Create your ringtone on iPhone with these steps — 2022

If you have an iPhone, it is likely that on more than one occasion you have been confused by hearing a phone ring and thinking that it is yours. This is understandable considering how well known the famous iPhone ringtone is and how widespread it is among users. However, it is possible to configure your own ringtone, either with a song that you like or a personalized melody. In this post we explain how you can do it, since it is easier than you may think.

The few native iOS options

It is likely that you have already investigated about it, but if not, you should know that if you are going to Settings > Sounds and vibrations you can access options to change the ringtone. In this section you will be able to find the option to add tones downloaded from the iTunes Store or the default ones that Apple brings; in any case they are not customizable.

The reference we make to the scarcity of options is not really so given by the number of default tones, but by the difficulty of adding other tones. If you have ever had an Android, you will know that it is not difficult to configure a ringtone that you have saved on your phone, but in iOS it is different and we are forced to carry out a method that, without being complicated, is at least tedious. In case you don't want to go through the steps you have to take to be able to create a ringtone on your iPhone and then set it for the different notifications, the only option you have left is, as we have told you before, to acquire the tone within from the Apple store.

Prerequisites to creating the tone

Before proceeding to tell you how you can create and then put a personalized ringtone on your device, you should know what two steps you have to follow first. These are very simple and it is basically to have the app that is going to be needed to carry out the whole process and the other is very obvious: to have the song.

The app you need: Garageband

Although there are some other ways to create personalized ringtones for the iPhone, the most standardized and simplest is the one that is done through the Garageband application. This is an app developed by Apple itself and that has a multitude of tools for audio editing. From creating a podcast, to being able to create completely new melodies and edit existing songs. In fact, not on the iPhone, but on the Mac or even on the iPad, this app is the one that many professionals from different sectors related to audio or music use to carry out all their creations.

Obviously, for the case that we are dealing with in this post, what is most interesting is to know the way that Garageband provides users to be able to edit a song that you already have inside your iPhone, and thus, it will become the tone that you want to put on your iPhone. device every time they call you or send you a certain notification. But first things first, where do you get this app from? Well, if you didn't remove it, you should already have it installed on your iPhone. And if you deleted it, don't worry, since it is possible to download it again in the App Store and it is also completely free.

GarageBand GarageBand Descargar QR-Code GarageBand Developer: Apple

Have the song you want at hand

Unfortunately this method does not work for songs from Spotify, Apple Music and others services that provide the tremendous privilege and convenience of enjoying the music you want at the time and place you want. It should always be done with the song file at hand in iCloud Drive, which you can access from the Files app . The song does not necessarily have to be downloaded from the iPhone itself, but you can do it from a Mac or Windows PC and then upload it to the aforementioned Apple cloud storage service.

Obviously we always recommend that the songs you are going to use are not downloaded illegally. There are different places where you can buy the rights to the song in order to download it in a suitable format to be accepted by Garageband. In addition to the most popular songs, you can also choose those that do not have any type of copyright and are free to circulate.

Steps to customize a song on iPhone

When you already have the file stored in the internal storage of your devices, Garageband will already be able to detect it. Although at first this application seems very complex when it comes to handling it, since it is indicated for music professionals, the reality is different. Its use becomes really comfortable as you will see in our explanations.

Turn the song into a ringtone

  1. Open the Garageband app, if you haven't already, and lay your phone down.
  2. Of the different modes you will find, you must open Audio recorder.
  3. Now click on the third icon on the top left. ringtone iphone 1
  4. Once you are already in the timeline of the editor you can add your song, for this you must go to penultimate icon at the top.
  5. Select the option Browse items from the Files app, Find and select the song you want to use as a ringtone.
  6. Now drag the audio track onto the timeline. You can make the modifications you deem appropriate to the track, such as trimming its duration or other adjustments.
  7. Once you have the song according to how you want it to sound when they call you, go to the arrow that appears in the upper left and click on My songs.
  8. You will automatically have been redirected to Files, here you must select the track you just saved and hit Share.
  9. Now select the option Request so that the iPhone is already able to read this file as a ringtone. You can give this track whatever name you want to find it more quickly.

As you have seen, the steps you have to follow to be able to convert a song into a ringtone are really simple, you will only have to invest a few minutes to carefully follow the process that we have explained to you, in order to be able to establish later your ringtone just the way you've always wanted it. Be careful, obviously, the tone you have created can be used both as a ringtone and for any other type of notification.

Set the ringtone in the settings

Once you have completed the steps mentioned above, the simplest thing remains for you and that is to set that song or part of it as a ringtone. You just have to go to the familiar settings panel (Settings> Sounds and vibrations> Ringtone). Once you are there you will see that the tone you have created appears in the list as if it were one more default tone.

It should be noted that these are treated like any other ringtone, so you can configure them however you want, and can even select a custom ringtone for each contact if you so wish. In the same way, we remind you that it is possible to create as many ringtones as you want as long as the iPhone's memory does not say otherwise, so in this way you can customize your ringtones whenever you want. However, we repeat to you, that if you do not want to go through this whole process, either because you cannot find the legal way to download the song you want to use or simply because you do not have time to carry out the necessary steps, you can always acquire different ringtones through the iTunes Store, an application that you have installed by default on your iPhone.