They reject that Servant, Apple series, is a plagiarism — 2022

Theservant seriesIt arrived at the end of last November on Apple TV +. Despite the little expectation that there was around her at first, she has finally managed to penetrate the public and get among the favorites of the platform. However, a lawsuit for plagiarism rocked him shortly after its premiere.

A judge dismisses the lawsuit against Servant

The series created by Apple and M. Night Shuamalan stands out for its vibrant plot, which is presented as something entertaining and easy to digest, but nevertheless leaves chilling touches of mystery and terror that make many go to bed with nightmares after seeing it. . However, its brilliant script, scenery and characters were sued for alleged plagiarism.

It was the film director Francesca Gregorini who a few months ago filed this lawsuit alleging that the Apple TV+ series was using identical scenery, script and story of your movie The truth about Manuel released in 2013. The truth is that both works share many similarities, since as in Servant, Gregorini's film tells the story of a 17-year-old nanny who was left in the care of a doll that replaced a baby passed away. However, a judge has dismissed this complaint alleging the following:

[…] The supposed similarities between the works pale in comparison to the differences in plot, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pacing, characters, and sequence of events. […] The Tribunal concludes that the works in question are not substantially similar as a matter of law .

We do not know if there is any way open to possible allegations by the plaintiff and if in that case she would be willing to present them. In any case, it seems that both Apple and the producers of Servant can breathe easy knowing that the judges see no signs of plagiarism in one of their star series.

Waiting for the second season

Several weeks ago we analyzed the future of this series on Apple TV +. The directors fully intend to create 60 chapters divided into 6 seasons . 10 of those episodes have already been broadcast in the first season and the next 10 would be closer to seeing the light.

It is unknown for sure when the premiere of this second batch will take place. It was expected that it could arrive in November of this same year, coinciding with the first anniversary of the platform and the series. However, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 could cause production to be delayed, as has already happened in The Morning Show, another Apple TV + series. In any case, there are not too many details about the recording plans.

The series was at a very high point in the first season, but with many conflicts and mysteries to solve around the disturbing nanny of the Turner family. In the second season we will see how everything unfolds, although taking into account the planned chapters that we mentioned before, we will be left with intrigues again at the end of this season.