Don't let your iPhone 11 break: screen protectors — 2022

Surely on some occasion you have heard that today's mobiles are much more fragile than those of yesteryear, and in part that is true. Where before there were plastic materials, now we find glass, aluminum and other materials that are much more sensitive to bumps and falls. In the case of screens, this is very evident, and it is that a slight tap could damage it. For this reason, it is advisable to put a screen protector on it. In this post we show you the most outstanding screen protectors for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The importance of having a screen protector

On a day-to-day basis, the iPhone 11 can be exposed to many risks, such as a silly fall. This can end up being fatal in every way since it would end up breaking the screen depending on where the specific hit is made. If it hits the edge, for example, you have a lot of risk that the screen will break in several places at the same time, cracking completely. This ultimately makes the screen unusable, preventing you from manipulating the device or accessing the different applications.

This is obviously solved by putting a glass in front that acts as a barrier against shocks, so that if one occurs, the glass itself breaks but not the iPhone screen. And this is important because changing the screen of an iPhone is not something that is too cheap, especially if it is an OLED screen. It should also be noted that these types of accidental damage repairs are not covered by the warranty. That is why we recommend using a protector that we recommend the following.

How to choose the best protector

Apparently, choosing a screen protector may seem like something very simple and where many factors really do not have to be taken into account. However, every day there are more alternatives on the market that are capable of offering slightly different products and alternatives, so you have to know what they are and above all, which ones are more important than others when it comes to giving your iPhone that extra protection in an element as delicate as the screen. Therefore, below we leave you a series of points that you have to take into account when purchasing a screen protector for the iPhone.

  • The compatibility It is vital, so we ask you to make sure that it is fully compatible with your iPhone when purchasing a screen protector.
  • Do you want to cover the entire screen? . In this case, there are two types of screen protectors, those that cover the entire screen and those that leave the notch exposed so that there is no type of interference between the different sensors and the front camera and the user.
  • The degree of hardness of the glass is another very important factor to take into account, especially if the iPhone is going to be very exposed to shocks during the day to day.
  • The Privacy It also matters, and in this case there is a type of screen protector so that it is seen only and exclusively when the person has the iPhone in front of them, making those around them unable to view the content on the device screen.
  • Installation It is another point to keep in mind since not all people have enough skill to do it correctly. The ideal is to acquire a screen protector that provides you with the adequate means to put it on easily.
  • The glass finish tempered is also subject to differentiation between existing alternatives on the market. Some users prefer a traditional finish, but on the other hand, others are looking for a matte finish that provides a totally different experience.

Tempered glass for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is one of the best-selling iPhone models thanks to everything it is capable of offering users. However, this is not exempt from being able to suffer some damage to the screen, so it seems practically essential to acquire a screen protector in order to keep it in perfect condition at all times. To do this, below we leave you a series of alternatives that will ensure that protection that your screen needs.


iphone screen protector

Belkin offers an ideal tempered glass for any iPhone 11. It provides the necessary edge-to-edge fit so that falls that hit just the edge don't end up damaging the device's screen. It has a thickness of only 0.33 mm, so the great fear that can be had when not feeling the touch or having false touches is completely eliminated. It offers you a more than good experience in this regard so that you do not have to miss the fact of wearing it without any type of protection.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recognized brands within the accessories for any Apple device. They go hand in hand with Apple itself to be able to offer accessories that have the approval of the Cupertino company, increasing confidence in them.

Belkin iPhone 11 Tempered Glass buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 24.44 protector JETech


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This tempered glass has a 9H resistance that is one of the highest prepared to withstand impacts from objects or against the ground itself. In addition, in the pack you will have three tempered glasses in total, which is undoubtedly ideal in the event that one ends up breaking due to a blow or because you simply make a mistake when placing it to have a spare one in this situation, which can be very stressful

JETech, as in the previous case, also has a very good reputation when it comes to screen protectors. Its resistance is more than proven in all areas and has the approval of Apple itself to be able to manufacture it. This makes it one of the quintessential crystals that you should put on your iPhone 11.

JETech Screen Protector buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 7.99 Amazon Logo


This screen protector has the possibility of making an extremely simple installation. This is because it integrates guides into the pack that are placed above the iPhone 11 so that it is completely square to the edges of the device. In this way, if you do not have much skill to place it, it will be totally guaranteed.

To this is also added that the protector has the characteristics of resisting scratches, as well as a special treatment against fingerprints and possible bubbles that may remain after placement. In the tests carried out, it is also guaranteed that it can withstand up to 5 kg of force, so its total resistance is guaranteed.

Protector iPhone 11 ESR buy it at unbreakcable EUR 9.99 Amazon Logo


This accessory provides maximum protection for the iPhone 11 screen, which has a size of 6.1 inches. Count with one 0.33mm thickness Made of high quality premium tempered glass with edges that are rounded. It should be noted that it is a model that has been made exclusively for this model, and also for the iPhone XR when sharing the screen.

It is promised to have high hardness as it is scratch resistant up to 9H . High response and high transparency. The material used repels any type of fat on the fingers. In this way, it will not be possible to detect the fingerprints on the glass since they will be repelled. In addition, it also promises that dust will not accumulate in the event that you work in a place with many mites.

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Tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone screen is a real wonder, even more so since Apple introduced OLED technology in its most premium devices. However, there is nothing, at least for now, that prevents the screen glass from being damaged by use and rubbing against other materials, so the use of a good screen protector is practically essential. For this, below we leave you different very suitable alternatives to keep the screen of your iPhone safe at all times against any possible damage it may suffer.



This screen protector with a size of 5.8 inches is ideal for any iPhone 11 Pro. It has a 9H hardness which is one of the highest on the market to achieve the greatest possible resistance in order to avoid breakage with a silly blow or simply with the interaction of the keys while carrying the iPhone in a pocket or in the bag itself.

The edge is round to achieve the best possible security. This means that any blow to the edge of the iPhone prevents the glass from breaking in several places at the same time. Two crystals are included in the pack to always have a spare in case it is necessary for any reason.

Protector UNBREAKcable iPhone 11 Pro buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 12.99 Protector JETech


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Screen protector with which you will not have any type of fingerprint on the screen anymore thanks to the treatment against grease that it has. To this is also added an H9 resistance against scratches from interaction with keys as well as against shocks as we have seen in previous cases. It is completely transparent to have the cleanest experience possible as if the iPhone did not have any type of glass on it.

In the company's tests they can show that the impact of certain objects against the glass makes it have a special resistance compared to other competing options. Also with the same price you will have a pack of two glass units.

NEW'C glass for iPhone 11 Pro buy it at Amazon Logo EUR 5.39 TECHKUN


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Pack of two screen protectors for the iPhone 11 that covers the entire screen, including the edges, not just the screen itself, to guarantee the maximum possible safety. It features high transparency to keep resolution intact. It has a thickness of 0.26 mm that maintains an adequate haptic response to keep the sensitivity as real as possible.

To ensure that it is always in the correct position, the pack has a guide for its placement. This acts as a bundle that is placed around the iPhone so that the glass is not displaced and is on all the edges.

Protector iPhone 11 Pro buy it at EUR 6.99


Keep in mind that this iPhone, like the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS and iPhone X, the protector does not cover the entire screen but only the flat area. It is made with 0.33 millimeters thick It has rounded edges to cover as much as possible. It should be noted that this brand offers a total of 3 protector units in case you do not finish placing it correctly or if you choose to change it due to aging in the future.

It is completely resistant to scratches up to 9H, which is harder than a knife. It is also a model with a lot of transparency and also sensitivity. In this way you will not notice at any time that you have a screen protector installed on your iPhone 11 Pro. A model is offered that is free of dust, fingerprints and with a correct touch. In addition, the installation is really simple to perform. And this is because the kit includes a cleaning cloth and also the liquids necessary to carry out the cleaning.

Protector JETech buy it at EUR 6.79

Tempered glass for iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of the great attractions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is without a doubt its screen. The 6.5 inches that it has are the delight of all users who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this device on a daily basis, especially to consume multimedia content. However, the screen is also one of the weak points of this and all iPhones given the tendency, with use, that they tend to be damaged, therefore, it is very important to protect it with one of the screen protectors that we leave you with. continuation.

Gii-Yoon 3

Specially designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a super easy installation thanks to the included guides and resource kit to avoid all the bubbles that can be generated. It does not limit Face ID in any case since it includes all the holes to use the front camera without any problem.

It has double protection by padding with high quality premium 9H hard glass. Being cured is much more resistant. It has a layer that repels grease so that fingerprints do not remain on this glass when it is in use.

Protector GiiYoon-3 buy it at EUR 10.99


Although this protector has a more than acceptable price, the truth is that it has some limitations. Unfortunately, it does not reach the edges, meaning that it cannot be fully protected when exposed to a bad blow, as we have mentioned. It has high transparency and maintains the original display with amazing on-screen experience.

It has the highest resistance thanks to the 9H certification and a thickness of 0.33 mm. It has a resistant layer against fingerprints, avoiding above all grease.

Protector TECHKUN buy it at EUR 11.69

And you, do you use any tempered glass or other type of protection for your iPhone 11? You can tell us in the comment box.