact the occasions in which it has happened will have been counted, however, it is important that you take it into account so that, if necessary, you can easily check it and do not go back. crazy looking for a solution when you really don't have a chance to fix anything until Apple can get its service back to business as usual.

Try Apple Music on other devices

It is possible that the problem lies in the device itself, therefore, a good way to verify that your iPhone, iPad or the device with which you are listening to music is not the problem, is to try to play music on another device that also has AppleMusic. For example, if you have an iPhone and an iPad and you're having trouble playing music on your iPhone, try playing music on your iPad. In this way we will know if the problem is with the device, or if on the contrary, the error is within the platform or service.

Apple Music on multiple devices

However, if you don't have access to any other device that has the ability to play content from Apple's music platform, you can always ask a friend or classmate or co-worker who has Apple Music. If even so, that possibility does not exist, resorting to Twitter is always a good alternative to check that there are other users who are in the same situation as you.

Turn off Dolby Atmos

Since the Cupertino company introduced in Apple Music the possibility of playing content with the Dolby Atmos quality seal together with Spatial Audio, there have been several problems that many users have reported. Some complain about the impossibility at times to play a certain song, others stop 15 seconds after starting it or go to the next track, on other occasions the volume is too low or even other users directly the quality of the reproduction lowers them considerably.

These problems, as we mentioned, have appeared after the inclusion of the new Apple Music playback modes, so obviously most of them could be associated. Therefore, in order to put an end to these problems and while Apple is looking for a way to solve them through a software update, the possibility that users have to solve them is by deactivating the playback of music with Dolby Atmos. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click on Music.
  3. Select Dolby Atmos.
  4. Click on Disabled.

Disable Dolby Atmos

If the faults persist

It is possible that, either the solutions that we have proposed and detailed so far have not helped you at all, or that the problem you are having with Apple Music is more serious than it may seem and you need to take somewhat more severe measures. in order to solve it. Therefore, below we leave you the two options that you have to take into account if none of the ways mentioned above have been useful to you.

Restore as more severe solution

If after having tried to solve the problem with all the solutions proposed above you still do not solve it, we recommend a last option that surely can with it, the restoration. From La Manzana Mordida we always recommend restoring the devices at least once or twice a year, so this can be a good excuse to give it that maintenance that your device needs and thus try to solve your problem with the streaming music service of Manzana.

To carry out the restoration of the device, we recommend that you have enough time to be able to carry it out without rushing. It is also important that you have a good internet connection. After the restoration you have two options, enter a backup or start the device as if it were new. Our recommendation, since the main reason for performing the restore is to solve the problem with Apple Music, is that you go for the second option, that is, start the device as if it were new even though you will have to spend time later on. install all the apps you need.

Contact Apple

The last solution that we propose is that you contact Apple if none of the options proposed above have worked. In this way, it will be Apple's own workers who will guide you towards a possible solution to your problem once they have correctly identified it.

Apple Support Icon

There are multiple ways to contact Apple, through the technical support website, through the Apple Support application, or by phone by calling 900812703. In any of these three ways you can contact the technical service of the company Cupertino to report your problem and find its solution.

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