Current list of iPad at the end of 2020 and differences between them — 2022

We are about to close the year 2020 and with it comes the time to take stock of products such as the popular Apple tablets. In this article we review all the tablets that Apple has this year so you knowwhich iPad is better to buyat this time depending on the use you are going to make of it.

All available iPads and their price

Before looking at what each iPad is capable of and which one is best for you, it's a good idea to look at the entire list first. For this we are going to stay with the most recent of each range and that, on the other hand, are all that Apple has officially for sale. It should be noted that with the exception of the 'mini' model, the rest have been released this year.

  • iPad 2020 or 8th generation: part of 379 euros in its 32 GB version with WiFi. It also has 128 GB versions and WiFi + Cellular versions.
  • 5th generation iPad mini: part of 449 euros in its 64 GB version with WiFi. It has 256 GB versions available and also with WiFi + Cellular.
  • iPad Air 2020 or 4th generation: part of 649 euros in its version of 64 GB of storage with WiFi. In its catalog it also has a 256 GB version and it is also possible to have it in WiFi + Cellular.
  • iPad Pro 2020: It has versions of 11 and 12.9 inches. Their base prices start at 879 and 1,099 euros respectively in versions of 128 GB in WiFi. It also has WiFi + Cellular options available and capacities of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

The iPad Pro is the best, but is it for you?

Starting from the absolute basis of judging an iPad by its features, indeed this device, whether it is 11 or 12.9 inches, is the best that currently exists in Apple tablets. But this in the end does not mean that it is the most suitable for you. You probably won't have any complaints if you buy one, but maybe one of the other lower-priced versions will ultimately suit your usage better.

ipad pro 2020

The focus of this device is on professionals who not only make intensive use of the iPad, but also require a lot of processing, such as heavy video or photo editing applications. It has a 120 Hz screen that is a marvel, so it is also suitable for gaming. your processor A12Z Bionic it is Apple's most advanced in this field, even more than the A14. Therefore, this guarantees tremendous fluidity when performing any action with the system.

new official ipad pro

It stands out for having a very useful design on the front, including Face ID as a biometric security method. On its back it includes a double camera with a LiDAR sensor. Although the truth is that it is not strictly designed to take photographs either, but rather focuses on a certain audience that uses augmented reality applications in their day to day, either professionally or for other personal reasons.

In addition, it is compatible with Second generation Apple Pencil and with other accessories through the Smart Connector such as the Smart Keyboard or the popular Magic Keyboard with trackpad. To this is added his USB-C connector which allows a better connection with external devices.

It's hard not to recommend the iPad Air

It's clear that if you want a big iPad, even if you don't need all its features, the 12.9-inch model of the 'Pro' is the only option. However, if you are looking for something more content in size you may have doubts between the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 10.9 inches of this iPad Air.

iPad Air 4

For all practical purposes, both the 11-inch 'Pro' and 'Air' models are identical in size. In this team the front part is a little less rushed and hence the 0.1 inch difference. It also does not have a screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate or Face ID, although it does have Touch ID on unlock button . If those shortcomings that we have mentioned are not important to you, this iPad is more than recommended.

your processor A14 Bionic It may not reach the level of the A12Z, but it is not precisely that it falls short. It also allows you to perform all kinds of actions with fluidity. To top it off it is also compatible with Apple Pencil 2 and the rest of the accessories with which the 11-inch 'Pro' is also compatible. And yes, it also has USB-C .

Compatible iPad Air 2020 Accessories

This iPad made it possible for The Bitten Apple to obtain the ADSLZone Clipset 2020 Award for Best Apple Product of the Year , so you will understand that for us it is one of the most recommended. However, keep reading because there may even be some more interesting option for you, but if you are hesitating between this iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro you can read the comparison between the two by clickinghere.

The best value for money on iPad

The eighth generation iPad is, for yet another year, the model aimed at a less professional audience, but no less demanding for that. Although its design is the classic one with a Home button and Touch ID, the truth is that it is a very capable tablet. Its main focus is students although not strictly, since there are those who are not and can make a similar use.

if you use office apps on a daily basis, you want a device with which surfing the Internet comfortably and consume media content as long as you have a team very portable don't hesitate, this iPad is for you. Your screen of 10.4 inches looks fantastic and can be used with a Bluetooth mouse, Apple or third-party keyboards, and is even compatible with the First generation Apple Pencil.

iPad 8 generation 2020

Your chip is A12 Bionic , the same as the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It is the first Apple processor to incorporate a neural engine, so it may even be required from time to time certain actions more complex than those described. This is also a guarantee that you will continue to receive software updates for several years.

iPad mini 5 for very specific cases

Everything mentioned above, including the chip A12 Bionic may be valid for this fifth generation iPad mini. At the design and performance level it is identical, although it has a fundamental difference that will tip the balance: 7.9 inches . It's called 'mini' for a reason, right?

iPad initial setup

Although it is possible to use it as work equipment, it is not the most recommended, both for the eyes and for our own comfort. In the end, it is a team more focused on creative work such as drawing or taking notes with the Apple Pencil with which it is compatible, being an excellent digital notebook . It is also perfect for consume media content in a comfortable way as well as to use it to read or for the little ones, withapps to teach children to read. If you also usually go with your iPad when you leave home, there is no better option in terms of portability .

iPadOS is pretty much everything

If the iPad is characterized by something in the end in recent years, it is that regardless of the range in which it is found, they are capable of replacing a computer in many respects. Obviously not all, since Macs and Windows PCs are still more complete. However, these have gained ground with added functions to draw, write, edit photos or consume content.

iPadOS iPad Air 2020

Just a couple of years ago iOS was their operating system and while it's true that iPadOS is still based on the same base, they have exclusive functions that make it much more practical. Safari desktop browser, file management, use of elements such as the mouse and much more. Therefore, in short, no matter which option you choose, it is likely that you will be satisfied and this software will be largely to blame for this