Decorating your house? These apps will help you make it easier — 2022

Decorating a house is a task that can be extremely complicated. Having an idea in mind is not the same as seeing it executed. That is why there are many applications that allow you to visualize how your house can be decorated just as you imagine. In this article we show you the best apps to decorate your home on iPhone and iPad.

Usefulness of the iPhone and iPad in home decoration

The iPhone has various technologies that allow you to do many things with it. Beyond the typical ones of being able to send a WhatsApp or an email, it is also allowed to use very specific applications. With the camera that includes different sensors such as LiDAR, it offers the possibility of mapping your house and decorating it in a very simple way. Putting up furniture or appliances while looking at the camera and making use of augmented reality technology can be incredibly positive.

In the case of the iPad, a device that is even thinking about all design professionals, it is especially important for this type of use. In the same way that happens with the iPhone, by joining a camera module combined with the Li-DAR sensor together with the power that this device provides, users have a fantastic canvas on the iPad to be able to design their home to a thousand wonders. , as well as decorate it and visualize how everything will look like in reality.

Decorate your home with iPhone or iPad in 3D

Thanks to the enormous number of technological advances enjoyed by smartphones and tablets, in this case, the iPhone and iPad, the world of decoration has benefited greatly from augmented reality. In addition, in the case of Apple devices, those that have the Li-DAR sensor have an even greater advantage since the three-dimensional recognition of space will be much more accurate and therefore much more reliable to be able to decorate your home. before you buy all the items.

Planner 5D: interior design

Planner 5D

Get started in this app by designing the floor plan of your home as accurately as possible. This will be vital to start decorating. All the elements of the plan will be customizable, being able to choose where a window goes and change the colors of the floor or the wall as if you were going to paint. Once all this is done, you will be able to integrate the different pieces of furniture in 3D that are included in the catalog of 5,000 pieces that is updated on a regular basis.

From a fridge to a simple sofa, everything is possible in any type of room. Once you have the final result you can view it in the 3D view to see if you end up liking it or not. It is undoubtedly an application that for all users who are in the process of decorating, or even carrying out the construction of their house, it will come in handy to be able to carry out all the planning in detail and know what is will go in every corner of the house and in what way.

interior house design interior house design Descargar QR-Code interior house design Developer: Planner5D, UAB



If you are looking to renovate your house, this app allows you to create your dream home in 3D. It has a lot of furniture from different reference stores such as IKEA, Target or Pier 1. With this you will be able to recreate all your ideas to clearly have the best composition that you can have. It also integrates a digital meter that will allow you to take the necessary measures to know if a specific piece of furniture will fit.

This can also be achieved by scaling one of your choices to life size and trying to fit it in using your camera and the AR technology it partially integrates with. From this application you can perfectly create your own design projects to save and share them even with your friends. It has a social section to share your profile with all the people who also share that taste and that passion for decoration and interior design.

Homestyler interior design Homestyler interior design Descargar QR-Code Homestyler interior design Developer: Topping Homestyler (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Interior design


IKEA, a well-known international furniture seller, releases this application so that you can see your home decorated before spending a single euro. You will have at hand the entire catalog of furniture and decoration in general that you can place in your rooms. This is achieved thanks to the augmented reality technology with which it integrates perfectly.

So that everything fits in with your tastes, the application allows you to modify the colors of the objects as well as the colors of the floor and walls. This makes you go one step further so that you have all the clear ideas with the possibility of sharing it with whoever you want. In this way you also guarantee that all the furniture you use exists since it will be in the IKEA store itself.

3D Interior Design 3D Interior Design Descargar QR-Code 3D Interior Design Developer: Oleksandr Rysenko

Live Home 3D

Live 3D

Intuitive and full-featured home design application that will allow you to plan what your house will look like in the future and translate all the ideas you have in mind into a 3D view. You can create detailed 2D floor plans with very good real-time 3D rendering. It includes a very immersive augmented reality view that will take you to your future home in a matter of seconds. It includes different plans that are already made beforehand so that you can be inspired by the creation that you are going to make in your home.

In the same way that some of the applications that we have talked about are ideal for all those people who already have their home, in this case, this app is specifically designed for people who are going to build their house and want or have the need to carry out the plans from your iPhone or iPad. For this reason, the functions that this App Store alternative has are fantastic, since you can create 3D representations, design 2D floor plans, project your house in 3D accompanied by a real environment, among other features.

Live Home 3D Pro: Design House Live Home 3D Pro: Design House Descargar QR-Code Live Home 3D Pro: Design House Developer: Belight Software, ltd

Roomle 3D & AR floorplanner

Roomle 3D & AR floorplanner

Award-winning application for the large number of active users that exceeds 2 million worldwide. It allows you to easily draw plans as if it were a simple game and plan the spaces, organize the furniture and buy it. It makes use of the functions of ARKit in its pro version to be able to visualize all the furniture in its place in order to have a better perspective of what to choose and in what position to place it.

It is an application with which you will be able to unleash all your creativity, yes, be careful with what you put on the map because later you will have to make it come true. Thanks to the possibility of visualizing in three dimensions both the plan and the furniture that you are putting to decorate your house, it will allow you to have a much clearer idea of ​​how your fantastic home will finally look.

Roomle 3D & AR floorplanner Roomle 3D & AR floorplanner Descargar QR-Code Roomle 3D & AR floorplanner Developer: Roomle GmbH

HomeByMe AR


Open your iPhone camera and start creating. It has a large amount of 3D furniture that you can place throughout your house thanks to ARKit technology. In this way you will be able to furnish your entire house in a virtual way without any kind of probelam as well as change the color of your walls or the floor. In addition, all the products you find can be purchased at the moment since at any time you can consult the store where they are available as well as the price.

It is one of the most interesting applications if what you are looking for is an alternative that helps you decorate your house with different pieces of furniture, or even see how your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen would look if you painted it a different color than the one you have at the moment. In addition, it can work perfectly in combination with the rest of the applications that we are commenting on in this post.

HomeByMe AR Experience HomeByMe AR Experience Descargar QR-Code HomeByMe AR Experience Developer: Dassault Systemes SE

The applications to get decoration ideas

In decoration, and practically in any activity in which creativity and imagination play an important role, it is vital to have a good dose of inspiration. For this reason, in this case we also want to talk to you about certain applications that will give you many ideas when it comes to decorating your home with the latest trends.



Without a doubt, the application par excellence to get ideas is Pinterest. Its operation is very simple since it is like a search engine. You can put the theme on which you want inspiration and in a few seconds you will have thousands of images that you can save in your account or download to your phone. It has several search filters so you can see the options that best suit you, always adjusting to your search.

Being a social network, you can also share your images to inspire other users. As it is not an application exclusively for decoration, you will have to filter the results that you want to appear. More and more users are using this application on a daily basis to get inspiration to decorate their home. You will be able to see photos uploaded by users from all over the world, in addition to having the links so that, if you like the product, you can go and buy it directly without having to search online stores.

Pinterest Descargar QR-Code Pinterest Developer: Pinterest

Decor Matters

Decor Matters

Interact with more than 5 million decorators through this application where you can unleash your creativity. Find fashion and decoration trends, create designs to receive the comments of the community and be able to integrate yourself into the community. In the end, it acts like an Instagram but focused solely on decoration.

Without a doubt we can say that this is the social network for decorators and interior designers, a place to share the works and ideas that arise in terms of interior decoration so that anyone who needs inspiration can find it and above all, can capture it. in the reality. In addition, it also has a section in which users can earn badges and rewards through different home design challenges.

Decor Matters: Design & Play Decor Matters: Design & Play Descargar QR-Code Decor Matters: Design & Play Developer: DecorMatters, Inc.

Morpholio Board

morpholio app

With this app you can become a professional designer instantly. Among the functions that you can do, the application allows you to create panels of different themes, such as materials, furniture or fashion in a few minutes so that you always have your favorite trends at hand. For these panels to be very complete, you have the option of adding products from large collections such as Porcelanosa or Tom Dixon, among others.

You can have up to 5 projects at the same time and if you run out of ideas you will have the possibility to go to Pinterest thanks to its portal that takes you in a few seconds. It also has marking tools so you can select your favorite products with hardly any complications. It has a paid version with which you can extend the advantages and enjoy more options. With its color chart you can choose the one you like the most to redecorate your house or your room and try how it would look with the furniture.

Morpholio Board - Moodboards Descargar QR-Code Morpholio Board - Moodboards Developer: Morpholio LLC



Get ideas and tips from professionals to decorate your home thanks to Houzz and its multi-platform application. It includes 21 million high-resolution photos and 2.5 million home professionals so you can be inspired at all times when decorating your home. You can save these photos on your device in order to show them to other people or so that they are not lost in the future.

It is a real advantage to have a professional who can help you when decorating your home, and with this application, that professional is fully available on your iPhone or iPad. Without a doubt, this app is the best ally you can have if what you want is to decorate your house or also, give it a different touch to the one you currently have in your home, since everything you may need for it is available in this application.

Decorate your home with Houzz Decorate your home with Houzz Descargar QR-Code Decorate your home with Houzz Developer: Houzz Inc.

Westwing Home & Living


Access the service sales 15 minutes before anyone else so you can have more opportunities to buy a specific piece of furniture. Here products from different designers are included, saving you the time of going to different stores to find the decoration product you want specifically. It has a totally secure purchase as well as the shipping method used.

In addition, this application not only gives you the possibility of accessing purchases before other users, but it will also provide you with very interesting discounts that will undoubtedly help you save a good amount of money when it comes to decorating your home. Of course, it has the latest trends in decoration so it will also be a fantastic source of inspiration to give your home a different look.

Westwing-Furniture and decoration Westwing-Furniture and decoration Descargar QR-Code Westwing-Furniture and decoration Developer: Westwing GmbH

What are our favorites?

If we talk about the applications to be able to decorate your house, without a doubt the best is Planner 5D . It is a very complete application that allows you to create the room with the exact measurements. It has a wide catalog of furniture for you to reorganize the distribution to get the most out of your space. You can change and resize the furniture so that they are the exact size.

On the inspiration apps side, the best and most complete option is Pinterest . It allows you to search by theme, and one of its great advantages is that it allows you to add purchase links so that if you like the product, you can buy it instantly. The not-so-good part is that since it's not just a decoration app, you have to filter the results well so that only decoration results come out.