What is the best app to record audio on an iPhone or iPad? take a look at these — 2022

Several years ago it was practically essential to have a recorder to be able to make audio captures of our voice or any sound in our environment. However, times have been changing and now we can find everything we want from devices like an iPhone or an iPad. In these, either with their own built-in microphones or through an external one, we can simply make recordings. For this there are various apps, of which we highlight those that we believe are the best.

Apps to record audio on iOS and iPadOS

Voice Recorder & Audio Estitor, its name says it all

Little or nothing could be explained about this app with its name so that its purpose is understood, however we would like to highlight how easy its developers make recording and editing audio through this app. It has a series of outstanding functionalities such as the transcription of voice notes to text or the multiple shortcuts through 3D Touch . Without a doubt, it is a very good candidate to reside on your iPhone and iPad.

Voice Recorder ◎ Voice Recorder ◎ Descargar QR-Code Voice Recorder ◎ Developer: TapMedia Ltd

Evernote also takes voice notes efficiently

evernote studio record audio

Yes, you read that right, we have highlighted the complete note manager application and not precisely because of its most popular functions, but because of its good combination with audio recordings. For free you will have 25MB for your recordings, which can be increased with its paid version. We think that this app is very worthwhile if we want something more than a simple voice recorder.

Evernote Evernote Descargar QR-Code Evernote Developer: Evernote

Ferrite, the ideal if you record a podcast

ferrite record audio

One of the main reasons why recording audio is required today is for the creation of podcasts, those radio-style programs that can be disseminated through various platforms. Well, this app has even been awarded for being a specialist in capturing audio for this type of format. Its interface is tremendously simple and even includes a track editor and processor.

Ferrite Ferrite Descargar QR-Code Ferrite Developer: Wooji Juice Ltd

Backpack Studio, another podcast standout

backpack studio record audio

We meet another Apps preferred by podcasters , since it has a complete interface with which to make all kinds of recordings and editions for podcasts. It has sound effects and a handful of specialized tools in the creation of radio content. It is paid, but its great features and its complete interface will make you fall in love.

Backpack Studio Backpack Studio Descargar QR-Code Backpack Studio Developer: Ed Filowat

RecMe, the most outstanding in call recordings

recme studio record audio

An interesting function that iOS could incorporate is the possibility of recording all our calls, but at the moment it only exists in third-party apps like RecMe. In this we find a complete app with which audio record all our calls , then being able to listen, export and edit that audio. In addition, you guarantee us a complete privacy , although we must warn you to be careful with its use and warn your interlocutors that the calls are recorded.

RecMe Call Recorder RecMe Call Recorder Descargar QR-Code RecMe Call Recorder Developer: Nano Trend LP

Voice Notes, the simple native Apple app

voice notes record audio

You probably didn't expect to find this app in this post because of how obvious it is, but you have to admit that for quick and easy recordings This app is one of the most outstanding. It is developed by Apple and integrated as standard in the iPhone and iPad, so you will not have to install it unless you previously removed it. Its interface helps a lot to understand it, with its button to start and stop the recordings and little else.

Voice Notes Voice Notes Descargar QR-Code Voice Notes Developer: Apple

And you, have you been able to try any of these apps to record audio on iPhone or iPad? What did you think? You can leave us your impressions about it in the comment box.