Discover new wallpapers for your iPhone with these apps — 2022

Changing the wallpaper of the iPhone is not only a way to personalize the device, but it is also a routine for many users who tend to change it with some frequency. Whether for the lock screen or the home screen, we can find various default backgrounds in iOS, but it is evident that these fall short. For this reason, we will present you with a series of apps to find wallpapers for iPhone without having to resort to search engines like Google or the like.

The advantages of using wallpaper apps

There are many ways to find different wallpapers, such as Google Image Bank. This does not mean that it is a task that can become tedious. Keep in mind that you can't always place the first image you find on the web, since in these cases it doesn't adapt perfectly to the resolution of your iPhone. This indicates that you should take into account the search for funds for your specific iPhone model.

Adding all this or the categories that you like the most makes it a real job to find the background you are looking for on the net. That is why the best way to find interesting wallpapers is to use applications that are focused on this task, and that put all the tools on the table for you to find the wallpaper you are looking for without having to spend hours and hours in front of the iPhone because you can't find the ideal option to give your iPhone that personal and different touch that you're looking for.

The most animated wallpapers on iPhone

If you don't want to choose to personalize your iPhone through a static image, you can always resort to giving your device a touch of movement and dynamism through the famous animated backgrounds. This first came about when Apple introduced Live Photo to its photo-shooting repertoire. You just had to take a photo of this type, put it in the background and press and hold the screen so that the image took on a life of its own. With the applications that we present to you below, you will be able to achieve just that, that when you press the screen of your iPhone, the background that you have established takes on a life of its own.

Live Wallpapers

Since the arrival of the iPhone 6s, all devices from now on have compatibility with Live Photos, those animated photos that can be taken with the camera and also set as wallpaper. In this case we find an interesting app in which you can find all kinds of animated photos to use on your iPhone's lock screen . Perhaps its biggest drawback is that advertising is sometimes somewhat intrusive, but being free, it is well worth it for the quality of the funds that you will find.

It has a really interesting functionality, and that is that all users will be able to transform any video that they have in their gallery into a moving photo to, in this way, be able to set the result as an animated wallpaper. Another point that we want to highlight about this application is the possibility of saving in favourites, within the app, those funds that you liked the most, in this way you avoid having to download them all at once, you only have to access the app itself app when you want to change the current one and you will have all your selection saved.

Live Wallpapers Live Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code Live Wallpapers Developer: CUSTOMLY LLC

Animated wallpapers

Animated wallpapers

This wallpaper app is compatible with a multitude of iPhones, starting from the iPhone 3GS and up. All the images that you will find can be adapted to the resolution of your device and as we have previously mentioned, its catalog is mainly animated.

In addition, it has numerous categories, something that comes in really handy for all those users who want to segment their search for the animated wallpaper that they want to establish on their device. Among the most outstanding we find Calendars, Cities, Animals, Nature, Flowers, Appointments, and many more collections that will delight any user.

Animated wallpapers Animated wallpapers Descargar QR-Code Animated wallpapers Developer: Zephyrmobile

StoryZ: Moving Photo

In the previous app we found animated backgrounds already prepared for download and this time we find a editing app. And yes, we already know that you are not looking for a photo editor in this post, but the truth is that it comes up very much, since this app allows create animations on photos giving them dynamism and leaving a result that can be brilliant. You can take any photo you have and fill it with life to use as an animated background on your iPhone.

With this application you have to be the one who gives free rein to your imagination to create an animated wallpaper that meets your own needs when it comes to setting it on the screen of your iPhone. The variety of tools that this application has is tremendous, so the number of animated effects that you can get greatly enriches the potential of this app.

StoryZ: Moving Photo StoryZ: Moving Photo Descargar QR-Code StoryZ: Moving Photo Developer: Andor Communications Private Limited

Apps with high-quality static images

If the option of bringing your iPhone wallpaper to life doesn't convince you, you can always choose to find a fantastic image and place it on both the lock screen and the main screen of your device. There are fantastic applications that give the user a huge number of really attractive alternatives to fully customize the aesthetics of the iPhone screen. Below we will talk about some of the most outstanding, from our point of view.

HD Wallpaper: Cool 4k

Cool 4K wallpapers for iPhone

This is not the first time we have talked about this app, and it is one of our favorite applications. The interface is divided into tabs, in the main one the most popular backgrounds of the moment, while in the rest of the tabs you can discover other backgrounds grouped by themes , the ones you have saved as favorites and you can even find your own funds and access the TOP 10 most downloaded .

It has a wide variety of images, which are differentiated not only in different themes as we have mentioned before, but also in different types such as three-dimensional images, or also depending on the resolution that the user wants. choose, since you have from HD images, to others in 4k. Without a doubt, if you want to opt for a wide variety of options, this is the application you are looking for.

HD Wallpaper: Cool 4k HD Wallpaper: Cool 4k Descargar QR-Code HD Wallpaper: Cool 4k Developer: luay elghossain


Unsplash wallpapers for iPhone

In this app we can find a wide variety of wallpapers that are renewed daily. The frequency with which it is updated is such that we can find new wallpapers practically every day that weren't there before. It is also created to adapt to the dates in which we find ourselves, so on specific days such as Valentine's Day you will find more romantic funds, while in the Christmas period you will find funds of this theme.

Unsplash is one of the best image sources you can find, it stands out for two fundamental aspects, both of which are equally important. The first of them is that all the images are free of copyright, that is, you can use them both to set them as wallpapers, as well as use them in your different social networks. The second point is the great quality of the images, each photograph is made with tremendous care and attention, which is evident in the results.

Unsplash Unsplash Descargar QR-Code Unsplash Developer: Unsplash Inc


Pinterest wallpapers for iPhone

If there is a portal par excellence for photography, that is Pinterest. In this case we find it adapted to an iOS app, in which we can find a wide variety of images that users themselves upload. A whole social network with which to share and also discover beautiful wallpapers that can be adapted to your tastes.

Pinterest is par excellence an app in which many users look for inspiration to take photos, so you can use it both to acquire wallpapers and to get ideas and be the one who takes the photos that you will later use on the screen of your device. Obviously, this application can also be used for many other tasks, but in this case we want to focus on the value it has when it comes to giving your iPhone a different touch.

Pinterest Pinterest Descargar QR-Code Pinterest Developer: Pinterest Wallpapers HD wallpapers for iPhone

This is one of the apps that has traditionally been the most popular for finding wallpapers on iOS. The frequency of updates to the app itself is low, but internally we do find that new backgrounds are frequently added. Mainly notable for its simple and intuitive interface , finding the latest funds uploaded on the main screen and then a tab on the left where you can find the funds by category and even the possibility of searching for the type of wallpaper you want yourself.

The number of options provided by this application is tremendous, it has more than 10,000 wallpapers, among which you will surely find the one that best suits your needs or tastes at all times. In addition, you can adapt each image to the screen format of your iPhone, since it has support for all models. Wallpapers HD Wallpapers HD Descargar QR-Code Wallpapers HD Developer: Jude H

ZEDGE Wallpapers

Traditionally, at least on Android, this has been an all-terrain app ready to download all kinds of content, in audio, video, and image format. In iOS we find that it is a excellent image bank in which to find the best wallpapers for iPhone. As in the previous ones, it is possible to search for it by category. The download is super simple and fast, so you will immediately have it saved in your gallery.

Also, if what you want is to fully customize your iPhone's screen, the app itself also has an interesting variety of icons that you can use to give your device a more personal touch. To be able to use both the different wallpapers and the icons, you just have to click on the save button and you will have them available on your iPhone without any further complications.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Developer: ZEDGE


An ideal application to be able to search for high-quality backgrounds for any type of iPhone. In this way, the problem that may exist when searching for images that adapt to the resolution of the devices that you have in your possession is solved. It offers a new approach to the search for this type of content, since you can choose a new background every day. This will make you not get bored in a simple way. You can find backgrounds to fit just about any type of iPhone you have, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 13.

All wallpapers are cut for the iPhone screen manually by a specially trained person. In the event that you are looking for something very specific, you should know that you will be able to find them by categories such as animals, anime, art, cars, cities... The problem is that this is a free application although it has a very low price of 5 dollars a year, which is quite affordable for anyone.

Wallcraft – Wallpapers Wallcraft – Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code Wallcraft – Wallpapers Developer: VOLKRAFT


Reference app for mobile personalization content. Packed with millions of high-quality backgrounds, audio sounds, and app icons. Personalize your phone to your current mood by setting one of Zedge's wallpapers as your home or lock screen. Swipe right, swipe left and scroll up and down between free background wallpapers or premium wallpapers - you'll find it all.

And if you're a big fan of GIF or animated wallpapers, you're in luck. This is an application that integrates them perfectly. And obviously if you don't like an application icon, you'll also find a large number of options to fully customize it to your own liking. This is something that can be found natively in some apps, but you can also opt for these systems.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Developer: ZEDGE

And you, what other apps to find funds for iPhone do you know? You can tell us in the comment box.