Developers will be able to respond to you about your opinions of the applications you use — 2022

Throughout these months, developers will be able to have more direct contact with all users who give a positive or negative review of their application. This has been announced by Apple with the new version of iOS 10.3, whose first beta we have seen today. I invite you to leave us in the comment box all your opinions about this feedback that the creators of applications will give us.

Developers will have more direct contact with their users

Going deeper into this topic, Apple wants that from the launch of iOS 10.3 developers have a more direct contact with those users who s and encourage commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of their applications.

This new functionality, which has been included among the novelties that iOS 10.3 will bring us, can be a communication tool between developers and the user. Although we still have to see how it works, in my opinion I think it will have a lot of controversy.

I base this reflection of mine mainly on the possible negative comments by the user , which will be answered by the developers, may open certain conflicts. Obviously the creator of the application will always value his application positively, but I hope that the The creator of the application takes criticism as constructive and does not enter into controversy.

It's also a good thing for developers, as Apple will give them a voice in their app's own feedback and can interact with their audience.

What do you think that Apple has opened the door for developers to have the opportunity to respond to user comments? Do you think there will be a lot

controversy between user and developer due to so-called haters? Leave us all your impressions in the comment box, I will gladly read them.

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