Create your own viral memes with your iPhone thanks to this app — 2022

If you don't have memes, it's not important. This phrase is making more and more sense and it is that already we enter Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social network, we can witness how these fun montages abound. With or without text, they are living their golden age and we have already seen how there are a multitude of practically any event or situation in life. In this post we will talk about MemeCreator, one of the best apps to create memes on the iPhone and be aware of all those who are in fashion.

a universe of memes

If MemeCreator stands out for anything as soon as you open it, it is because of the number of memes that we can find in it and that is that it could be classified as a social network specialized in these images. Any user who has it can upload content and interact with the rest , being able to like or dislike, comment or share through other applications.

app memes iphone

In its different tabs you can find the most recent and most popular memes. You can even receive notifications when content is published by users you follow. As if this were not enough, we can also find chats of different categories such as sports, politics, video games, television series and some others with which to find the most viral of each topic. Without a doubt, it is a complete system to find the most viral.

Create your own memes

Another of MemeCreator's strengths is precisely the creation of memes, for which it has a wide array of resources with which to optimize your images. Going to the '+' tab we can find these two possibilities:

    Customize existing memes: find the ones that are in fashion and customize them to our liking by adding text or other elements. Nor do they need to be current, since we can select other older and less well-known ones to give them our personal touch. Create new memes:we can go to the photo gallery of our iPhone and select the one with which we want to create a meme. As in the previous one, we can also add text and other elements that give it more thanks.

app create memes iphone

In the editors we can find some very useful tools and functionalities, such as choosing the text color or font type so that our creation stands out more. It should be noted that we can also create memes in GIF-format , in such a way that they can be shared like the others through our social networks.

Precisely the section of social networks is key, since we can not only publish them in this internal social network of MemeCreator. In fact, we could not share it on our app profile and we could do it through Twitter, Facebook or any other. So, there are no more excuses for not at least trying to create a viral meme with which to make the rest laugh. And if not, you will always have your family's WhatsApp group in which, almost by law, there is a guy who always laughs at all the thanks and shares the memes.