This is how the Translate app works on iPhone — 2022

Difficulties in communicating with another person due to language differences will soon not be a problem. Translation applications have the mission of tackling this problem, and Apple's native, Apple Translate, is not far behind. In this article we will tell you how this native iOS app works in a simple way.

Apple Translate Utility

Although English may be the universal language, there are many countries that do not know how to speak it or many people who do not know it. It can be typical to go to Japan and have no idea of ​​​​Japanese and that the inhabitants of the country do not speak English either. In these situations, you have to try to communicate through gestures and indications, but you can also use applications.

It should be noted that Apple Translate works quite well when using short sentences in a basic environment. When translating texts, a bad result can be obtained, possibly due to the literal translation, which can always play tricks. That is why it is indicated to translate conversations or very specific phrases that you need, being available in numerous different languages ​​that can be downloaded.

Translate voice and text on iPhone

Obviously when dealing with a translator, the basic thing is that they translate text. The Apple native that came with iOS 14 is also capable of recognizing your voice and making a translation. To do this you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the 'Translate' app and make sure you are in the 'translate' tab.
  • At the top choose the languages. On the left is the input language (the original) and on the right is the output language or into which everything you put will be translated. By clicking on these you can choose from the wide list of available languages.
  • Then tap on 'Enter text' and write something you want to translate. When you click on 'Go' it will show you the translation.
  • You can also press on the microphone and say a phrase.

Apple Translate

You can simply read the translation that appears on the screen or also listen to it. The 'play' icon will appear to play it or listen to it again. You can save these translations in the favorites screen and if you have any questions about a specific word, you can choose to consult the dictionary.

translate a conversation

The Apple Translate app can be put into conversation mode. In this way, the iPhone divides the screen in two to show the transcribed and translated text at the same time along with the translated audio. This mode is very interesting when you want to have a conversation with a person who doesn't know how to speak your language. You simply have to speak to the mobile in your language, it will translate and the other party will respond to the iPhone so that you will be shown the translation of what he has said on screen and in audio. This makes conversation between two people much easier. To carry out a conversation translation you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the translate application.
  • Rotate the iPhone to landscape mode.
  • Click on the microphone icon and speak to each of the speakers in your own language.

Apple Translate

Option to translate without internet

If you are going to be in a location where you will not have internet or you will have a very limited rate, this translation app allows you to download the languages. In this way you will be able to carry out translations without the need to be connected to the internet. You can even use the conversation mode using the microphone. This is something that is appreciated since you can always have access to the service. Obviously, to avoid filling up too much space, you will have the option to choose which languages ​​you want to have downloaded. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

  • When you enter the Translate application, click on the languages ​​that it offers you at the top.
  • In the list of languages ​​at the end you will see a section of those that are available offline. Next to it you will see the download icon to proceed to install them.

Apple Translate