Cyclist, this is for you: iPhone apps to make bike routes — 2022

It is becoming more and more common to see an iPhone on the handlebars on cyclists' bicycles, and it is because technology has even facilitated the moments that people spend doing sports. Specifically, using the iPhone for your bike rides will help you both to be able to follow the marked route without getting lost, and to collect all the data from it, for this reason we bring you this compilation of ideal applications to install on your iPhone if you like go out by bike

Tips when using the iPhone on the bike

Before talking about the applications that will make your outings with the bicycle easier, we have to give you a series of tips when using your iPhone while you are on the bicycle. First of all, while you are pedaling, try to look at the screen of the device as little as possible, even more so if the speed at which you are driving is high, since, all the time you spend looking at the screen of the iPhone, you are not spending it looking where you are driving and this can lead to an accident.

Another piece of advice we want to give you is to carry your iPhone with a case that really protects the device. During bike rides it is very common to suffer a small fall, so if you do not carry your iPhone well protected, sooner or later it will end up damaged by one of these falls, therefore, our recommendation is that you get a case that stay protected at all times.

Use quality support. This is key when it comes to being able to carry the device on the bike and not have the uncertainty or fear that it may fall while you are riding your bike. Without a doubt, it is worth investing in a support that ensures that the iPhone is fixed to the bicycle since surely, if you do not do it, you will later have to invest that money and much more in fixing your device.

GPS apps to not get lost on the routes

Komoot – Cycling/walking maps


Komoot is an app that will allow you to plan your route with the bicycle in the best possible way, taking into account even the smallest detail. It has step-by-step guided voice navigation so you don't have to be aware of your device's screen, you can also use its offline maps function, perfect for those sections where you don't have coverage and need to check some aspect of your route on the map. In addition, you will be able to share your route showing not only the data of your departure but also the photographs that you have been able to take during it.

Komoot - Cycling/Hiking Maps Komoot - Cycling/Hiking Maps Descargar QR-Code Komoot - Cycling/Hiking Maps Developer: komoot GmbH

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation


The application par excellence to discover the best routes to take the bike and get lost in nature while practicing this fantastic sport. You can record your routes on a map, add waypoints, take photos along the route and then upload them to your Wikiloc account. It has offline topographic maps for free. In addition, it will also provide you with information about the weather conditions that will occur during the bike ride.

Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Descargar QR-Code Wikiloc Outdoor GPS Navigation Developer: Wikiloc Outdoor SL

Bikemap: Bike Maps and GPS


With this application you will be able to navigate and track your routes with the more than 7 million routes that it has spread all over the world. It is designed exclusively for cyclists, regardless of the type of bike you use, Bikemap will help you in all your cycling adventures that you want to carry out. It also has voice navigation, a very important point to avoid having to look at the iPhone screen relatively often. You will be able to track your route later from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch thanks also to the variety of maps it has, from the basic one, to others in 3D or OpenStreet.

Bikemap: Bike Maps and GPS Bikemap: Bike Maps and GPS Descargar QR-Code Bikemap: Bike Maps and GPS Developer: Bikemap GmbH

Sport Tracker for All Sports

sport tracker

Sport Trakcer has GPS tracking of all your sports activities, including cycling. You will be able to explore and find new routes regardless of where you are, choose your favorite map, plan and follow your routes from the app itself. In addition, you can save your routes to be able to repeat them whenever you want or share them with other cyclists.

Sports Tracker for All Sports Sports Tracker for All Sports Descargar QR-Code Sports Tracker for All Sports Developer: Amer Sports Digital Services Oy

Footpath – Measure Distances


With this application you can use your finger to plan all your routes aligning paths and trails, measure distances, elevations in seconds. It has voice navigation so you don't have to look at the iPhone screen to follow the route you've marked for yourself. Of course, you can also save them to repeat them whenever you want and share them with other users so they can enjoy them.

Footpath – Measure Distances Footpath – Measure Distances Descargar QR-Code Footpath – Measure Distances Developer: Half Mile Labs LLC

Pick up your bike ride with these apps

Strava GPS Running Cycling


Strava is undoubtedly the application par excellence for both cycling and running. It also gains more value thanks to the great social section that unites millions of users within the application sharing both their routes and their numbers in each of the outings they make. Obviously, it has activity monitoring, being able to establish personal challenges or by segments, you can even be part of a club in which you share your passion with other people. It is one of the most famous applications among athletes, so you cannot miss the opportunity to at least try it.

Strava GPS Running Cycling Strava GPS Running Cycling Descargar QR-Code Strava GPS Running Cycling Developer: Strava, Inc.

Relive: Run, Ride and more


Millions of athletes use Relive to record their outdoor sports outings. This application stands out for the way in which you can later show your activity, since it is capable of generating a three-dimensional video in which it shows the route you have followed throughout your training. Plus, it has the ability to connect with other apps like Suunto, Garmin Connect, Polar, and even Apple's own health app.

Relive: Run, Ride and more Relive: Run, Ride and more Descargar QR-Code Relive: Run, Ride and more Developer: Relive B.V.

GPS bike tracker


It is a GPS for cycling that has the most precise, powerful, clear and accessible stopwatch for iPhone. Regardless of whether you are a true professional or a simple fan of bike rides, this application will be very helpful to be able to record all your activity during your rides or training sessions. This app will record your time, distance, speed, calories burned, level and position throughout the activity.

GPS bike tracker GPS bike tracker Descargar QR-Code GPS bike tracker Developer: Oxagile LLC



If you have one of the Suunto brand watches, this app is essential to measure all your activity on the bike. In addition, you can fully customize the clock interface so that it shows you what you want while you are training. It has heat maps that will indicate which are the most popular areas to go out with your bike and do your daily training, you can even plan the route that you are going to follow from the application itself.

Suunto Suunto Descargar QR-Code Suunto Developer: Amer Sports Digital Services Oy

FITAPP Walk & Run Bike GPS


With the FITAPP application you can record your bike training thanks to the tracking it performs through the GSP. It has a voice assistant that will tell you data during training such as its duration, distance traveled, current speed, average pace so you don't have to look at the application and thus avoid possible distractions. In addition, this application is fully integrated with the Apple Health app, so you can dump all your data into it.

FITAPP Walk & Run Bike GPS FITAPP Walk & Run Bike GPS Descargar QR-Code FITAPP Walk & Run Bike GPS Developer: FITAPP GmbH