Discover which apps are compatible with the M1 of the new MacBook and Mac mini — 2022

More and more applications are becoming compatible with the Apple Silicon that assemble equipment such as theMacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1or theLate 2020 Mac miniwhich also has the same chip. However, not all of the existing ones are already adapted to this new ARM architecture, so it will be very useful to know what they are if you are thinking of buying one of these new devices. Below we show you a web page that collects data on all this.

Is this app compatible with Apple Silicon?

This doubt is resolved by a page that precisely carries that question by name in English: Is Apple Silicon Ready . This is a website that is becoming viral in many internet forums and, as described in it, has been developed by two programmers committed to the cause ( Abdullah Diaa | Y Sharno ). The page is translated into different languages, among which is also the Spanish , so there is no possible loss.

Access Is Apple Silicon Ready

It is categorized in various ways. On the one hand you can see the entire list of applications and then divisions based on the category of each one: browsers, developers, design, music and more. They also have a search box that allows you to search for information about a specific application. Then, in the rows of each of the applications, the following columns can be found:

Compatible Apps M1 Apple Silicon

  • Developer.
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon:if it has a verified tick it means that it is already compatible with Apple's M1 chips. Rosetta 2:if it has a tick in this part, it means that it is not yet optimized, but it is still possible to use it on computers with M1 thanks to the Rosetta 2 code translator. M1 compatible version:if the app is compatible, the version number of the app from which it is made compatible will appear.
  • Last update: offers information about when the information has been updated.
  • Contribute: section in which you can contribute to the page by adding new information.

Keep in mind that the applications adapt at different rates, so in a certain way you could find that an application has already been updated and has not been reported on this page. It is understandable that being such an arduous job, the creators of the page do not give enough with so much information, so collaboration is requested from each user who wants to contribute their grain of sand. In any case, it is an excellent guide to know if you will be able to use your favorite applications on a brand new Mac with M1.

A process that goes faster than expected

When Apple announced the transition from Intel chips to its own processors, it estimated that it would last around 2 years. It is not that it is a deadline for developers, nothing is further from reality, but it is the forecast made by the company most focused on the user who would like to acquire one of its new Macs. However, we are seeing how all kinds of applications , the most popular and the least known, are already being optimized to Apple Silicon in record time, since only a couple of months ago the first equipment with the M1 chip was launched.

Obviously it is still too early to say that they are equal to the Intel in terms of number, but everything is going very well. The developers have already been able to verify the benefits of these processors, which, in addition to guaranteeing a performance that exceeds most Intel, do not require as much RAM and manage consumption that is really remarkable in laptops, since autonomy of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air has multiplied.