Differences in photos taken with iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max — 2022

The generation of iPhone 12 is, perhaps, the one in which there are fewer differences between normal models and models characterized by the last name 'Pro'. Actually, the distinction of the latter is granted thanks to the cameras it mounts, and that is exactly what we want to compare today, the photographic results offered by both the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12, so that in this way you can measure with your own eyes what separates one from the other.

The main difference? The number of lenses

Between the iPhone 12 and 12 mini with respect to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max there are two differences if we talk about the cameras of these devices. The first of these is that the Pro models, both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, have a triple camera module, which consists of the Telephoto, Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle lenses, for its part, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have a dual camera module, occupied by the Wide Angle and Ultra Wide Angle lenses, therefore, the first difference between these is the absence, in the case of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, of the Telephoto lens .

The second difference that we are talking about is that, in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, in addition to the three lenses that occupy the triple camera module, there is also a new sensor, the famous Li-DAR sensor, which really It is not new to this range of iPhone since the iPad Pro of 2020 were the first to have it, however, they are the first iPhone models to have this technology, something that neither the iPhone can boast of 12 nor the iPhone 12 mini, since they lack the presence of this sensor that can be very useful on some occasions.

daytime photography

Leaving aside the differences that exist on paper, that is, pure theory, we are going to start the comparison, which, after all, what interests you as a user is really to observe the difference that exists between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max when taking pictures. We begin by measuring the differences in the daytime section, that is, taking pictures in daylight and, of course, reviewing all the different lenses and shooting modes that both devices have.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide 1 Wide 2 Wide 3

As expected, the differences, if any, are practically negligible despite the fact that the Wide Angle lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger aperture but, in good light conditions, does not condition the result obtained by one and other. If we get very precise when looking for differences, we can see, in the last photograph, how the yellow color of the leaves of the tree located on the left of the image is something, minimally, more vivid in the photograph of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Without a doubt, we are facing the lens that Apple has been working on for the longest time, so as you can see, it is capable of performing like a charm on both devices. We can consider that we are facing the most professional lens that Apple offers with its iPhone, the results speak for themselves. The reality is that, in good light conditions, the vast majority of phones from the Cupertino company are capable of offering you really good results, and this is good proof of this, since despite the fact that there are changes in the aperture of both lenses, light in this case is not scarce and the process that both devices make of the information obtained is practically traced.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Ultra Wide 1 Ultra Wide 2 Ultra Wide 3

Again, the speech could be the same as in the Wide Angle lens comparison. The results are virtually identical, if not completely the same. Three images traced one to the other, and of course, if there is any difference, this is negligible, we at least have not been able to visualize it.

In this case we are talking about the lens on which Apple has more work to do, mainly in the opening that it has, in both models, this lens, being 2.4. Despite this, in good light conditions, as you can see, it provides fantastic and very striking results, being one of the most used lenses by all users. However, as you can foresee, at the moment in which the light lowers its intensity, the results will begin to weaken in case we do not use the night mode, but hey, we will talk to you about all this, and above all, you will be able to check it yourself. same a few lines below.

telephoto lens

Tele 1

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the great and few differences that you can find between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 is the presence, in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, of the Telephoto lens. In this case we have shown you three images that you could take with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and that, with the iPhone 12, would not be possible, not at least with the Telephoto lens since this device lacks it.

It really is a minor absence for most users, since from our point of view, both the Wide Angle lens and the Ultra Wide Angle lens are much more usable and useful for the vast majority of users. However, it is something that you have to keep in mind in case you want to use your iPhone as a camera to carry out different audiovisual works, either for social networks or to make a video. Although a user on foot, who is going to take photographs or take videos in a timely manner, will not notice this absence, the truth is that those who do want to squeeze more out of the photographic and video section, this will be a highly valued point. that the Telephoto lens is very useful at certain times.

Selfie – Front Lens

Selfie 1 Selfie 2

Same speech in the selfie section, here if there is no difference that we can appreciate, in fact, both devices have the same lens on the front and, of course, with the same chip, so the processing of the image is also identical.

Without a doubt, Apple with this generation of iPhone has taken a leap that many users were asking for, especially considering the interpretation of the colors that it makes, now being much more natural and leaving behind the tendency to yellow the skin tone that always the different models have had and what users have always complained about a lot, especially when comparing the results obtained with those of the competition. In this case, the iPhone is finally able to process the image correctly and give a much more natural skin tone.

Portrait mode

portrait 1 portrait 2 portrait 3 Portrait 4 Portrait 5

If until now the appreciable differences between the two devices were almost non-existent, in portrait mode we can start to see some of them. First of all, we have to comment that all the photographs are taken with an x1 on both devices, so the difference in cropping between the iPhone 12 Pro Max is obvious, which has an image with a larger aperture, than that of the iPhone 12 , that the crop seems to bring the image closer to the person being photographed.

Another difference, in this case less striking than the first, is the skin tone that one and the other captures. In the case of the iPhone 12, the skin has a warmer tone when compared to the image taken with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which perhaps shows a more real and true-to-life color. Finally, in the case of the portrait mode in the selfie camera, we find two completely identical images since we have not been able to appreciate any difference between them.

night photography

One of the great novelties that the iPhone 12 family has, in this case, all models, is that they have night mode in each and every one of the lenses. This is a substantial improvement over its predecessors since, until this generation of iPhone 12, only night mode could be used with the Wide Angle lens.

Wide Angle Lens

wide night 1 wide night 2

The comparison is taking on another color, since now, despite the fact that the images are quite similar, we can no longer say that they are identical, at this point we must take into account two factors that, now, make the difference between a device and other. The Wide Angle lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger aperture, which makes the results in low light better, to which is added the presence of the Li-DAR sensor, which also helps the night mode apply more effectively.

As for the differences that we can appreciate, we find how the tone of the sky is different, since in the photograph of the iPhone 12 we can appreciate a kind of silhouette that surrounds the tree, making the blue tone of the sky different with respect to the of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, in the second image, if we look first at the color of the trunk of the palm tree we see how, in the image of the iPhone 12, it tends to green, while in the image of the iPhone 12 Pro Max it remains in its color original. Finally, if we look at the detail of the leaves that appear at the top of the image, we see them in more detail in the image of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is clear that both devices offer good results, in fact a few years ago it was unthinkable to be able to enjoy quality night photos on the iPhone.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

ultra wide night 1 ultrawide night 2

In this case we can see practically the same differences as in the comparison with the Wide Angle lens. These, as we said, are evident in the tone of the sky, in both images, in the color of the trunk of the palm tree and in the appreciable degree of detail in the leaves of the tree.

In this case, as we mentioned before, the ultra wide-angle lens is the one that Apple has the most to improve. Although the results are already really good, without applying the night mode, the image that this camera captures weakens in detail when the light falls. It is undoubtedly the lens with the most room for improvement, especially since there are situations in which the night mode is not yet usable, since the light has not completely disappeared, but it is not abundant enough for the lens to be able to capture with detail the whole image.

telephoto lens

TV night 1 TV night 2

In this case, two images taken with the night mode on the Telephoto lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, a lens absent on the iPhone 12 and an image, therefore, that cannot be captured with this device, something that for many users will not be a problem either. very big difference.

The telephoto lens is the great differentiating factor between both iPhone 12 models and it is surely also the purchase factor that many users will have to ponder based on their photographic needs. For a general public, it is undoubtedly the least used lens, however, the iPhone is a device that is also used by a large number of photography professionals, so in this case many will choose to include it in their repertoire.

Selfie – Front Lens

night selfie

In this case we again find two perfectly matched results, in which we must highlight the good results of both and the degree of detail that the iPhone's front camera is capable of capturing in low light conditions, something that has improved compared to earlier models.

Apple's work on all its lenses is more than remarkable, and perhaps it becomes very evident in these types of photographs where we really see the evolution that the front camera has had compared to previous models, especially from a few years ago where taking a selfie at night and getting a usable result was really complicated.

Portrait mode

Night portrait 1 Night Portrait 2 Selfie Portrait night

We finished with portrait mode with night mode, so in the case of the iPhone 12 there are no images, since it does not have night mode for portrait mode, something that you may have to take into account when choosing one or the other since, without a doubt, the results offered by the iPhone 12 Pro Max are wonderful. For its part, if we go to the portrait mode of the front camera, we can once again appreciate two practically the same images.

It really is an option that will be used rarely, however, having it is never too much, especially if we appreciate the results that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is capable of providing. The balance of colors together with the night mode work wonders for all lovers of night photography.

Conclusions after the results

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is probably the generation, until now, that has the fewest differences between the normal range and the Pro range. Actually, the only differences are found in the cameras and you have already been able to verify that in practically all the sections the results are simply identical, so we can ensure that both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will delight all users who use them to take pictures more or less regularly.

If we take into account the few differences between the two devices, the recommendation for most users will be the iPhone 12, since the price difference between the two is notable, and only some users will find it worth paying that extra to enjoy small advantages such as the Telephoto lens or the night mode in portrait mode, obviously not counting the difference in size between one and the other and the consequent battery life, but that is not the subject of analysis in this post.