Discover everything about the weather: the most complete apps for iPhone — 2022

The weather is one of the points that people take into account the most when planning their day. Obviously, you are not going to dress the same if the forecast says that it is going to be raining all day than if the sun is going to be the protagonist. Therefore, so that you have the best possible information about the weather, we bring you this compilation with the best Weather applications that you can find in the App Store.

More relevant information that these apps give you

When choosing your weather application you have to take into account what this application offers you and based on that, choose the one that best suits you or the one that best suits the needs for which you use in your day to day a weather forecast application. Here is a list of certain points that you have to take into account when choosing one option or another.

    Temperatureby location.
  • Probability precipitation .
  • Alertsby storms.
  • Index of air quality .
  • maps from heat .
  • Forecast to 10 or 14 days.
  • Index UV .
  • Velocity of the wind .
  • Grade of humidity .
  • Time of put Y exit of the sun .

In addition, with the appearance of iOS 14 and the famous widgets, numerous weather forecast applications have been added to offer a widget with which you do not need to enter the app itself to find out the most basic information about the weather or will do in the next few hours.

Get free weather information

As is often the case with all categories of applications, there are always some that are completely free and others that are either paid or offer the user some premium features in exchange for a subscription. We are going to start this compilation by talking about the free apps that you find in the App Store to know the weather forecast.



We begin this compilation with the quintessential weather application for all users of an Apple device, that is, the Cupertino company's own Weather application. The interface is definitely really attractive as well as simple , which generates a combination perfect so that all users feel comfortable using it. This is also extrapolated to the widget that it provides, aesthetically very attractive, which will give your screen a touch of color, and with the necessary information to be informed without having to enter the application.

It has forecasts for the next 24 hours as well as for the next 10 days , always including the probability of precipitation occurring. You can also consult a graph with the minute forecast of the intensity of these precipitations that will take place during the next hour, that is, to have more immediate information. Of course, you can also receive official alerts about certain weather events.

Weather Weather Descargar QR-Code Weather Developer: Apple

Weather – Weather Forecast

Climate - Weather Forecast

Do you want to know the weather forecast in real time? With Weather – Weather Forecast you will have the information you need at all times. It's one of the few quality time apps that offers all of its features out of the box. free , just like the Apple Weather app.

Provides information on temperatures , the wind speed , humidity , probability and intensity of the rainfall , atmospheric pressure, UV index, weather direction, in short, the most relevant information that most users want to know the moment they grab their weather app and open it on their device.

Climate - Weather Forecast Climate - Weather Forecast Descargar QR-Code Climate - Weather Forecast Developer: TOH CO.,LTD

Do you need more complete information? These apps offer premium features

Many users will see their need for weather information satisfied with the free applications that we have previously mentioned. However, there is another public that wants to go a little further, that is why there are these applications that have premium functions, but for which you have to pay a small subscription if you want to have access to them.

Live Weather – Forecast

Weather & Radar

With this application you will be able to plan all the activities that you have in your day to day always counting on the more reliable weather information , this way, the weather won't be a surprise in the middle of the day. In addition, one of the most differential points of this application is that you can choose what information you want the app to show you, that is, you can completely customize the weather information.

It has the pressure in different units of measurement, with the forecast on the temperatures daily highs and lows, information on the rainfall , humidity, speed and direction of the wind, time of sunrise and sunset of both the sun and the moon, in short, it has all the weather information that a user wants to know.

Weather Live - Forecast Weather Live - Forecast Descargar QR-Code Weather Live - Forecast Developer: Apalon Apps

weather radar live

weather radar live

If what worries you is that the weather changes drastically and you don't find out until the storm has started, you've found the ideal application to remedy this. With El Tiempo Radar live you will be aware of all minute-by-minute weather changes so that you can adapt to them as quickly as possible and not cause any setbacks.

It has rain and snow radar updated in real time, hurricane tracking, alerts for extreme weather events. You can also configure its widget and add it to your home screen to have the basic information at a glance without having to enter the application to consult it.

weather radar live weather radar live Descargar QR-Code weather radar live Developer: Impala Studios

AccuWeather: track weather


All users need to have at their fingertips, and never better said, a quality weather forecast, and without a doubt, with AccuWeather you will achieve it. It has weather forecasts with maps, the real temperature as well as breaking weather news so that you are informed of everything that happens related to the weather.

It has the function of live tracking of atmospheric changes, in order to give you the exact information of how hot or how cold it will be in the place where you will go. It also provides you climate reports using satellite images with UV radiation information. Another important point is the difference between the temperature it makes and the real thermal sensation, with this app you will also have this information available.

AccuWeather: track weather AccuWeather: track weather Descargar QR-Code AccuWeather: track weather Developer: AccuWeather International, Inc.

Weather – Weather Radar

Clime - Weather Radar

This app is a all in one time tracker , and that you will also always have available on your iPhone. You will be able to consult different radar images always updated in real time, just as they are shown in all the meteorological news. It also has bad weather alerts, something vital especially when you go out from home.

The forecasts offered by Clime are very accurate , offering a very detailed 24-hour forecast and, of course, also for the next 7 days. Obviously, it will give you basic information such as the current, minimum and maximum temperature, the thermal sensation, humidity, pressure, wind speed, probability of precipitation, visibility, in short, it is a very complete application with which you will always be up to date of everything that happens meteorologically speaking.

Weather: Weather Radar Weather: Weather Radar Descargar QR-Code Weather: Weather Radar Developer: Weather or Not Apps, LLC



Surely as soon as you see the interface and the name of this application, the Cupertino company's own weather application comes to mind. Undoubtedly, the similarities are very great, mainly because the interface it has is very similar in all aspects, however, it offers certain functions that Apple's own app does not, and for this reason it is one of the best rated of the App Store.

Besides, the good or bad weather that can do will come to life inside your iPhone thanks to the fantastic animations that this Weather application has. Obviously, it has all the information that an application of this type and this category has to provide, so you can be completely sure of knowing in detail everything that happens out there in terms of weather conditions.

Weather · Weather · Descargar QR-Code Weather · Developer: Months Wind and weather

As you can think seeing the name of this application, within all the parameters that it can control regarding the weather conditions, special attention is paid to the wind , something that can be really useful and important for very specific groups, such as drone users.

Windy provides an accurate and clear forecast of all world wind . It offers, in addition to information on the common weather, a world wind report for 10 days with differences of 3 hours. It has the information of more than 8000 stations. You can also enjoy the interactive maps as well as configure notifications to be aware of everything that may happen. Wind and weather Wind and weather Descargar QR-Code Wind and weather Developer: Windy Weather World Inc

Weather & Radar

Weather & Radar

No doubt Time & Radar is one of the best weather apps you can find on the App Store and that, of course, you can have installed on your iPhone, in fact, as evidenced by the many positive reviews it has in the Apple app store.

It has a weather forecast for hours and up to 14 days, rain, wind and temperature radar updated in real time. The weather on the coast is also an important point within this application, which offers you the temperature of the water, the waves and the UV index. Also, you can set weather alerts depending on your needs and interests.

Weather & Radar Weather & Radar Descargar QR-Code Weather & Radar Developer: WetterOnline - Meteorological Services GmbH

The Weather Channel: weather

The Weather Channel

If you have to plan your days based on the weather , with Weather Channel you will have all the information you need in detail and up to the next two weeks. It obviously gives you all the current weather conditions at a glance, with the weather data that is most relevant to your location.

In addition to having all the information at your fingertips on your iPhone, you will also have it at your wrist, since it has a app for apple watch , always in case you enjoy this device. It also has the possibility of configuring alerts, so that if the weather changes significantly you can be aware of it and act accordingly.

The Weather Channel: weather The Weather Channel: weather Descargar QR-Code The Weather Channel: weather Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive

Which is the best of all?

We have reached the end of this compilation, but not before stopping to tell you which option seems most interesting to us, the La Manzana Mordida writing team. In the first place, if we have to choose between the two free apps that we have presented to you, we are left with the native apple app , Weather It offers sufficiently detailed information, accompanied by a very attractive aesthetic and that you can also transfer to the screen of your device with its widget.

In the case of weather applications that offer premium features in exchange for paying a subscription, from our point of view the best option is Weather & Radar since it offers the most complete service of all and also has a widget that will provide you with the most basic information without the need to enter it within the application.