Do you have an iMac or Mac mini running macOS 10.14.5? Tap to update Boot Camp — 2022

Apple does not usually release exclusive software versions for certain device models such as Macs, however there are times when they are forced to do so to correct a specific error detected in those models. This has happened in the last few hours with iMacs and Mac minis whose system version is macOS Mojave 10.14.5, which have a Boot Camp update available to fix a bug that caused theMac boot up very slow.

Fixed a bug in Boot Camp on iMac and Mac mini running macOS 10.14.5

For those who don't know what Boot Camp is, it's an assistant built into macOS that allows you to install Windows on a hard drive partition. We invite you to visit our post about how to install Windows 10 on Mac for more information. The fact is that this assistant showed a series of failures when performing the process of partitioning the hard drive , and precisely that bug has recently been fixed. In addition, it will also allow youcreate a bootable USB with Windows on Mac.

Install Windows 10 on Mac

Part of the Boot Camp assistant to install Windows 10 on a Mac partition

This it's not a macOS update like ta l but on the one hand, which is why the entire system is not updated nor is it a new variant of macOS 10.14. This update will only appear to iMac and Mac mini running version 10.14.5. In the update notes themselves you can read that it only affects the bug fix in Boot Camp.

At first, there may be those who do not find the point of installing an operating system like Windows on an Apple computer, however this can be extremely useful for some people who want to be able to have exclusive applications or functions of the Microsoft system. A notable case is that of some professionals who need both systems for their work and therefore the solution to this error could be good news for them. In some cases it is possible that the Mac cam does not work correctly but you can alwaysuse iPhone as a webcam on Mac.

As for macOS Mojave as such, it seems that we will not see more than one more version in a few weeks. After all, the new macOS Catalina will be released in September and it will be the version that brings the most news. Operating system that, by the way, you can test in beta by following our tutorial on how to test the beta without being a developer.

Do you have an iMac or a Mac mini? Have you experienced any issues in Boot Camp? Tell us about it in the comment box.