Differences between a refurbished MacBook and a new one — 2022

Apple computers are very attractive to many consumers, although their price may be prohibitive for some. However we could find a solution to this problem with the purchase of an Apple refurbished MacBook. These are computers that the company itself puts up for sale through its website, offering prices lower than the new ones. Now, what other differences do we find? We analyze everything in this article, so if you are interested in one of these laptops, we advise you to continue reading.

What exactly is a refurbished MacBook?

Thousands of Apple computers are sold each year, so it is clear that not all of them are perfect and there are always units with some kind of fault. If the devices are also used for years, there is a greater chance that they will end up partially or completely damaged. Apple has repair services for customers to make them functional again. Now, there are other units that, either for reasons of time or efficiency with the user, prefer to classify as irreparable, giving them the option of receiving a replacement device and keeping the defective unit for themselves.

This defective Mac, except for cases in which they are really irreparable, goes to an advanced technical service that checks to what extent they can be reconditioned. If original parts are available and they believe the computer can be revived, they will repair it back to working order. Various performance tests are carried out to make sure they work perfectly and even fix visual glitches such as scratches and other details in order to appear as new.


If the MacBook does not pass any of these tests, it is directly discarded and taken to recycling or the parts that can be used for other equipment are reused. Those that have passed the tests are packaged and sent to stores with the aim of serving as replacements for those aforementioned clients whose computer has been classified as irreparable, being in a certain way a closed cycle. If this were done individually with each user, the delivery time of the device would be longer and that is why they always have stock of these computers.

Another of the games of this type of computers that have been put as new are destined for the company's online store, although always in a different section from the new MacBook. And as is evident, its price is not as low as that of a second-hand one, but they do have a price that is ultimately lower than that of new ones.

Key aspects in which they differ

We call new MacBook to all that Apple laptop that, whether or not it is sold through its stores, comes directly from the factory without having been previously opened. If you buy one you will be the first user of that equipment. However, the reconditioned ones do not meet that condition of coming directly from the factory, although this does not imply that you are going to have a used MacBook like the one it says, since they are not second-hand products like the ones we can find in applications and web pages for buying and selling between individuals. Below we will see some of the key points that differentiate these devices.

The packaging is not the same

A new MacBook, like any new product worth its salt, comes packaged in a box with its protective plastics, user guides, accessories and everything completely packed without ever having been opened after leaving the factories. It also has totally new components that, except for a manufacturing defect, will work correctly. On an aesthetic level, they also have a series of indicators that let us know that it is new, such as a photograph of the device at the top, although the style of this photo varies depending on the model.

macbook box

In Apple's refurbished MacBooks we find that they also come packaged in boxes made by Apple itself . They continue to be good quality boxes that protect the computer and guarantee that it is completely packed and adjusted inside, preventing it from suffering bumps and damage during transport. Inside we also find the user guides and accessories such as the charging cable and power adapter. Yes indeed, aesthetically these boxes are usually more sober , usually having the name of the team without any type of graphic distinctive such as a photograph. Perhaps this is not one of the most relevant points to decide whether to buy it or not, but it is interesting to know.

Not all internal parts are new

We now enter a point that takes on greater functional relevance that goes beyond the aesthetic. In a computer that comes from the factory, all the components are new, but the same does not happen in refurbished MacBooks. As we have seen in the first point of this article, the equipment is fully functional as it has gone through different tests, although this does not always mean that all the parts are new.

Generally battery is always changed , although there are other components such as screens, keyboard and chassis that are not always changed if they are considered to be in good condition. There are more internal parts such as RAM memory, storage disk or fans that are usually kept. Although the same thing happens with the three mentioned above, and if it is detected that they do not work correctly, they are also changed. That is why it cannot be said that they are new teams, but neither does this imply a disadvantage if we take into account that in the end they are Ready to perform just like a new one.

bateria macbook

Stock can be a disadvantage

Apple has production lines open all year or for a large part, all in order to be able to supply computers for both its physical and online stores, as well as those stores authorized for sale. When they are very recent equipment, there is usually less stock and more if a configuration other than the standard ones is chosen, but it is not usually a problem normally. Nevertheless no fixed stock for reconditioned , due to the fact that they are not computers that leave the factories and that they have planned, but rather they emerge on the fly depending on the equipment that the department in charge of considering whether or not they may be suitable for sale receives.

Another point to note is that you will not always find the model you want and with the most suitable configuration for your needs. In a new model you can choose aspects such as color, RAM or storage capacity. In the reconditioned ones this circumstance does not occur and you have to settle for what there is. Sometimes you will find a model that is very similar to what you are looking for or that is exactly that, but in the end it is not something that you can request on your own.

About buying these computers

Once you know the main keys that separate new MacBooks from refurbished ones, it's time to know everything related to the purchase process. Where and how to buy it, what guarantees are offered or what shipping times they usually have. You have to be careful with some pages that ensure that the guarantee they offer, since many times they do not cover some problems that may arise. In addition, you have to make sure how the shipment will be. We have to bear in mind that when sending a product of this type by courier, it must be well sealed and wrapped so that it does not receive any damage and arrives in perfect condition. We will see all this below in a clear way so that you can solve all your doubts.

How and where can they be purchased?

Although they may not have stock at the time, you can approach one of the Physical Apple Stores that the company has in several cities in Spain and ask about this equipment. If they have availability in the store or they may have it soon, you can make the purchase from there. However, the most recommended method of purchase is via their refurbished website . In that place you can find all the MacBooks that are sold refurbished, as well as their technical characteristics and price. And, of course, you can make the purchase from that website so that it arrives at your home (or wherever you want).

Apple's website is undoubtedly the best option to buy refurbished products without any danger. These products need to pass very specific controls and reviews , and it is possible that other stores or companies that offer this type of device do not do it with the necessary precision. In these reviews, the duration of the battery cycle is looked at in detail, making sure of the guarantee that the device has and checking all the defects that the device may have in its hardware. Many of these reviews overlook some flaws that seem simple but that can eventually cause problems in the computer. We must be careful with the website where we are going to buy the refurbished Mac, since there are some that do have the Apple guarantee, which is a good factor to take into account.

Apple Refurbished MacBook Website

The way to pay It is the same as with a new product, being able to do it through Apple Pay or by entering your credit or debit card details. You can also check if they have financing at that time to pay it in installments, something that is not always maintained. Also you should know that the shipping times They may vary depending on where you are and where the computer is, since they are not always sent from Spain. In any case, it is not usually a period longer than 7 days, sometimes even having shipping options in just 24 hours.

What guarantee do they have?

In this area it is possible to be unconcerned because it is the same guarantee of a new product , since Apple also applies them to these as well. In Spain This guarantee has a legal validity of 26 months , which is two months more than what the European Union establishes as the minimum legal period. Also the coverage It is the same, covering the same type of repairs as in a new equipment and being able to access free repair or replacement programs if the circumstance arises that a component is defective for reasons other than misuse.

It will also be possible to hire AppleCare + as if it were a new computer. This is an insurance or extended guarantee offered by the company and whose validity is 24 months. This covers a series of repairs that are not covered by the normal guarantee, either offering some of them free or lowering their cost. You can contract it at the time you make the purchase or during the 60 days after the purchase of the device.

And it is important that you take into account everything that we commented on in the section, since on the Apple website and in other places where official information appears, it is said that the guarantee is only 1 year. After having consulted Apple about the reason why that period appeared, company workers have confirmed the previously mentioned data and allege that the reason that period appears in their information is due to the fact that worldwide they offer 1 year, but then they adjust it to the territory and in the case of our country it is a time of coverage even greater than what they indicate.


Yes. Throughout this article we have commented on the most important aspects of these products and except for the last point, they are more than recommended computers. The price is lower , already being a compelling reason on many occasions, but you will also be enjoying products with original and new parts in many cases and that if you add the 2-year guarantee it becomes a temptation.

Buying a refurbished Mac is a good option to keep in mind if you are thinking of buying a new computer. Some people don't buy Apple because they consider its products to be too expensive, but they don't take into account the options offered by a refurbished Mac. It remains a very good price for a quality product, that will be profitable and will guarantee us a good performance for a long period of time. Very few people know this part of Apple, and they only look for brand new computers. But normally those who know it prioritize this option over other refurbished product stores.

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If you want to save some money and you've had your eye on a refurbished MacBook with features that meet your needs, go ahead. You will be able to enjoy a great team for many years with the certainty that they will try to help you solve any unexpected problems that arise. In any case, you will have a 14 day return period in case at that time you do not think you are satisfied with the equipment.