Do you want to change the iPhone X battery? This you must pay — 2022

Some time has passed since the arrival of the iPhone X on the market and if you were one of the first buyers, you may have noticed that the battery has suffered. Fortunately, it is not necessary to buy a new device to be able to spend a whole day again without autonomy problems, since by changing the battery of your current terminal you will be able to return to normal values. In this post we tell you everything you need to know beforehand.

iPhone X Battery Facts

In the following sections we will analyze the most technical data related to the battery of this smartphone and its estimated duration, all in order to get an idea of ​​what is normal in this equipment. We will also talk about what could be the reasons why you might be experiencing problems with it.

Capacity and autonomy that it should have

Apple never gives data regarding the battery capacity of its iPhone. The reason for this has never been officially confirmed, although it is believed that they do it for marketing reasons as they are normally inferior to the competition, despite the fact that their optimization with the software and the rest of the hardware is such that it can even give a better experience. than those others. However, various tests are usually carried out on the terminals through which this data can be obtained and for the iPhone X we find a capacity of 2,716 mAh.

That data in itself does not say much, so it is not clear what its estimated duration is. Being in full condition and with 100% health, Apple estimates that it can play video for 13 hours and audio for up to 60 hours. Obviously these are data that can give us an idea of ​​it, but in the end they are unrealistic if we take into account that few people (if not anyone) dedicate their iPhone X to a single activity like these. In what we have been able to observe in years of using an iPhone X, it should give for get to the end of the day with average use of social networks, browsing the internet, consulting social networks and making or receiving calls.

iPhone Battery Cycles

Reasons why it lasts less

Without great fuss for not being the best in this field, we see that this is an iPhone that should not give excessive autonomy problems either. Although obviously there are several factors that make it last less. Much of it is due to natural deterioration of the battery that is suffered over time and inevitably. If the battery health of your iPhone has dropped below 100% (you can see it in Settings> Battery) the autonomy will be lower. In any case, these are the main points why it could be lasting less:

  • Use mobile data more than Wi-Fi networks.
  • Record many videos with iPhone and do it in the highest quality.
  • Make video calls with FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or any other similar platform.
  • Perform heavy tasks like video editing.
  • Always have the screen brightness at maximum.
  • Play a lot of video games that consume large device resources.

Request a battery replacement from Apple

If you are experiencing problems, whether they are considered normal or possible defects, it is best to go to Apple or an authorized technical service (SAT) for a replacement. Of course, in these places they will recommend you to change the battery only if battery health is below 80% , although if you assume the cost of the repair and decide not to accept the recommendation, they can change it in any case.

Steps to follow to make an appointment

Whether to go to the technical service of an Apple Store, a SAT or request remote repair, there are several ways to request it:

    Through the Apple websiteentering the Support tab, choosing the problem you have and consulting the list of establishments where you can go. With the Support appavailable on both iPhone and iPad, following the same guidelines as those that must be followed on the website. By phonediscussing your problem with one of the agents. The 900 150 503 number is free from Spain. going personallyto the establishment, although it is the least recommended option because on rare occasions they will give you an appointment for that same day.

iphone x battery replacement

It should be noted that the possibility of requesting remote repair does not require requesting any specific appointment beyond setting the date on which the courier service will pick up the terminal. In fact, it will be this company that provides you with the packaging to safely transport the iPhone X. Then they will take it to the Apple service and contact you when they receive it to later send it back to you when it is repaired and with the battery in full faculties.

iPhone X battery price

Once you've made an appointment with an Apple Store or have it picked up from your home, you'll be wondering how much the repair will cost. The truth is that the price could vary depending on various factors. could even be a free repair in the event that your iPhone X is still under warranty and the problem is due to a manufacturing defect and not so much to a high level of wear. In any case, that would have to be confirmed by technical support.

The price, as a general rule, will be 75 euros to which should be added €12.10 for shipping costs in those cases in which they have to collect the device from your home. It should be noted that if you have contracted a AppleCare+ insurance the repair will be completely free , since battery replacement is covered in the price.

Obviously the prices change in various suppliers such as supermarkets or small repair establishments. Although we recommend Apple and its SAT, these others could have original parts sent by the apple company's own supply chain. That is why we advise you to consult other stores that you have in mind, if the pieces are original or not and, in this case, consult the price.

Consequences of making an unauthorized repair

We have repeated on different occasions that it is really important to carry out repairs in establishments authorized by Apple. Not doing it in a SAT in order to save some money to make other purchases can end up really expensive. In a store that has not been authorized, they do not have parts that come from the company itself, so their quality is much lower, so you can survive a worse experience in its use. In addition, employees do not have the training that Apple offers to all those centers that have earned verification by Apple.

To this is added that carrying out unauthorized operations on an iPhone causes the loss of the guarantee instantly. Thanks to its software, Apple tries to control at all times who repairs its devices to avoid at all costs that foreign hands investigate their devices, even if it leads the user to pay more money for the repair.