Find out how you can manage all your files on iPhone — 2022

With each generation of iOS, it becomes more comfortable to work with the iPhone and be productive. We see this in file management which has become an easy task to do on an iPhone. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the Files app and the other ways to manage media files.

Manage common files on iPhone

Little by little, Apple is improving the management of files with which we must live, such as PDF or .docx documents. Thanks to the Files application, the distribution and organization of these documents is much more comfortable, something that was lacking in previous versions. Admittedly, there's still a lot of work to be done, but there's a lot you can do within the Files app. The most interesting of all is that you can connect different cloud services such as Google Drive not limited to just iCloud Drive. You will have access to all these in the 'Explore' tab, to access it in a comfortable way and be more productive.

By accessing a specific location you will find all your files. To interact with them you always have to press and hold on it for a few seconds so that a drop-down menu appears. In this you can add labels, rename it, copy it, duplicate it or move it. The latter is quite useful to move a file to a specific folder to keep it more organized. In addition, in this context menu you can compress the document so that sending it is much easier as it weighs less. This can also be done with media files that you have stored in the cloud or on the iPhone's internal storage.

iPhone files

If you are making all these changes in a cloud such as iCloud Drive, they will be reflected on other computers such as the Mac or the iPad. Obviously this requires a subscription in order to have more storage, beyond the initial 5 GB.

But in addition to the interaction with documents, you can also easily create folders and even scan documents. You simply have to press and hold an area where there is nothing with your finger so that the options to create a folder or scan documents appear. The latter is interesting, since you will not depend on third-party applications or the Notes application, since you will simply take the photo and it will stay in the cloud in the place where you have decided to store it.

Something interesting about the Apple ecosystem is that it works great with other Apple devices thanks to AirDrop. In this way, files can be transferred in a very comfortable way between several devices through the network and that they appear in the Files app. This makes the workflow much more productive.

Connect flash drive to iPhone

Obviously not everything stays in the documents you have stored in the clouds. It is also possible connect a flash drive or external hard drive to iPhone in a very simple way. There are many external devices on the market that work through Lightning, although a compatible adapter can always be attached to make the connection.

usb flash drive

The external device you connect will appear in the 'Explore' tab and you will be able to manipulate all the files that are stored and transfer them to the internal memory of the iPhone. This way you can open them with compatible applications. Documents can also be transferred from iPhone to this external storage device.

Manage photos and video on iPhone

There are many ways to manage personal media files on iPhone. The most comfortable is to do it through the native Photos application. It is true that if you want to have all your photos stored and synchronized with the cloud, to view them on other computers, it is necessary to expand the iCloud storage. But the truth is that the way to organize the photos is tremendously simple, since the application intelligently will select the best memories about a special trip creating videos for that occasion. In these Memories you can choose how to view them, whether by location or simply by the date on which the photograph was taken.

In addition, on the iPhone you can also register the faces of different people so that it automatically groups the photos where they appear in a personalized album. In this way you can keep in mind the photos where you or a specific friend go out. This organization function is quite comfortable in order to get some memory with a specific person to congratulate the birthday or anniversary.

remove duplicate photos iphone

By entering a photo, we can quickly discard it or share it through an external service. Also from here you will be able to carry out a quite interesting edition by adding effects or retouching the color saturation or the luminosity among other variables. And the same as we are talking about photographs, it can also be applied to all the home videos that you can make on a daily basis with the iPhone camera.

manage music

If you are a music fanatic and don't like to use streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, you can transfer your own files. The process is very simple, since you simply have to create a folder in iCloud Drive on either Mac or Windows (with the corresponding synchronization app) and insert all the music files you want. With the 5GB base storage It's easy for you to put enough songs in the folder in a comfortable way. Once you do this operation on your computer, you simply have to go to your iPhone and access these music tracks through the Files app to play them.

But the truth is that the most comfortable way is through Apple Music to have access to a wide catalog of songs, despite the fact that you have to pay a monthly subscription. But the comfort and time savings that having this subscription produces can be compelling reasons to make use of them and not make a transfer manually.

And you, how to manage your files on iPhone?