Design your own business cards: iOS apps that make it easy — 2022

Business cards are one of the most used ways to introduce yourself to another person and have all your data, or vice versa. These can contain the name, contact information, and the position held in a company. Now this system has evolved from paper to the digital world, and in this article we tell you the best apps to create your own card.

What you should look for in these apps

In the App Store you can find many applications that are intended to be able to design the different business cards that you need in your day to day. But you have to take into account different points to be able to choose from a wide variety that exists right now. We recommend in this case to have special interest in the following points:

    Price:this is one of the first features that are consulted when using a new application. As in other cases, you can find both paid and free options. We always recommend starting with a free option or in-app purchases, which may offer free trials of premium options. This way you can always pay with knowledge of what you are buying. Use:As mentioned, each application is intended for a specific use. Depending on whether you need to create your own card or if you choose to digitize that of all your clients or superiors, you should always consult the apps that adapt to what you are looking for so that in the end it will be useful on a day-to-day basis. Available tools:it is a reality that there are applications that are more or less complex. In this case you must choose depending on your own knowledge. For example, when creating new cards you may want as many creative tools as possible, or, on the contrary, you settle for a template and don't need more. Synchronization:When it comes to business cards, it's important to keep them properly. That is why you should always give priority to those applications that have iCloud synchronization functions. In this way, even if you change your iPhone, you will always have access to all your contacts comfortably by downloading them from the cloud.

Tools to design cards from scratch

If you work in a company, it is quite likely that you will need to have business cards to be able to identify yourself. In this sense, in the Apple Store you will be able to find many applications that will allow you to design them like a true professional, without having to resort to copy shops or complex programs.

business card designer

business cards

This is one of the easiest ways on iPhone to design a professional business card. In a matter of minutes you can have a more than acceptable result. It has numerous free resources that include templates, fonts or icons that you can customize at any time. And at the end of the whole process, you can download the image at a high resolution to print it with quality.

In case you want a more professional result, you can always opt for the professional version. In this case, you can find many more resources in terms of sources and also images, which you can search without any type of limitation. In addition, you can enjoy all this without any type of advertising, something that you will have to accept in the free version.

business card designer business card designer Descargar QR-Code business card designer Developer: Desygner Pty Ltd


business cards

This application is known by all thanks to the design options it offers. You can find tools to make billboards, infographics, or even traditional A4 documents. But it is that you can also find a section that is intended for business cards adapting the screen to the size that you choose for the card that you are going to print at maximum quality.

There are many templates that can be found in case you don't have the imagination to create a design from scratch. But if you still want to venture out, you can start with a completely blank background and give it your personal touch. You have at your disposal a library with numerous images to use, although you can always choose to upload your own locally.

CamCard-Business Card Scanner CamCard-Business Card Scanner Descargar QR-Code CamCard-Business Card Scanner Developer: INTSIG Information Co., Ltd


If paper is something from the last century for you, virtual business cards are made for you. This is what is achieved with HiHello, which has wanted to give the creation of business cards a new twist. Digital business cards are green as they are always available on mobile or desktop. It will be possible include basic personal data, social networks, payment applications and much more being completely customizable.

In the vCards You can even add a video to make it much more professional and complete. At any time this card can be shared in different ways. The first one is through a QR code, which is one of the simplest. But it can also be shared by SMS, email and can even be added to Siri.

HiHello Business Card HiHello Business Card Descargar QR-Code HiHello Business Card Developer: HiHello, Inc.


A professional and above all modern business card creation application since you don't have to download it. Used by companies around the world to be able to transfer relevant contacts. In this case the card can be created with the company logo in just 30 seconds and can be shared via email or SMS with a simple link.

It includes a scanner to be able to collect all the relevant data that will be constantly updated. In other words, if a client modifies their data on the business card, you will not have to scan it again, since it will be updated automatically. In addition, being completely digital you will not have to spend money on printing and obviously an ecological side is also shielded.

HiHello Business Card HiHello Business Card Descargar QR-Code HiHello Business Card Developer: HiHello, Inc.

Apps to scan the ones you already have

Business cards over the years have finally become digitized, and that is why it is important to always have them stored on the mobile. This can be achieved with the different applications found in the App Store to be able to store all the necessary contact information of a client.

ABBYY Business Card Scanner

business cards

This is one of the best applications that can be found in the App Store to be able to scan all business cards. It allows scan cards instantly in Contacts and establish relationships in a comfortable way. In this way you will forget about all the paper cards as they are always stored in the cloud to guarantee convenient access.

It is an app that has been recommended by different relevant media such as CNN or The New York Times in the business field. You should not worry about how the phone number appears, since an automatic normalization of these is carried out to be able to adapt to the country in question. Although, all this can be easily controlled with Siri itself, because it offers the support for voice commands.

Business Card Scanner Business Card Scanner Descargar QR-Code Business Card Scanner Developer: ABBYY

CamCard-Business Card Scanner

business cards

This card reader has the ability to fully scan business cards into 17 different languages and is used by more than 100 million users, guaranteeing its quality. It is quite easy to manage thanks to its fairly intuitive interface. Without a doubt, this is an ideal option for commercials, entrepreneurs, developers or marketing experts.

Allows you to scan and store business cards so you don't lose them. Also exchange electronic cards to not depend on the paper system or add notes and reminders in each of the contacts. In order to start a good conversation, it can be tracked between the different news of the company in which a specific client works. All this is achieved thanks to the text recognition that is carried out with artificial intelligence.

CamCard-Business Card Scanner CamCard-Business Card Scanner Descargar QR-Code CamCard-Business Card Scanner Developer: INTSIG Information Co., Ltd


business cards

Professional software that uses the iPhone's camera to be able to identify all the data on a business card. It doesn't matter what language the text is written in, as it has multilingual intelligence. In the address book, all the necessary information will be added automatically along with images, graphics or notes that are added naturally.

Likewise, you will always have access to the physical card as such. In the database, together with all the information that is digitized, the original image will be found. Comfortably, you can this way send an email or call the phone number shown. This makes you save a lot of time when it comes to having your customer data.

card scanner--Foxcard card scanner--Foxcard Descargar QR-Code card scanner--Foxcard Developer: Xiamen Worldscan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Card Scanner & Reader

business cards

The application that stands out for being extremely simple. Its mission is to be a simple database with all the contact information of those clients with whom you need to maintain constant contact. When you open the application, you simply have to activate the camera to be able to capture all the data in an intelligent way from all the business cards you want.

All card information, in addition to being in the application itself, will also be transferred to the device's own contact list. This is really interesting to be able to have access in a much simpler way, and organize them to your liking. Even, the information can be synchronized with a map to view customer addresses quickly.

Business Card Scanner & Reader Business Card Scanner & Reader Descargar QR-Code Business Card Scanner & Reader Developer: TapMedia Ltd

The ones we recommend

As seen, there are many applications that can be found in the App Store that are related to business cards. In this sense we must stay with two of them. The first is Canva which is a leading editor that adapts to any type of profile. With professional editing tools, but also templates for those who are less creative. Everyone will have a place for this app.

The second, how could it be otherwise, is the ABBYY card scanner . It has a fairly simple and easy to use but sufficient design. It fulfills the function that it promises in its initial description: to collect all the necessary information about a person. The data will be digitized in minutes and can be synchronized with iPhone applications such as Contacts.