Discover incredible wallpapers for iPad with these apps — 2022

We're sure you like your iPad to look good on the outside as well as the inside. A very visual way to make this happen is by creating an attractive wallpaper, either for the locked screen, the home screen, or both. That is why in this post we bring you some apps where you can find wallpapers for iPad.

What should these applications have?

When looking for applications for photography, you have to look for an app that provides us with good quality images, that can be resized to adapt them to the screen of your iPad without them looking blurry or pixelated. If you want images without watermarks, you have to keep in mind that you will have to search for them free, without copyright or by paying the rights of the photographer.

You also have to keep in mind that within the paid and free apps there are different themes, depending on the wallpapers you want. There are applications specialized in specific things such as anime or images of nature. That is to say, there is a world of applications where you can choose the wallpapers that you may like the most for your iPad.

Find your wallpapers in these apps without advertising

Wallpapers are one of the most common ways to give devices a different touch on a recurring basis. One of the ways to achieve this is by making each user their own photos, however, the option that most users choose is to take those fantastic images from different applications. Next we are going to talk about the alternatives that you can find in the App Store and that are completely free.



It is one of the apps More popular on this theme and with a constant updating frequency in which there are news almost every day. It is created to adapt to the dates in which we find ourselves, so it is very useful to find Christmas backgrounds at those times, more romantic on dates close to Valentine's Day or more autumnal when September arrives.

Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest sources of inspiration that you can find, both to be able to renew the wallpaper of your iPad and to find ideas that you can carry out in the world of photography. Another of the advantages and uses that you can make of this app is that all the images that are in it are free of rights , so you can use them without problem in your different social networks or web pages.

Unsplash Unsplash Descargar QR-Code Unsplash Developer: Unsplash Inc

Wallpapers HD

wallpaper hd

Store and find your favorite wallpapers with this app, being able to choose from thousands of high resolution images and make your iPad look great. You will be able to find the funds ordered according to different themes and even explore which are the most popular of the moment and the most recent ones added to the app.

The wallpapers that you can download through this application are made by different artists who have worked day and night to offer an image of impressive quality, on par with the sharpness that you can enjoy on a device like the iPad.

Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad Descargar QR-Code Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad Developer: StuckPixel, Inc.

Anime Wallpaper Master HD

Anime Wallpapers

Without a doubt, this is the application that many fans of animated series and movies They were waiting to be able to fill the screen of their device with their favorite characters. It has incredible funds that are even renewed every day so that the variety never ends, in fact, you can check all the daily news through the wall of the day.

It also has a search engine through which you can filter the huge number of wallpaper alternatives that this app has depending on your preferences, so you can go directly to the wallpapers of your favorite anime series or movie without having to search through the full range of options it provides .

Anime Wallpaper Master HD Anime Wallpaper Master HD Descargar QR-Code Anime Wallpaper Master HD Developer: Abdelkrim Mabkhout

Pay to remove ads from these apps

One of the ways that many developers choose to make application development profitable is to include advertising in their applications. This often becomes very annoying for the user, so a fantastic option to enjoy an app without advertising is to be able to pay to remove it within it. The apps that we are talking about below have a completely free download, however, if you want to enjoy them without advertising, you will have to pay for it.

Vellum Wallpapers

vellum wallpaper

This app is free and stands out for not have continuous and intrusive advertising, even though he has it. The best thing about it is the great quality and variety of photos available. With it you can also search for funds by different categories, so it is easier to find a wallpaper that is of any theme. Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps to find attractive wallpapers for your iPad.

Vellum is one of the most popular apps on the App Store in its category, which guarantees that the user will find that wallpaper that he was looking for and that he has in his head for his fantastic iPad. Also, if you want to discover a new wallpaper every day, the app updates its entire catalog daily.

Vellum Wallpapers Vellum Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code Vellum Wallpapers Developer: BRAND DAVIS COM, LLC

Wallpapers & Background Themes

wallpapers background

This app has more than 100 categories in which you can find a multitude of exclusive backgrounds. It stands out especially for having a recent catalog that is updated daily with new content, so you can always be up to date with all the news.

Another point for which the wallpapers offered by this app stand out is their quality, they are available in both super 4K and HD, so any background you use from this app to put on your iPad will look really attractive on combination with the screen settings so balanced that the iPad has.

Wallpapers & Background Themes Wallpapers & Background Themes Descargar QR-Code Wallpapers & Background Themes Developer: Alexey Veselkov



This is one of the most popular apps historically to download content in image, video and audio format. Now it has been converted into an excellent image bank in which find the best wallpapers for iPad and iPhone . As in previous apps, it is possible to search for content by category in order to have much faster and more personalized access to those wallpapers that you were looking for for your iPad.

Many of the backgrounds offered by Zedge are specially designed for different devices, including the iPad. However, all the images are of incredible quality so that they can make the well-balanced screen of the iPad shine.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Descargar QR-Code ZEDGE™ Wallpapers Developer: ZEDGE

Wallpapers For Me

funds for me

Spectacular application in which you can explore between thousands and thousands of wallpapers of great quality and sorted by categories . Not only will you be able to find the ones that best suit your iPad, but also the ones that best fit different iPhone models and even Apple Watch. Of course, many of the funds will be exclusive in the paid premium version.

The available categories are Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-fi, Animals, Sport, Nature, 3D, Vacation, Minimalist, Cities, Masterpieces and Zen , all of them with a very attractive appearance that will give your iPad a distinctive style, both on the locked screen and on the home screen. In addition, navigation through this application is completely intuitive, which favors the user experience.

Wallpapers for Me Wallpapers for Me Descargar QR-Code Wallpapers for Me Developer: Apalon Apps

Wallpapers: HD


This application offers a huge variety of wallpapers so you can give this personal and different touch to your iPad whenever you want. In addition, the wallpapers are updated daily so you can always enter to find inspiration and change the look of your device, as well as find inspiration to be yourself who makes your own wallpapers.

Obviously, the image quality of all the alternatives that you can find in this app is fantastic, which will make your iPad look great on both the lock screen and the home screen. It also has more than 50 frames and stickers that you can use .

Home Screen Wallpapers: HD Home Screen Wallpapers: HD Descargar QR-Code Home Screen Wallpapers: HD Developer: European

10000 Wallpapers & Backgrounds

10000 Wallpapers & Backgrounds

In this application you will find a fantastic selection of wallpapers that you can adopt on your iPad to give it a very personal touch, in fact it has more than 100,000 images of extraordinary quality that are updated every day.

Even you can differentiate based on the layout of the same between wallpapers ideal for the lock screen as for the home screen. In addition, all the images that this application has are distributed in different categories, so you can find them more easily and go just for the type of image you were looking for for your iPad.

10000 Wallpapers & Backgrounds 10000 Wallpapers & Backgrounds Descargar QR-Code 10000 Wallpapers & Backgrounds Developer: Alexey Veselkov

Everpix Wallpapers 4k


In Everpix wallpapers are constantly updated , so every day you can discover a new image with which to give your iPad screen a new look. It has numerous categories that you can use to find the wallpaper you want at any given time.

All wallpapers in this app are at least from HD quality besides being unique and exclusive. Each and every one of the images adapts perfectly to the screen size of the device, so you can not only use this app to give a different touch to the screen of your iPad, but also to that of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Everpix Wallpapers 4K Everpix Wallpapers 4K Descargar QR-Code Everpix Wallpapers 4K Developer: Robert Snopov

Retina Wallpapers


With this application you will be able to discover a great variety of high-quality backgrounds. Divided into several categories, you will be able to search for photos in a simpler and faster way, depending on the theme you want. You can share images with your friends on social networks. Every day more images are uploaded to the application, it is also very easy to search in it.

One of the advantages of this app is that it is available for Apple Watch, so you can add new backgrounds to your watch. It has a free version and a paid version, so if you want to access an unlimited photo gallery, you will have to pay the subscription.

Retina Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD Retina Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD Descargar QR-Code Retina Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD Developer: Rise Up Labs



This is a somewhat different app since it is you who can create your own moving images. You can create them as you like and make your photos come to life to put them as a wallpaper. It does not have any type of restriction regarding size or measurements if you pay for the premium version. There are certain limitations on your free trial.

You can take animated photos of up to 4K resolution. One of the advantages of this app is that you are the one who can edit the background as you like, add and remove whatever you want and animate it with the videos you have saved in your gallery. Without a doubt, a very good app to let your imagination fly and create completely personalized wallpapers.

StoryZ: Moving Photo StoryZ: Moving Photo Descargar QR-Code StoryZ: Moving Photo Developer: Andor Communications Private Limited

What is the best alternative?

As always when we make this type of compilation of applications, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, we want to tell you which are the options that, from our point of view, are the best. Obviously, these do not have to coincide with yours, or if, who knows. Within the free options, without a doubt we are left with one of the most popular and for us, which offers more alternatives and higher quality, which is Unsplash .

On the other hand, if we focus on applications that offer a subscription or payment within the app for certain exclusive functions, the option that most attracts our attention is Wallpapers for Me , because of the large number of options that it puts on the table for the user, who can filter them into numerous categories and, obviously, also because of their quality.

And you, do you know any other interesting app to find funds for iPad? You can tell us which one it is in the comment box.