Create your resume easily on iPhone, iPad and Mac — 2022

The Cupertino company is not only responsible for giving users fantastic devices with which to carry out numerous activities, but also many of the programs for it. One of these is Pages, which is part of Apple's work package and which we want to talk to you about today, focusing on the creation of your resume and all the options you have for it. Let's go there.

Use native Apple templates

The options when creating a resume are very large, however, on many occasions the imagination is conspicuous by its absence. Just for these moments in which you want to obtain an attractive document that is capable of winning over those responsible for choosing you for your future job, there are the templates that Apple itself provides through Pages. Below we will talk about all of them.

Curriculum Vitae

This template undoubtedly stands out for the simplicity with which it shows all the important data that you have to take into account when carrying out your resume and which we will talk about later in this post. If what you want is a sober and elegant document, this is one of the best options you can find.

The way all the content is structured is very simple, we can almost divide it into two tables, one on the left of the document where it indicates what data is shown, and on the right, the specific data. The color chosen for the font is also very sober and elegant, using a very dark gray for the type of data and black for the data itself.

CV Life

classic resume

We are now going with one of the most traditional options that you will be able to find when carrying out your resume, in fact the name of this alternative demonstrates it. In this case, the way of organizing the information contained in the document is practically the same as that you can find in any other text document, that is, a single column where the data is divided into different sections.

Being a template that visually does not attract much attention, when using it it would be advisable to use tools that highlight different sections and even words. These tools can be bold or even italic. Initially, the color used is black, but this is fully customizable.

classic resume

professional resume

This is taking color, and it is precisely the professional resume that Apple puts on the table through Pages is very similar to the type of resume that we have discussed previously, however, it goes a little further in the attractiveness simply because of the introduction of a different color to clearly identify each of the sections that make up said document.

Again, the structure of this resume is very traditional and similar to that of other types of documents. A single column in which the type of data and the specific data that is provided can be differentiated, yes, differentiated based on the color of the text to have a much more visual image.

professional resume

contemporary resume

This type of format somehow mixes the two concepts of curriculum that we have seen so far. On the one hand, it organizes the information provided in two columns where, on the left, it provides information relevant to the contact form and personal data of the author, and on the other hand, on the right, it provides the relevant information of the document.

We say that it is a small mixture of the CV vitae, classic and professional because it has two columns but in the one on the right the decisive and important information is in the same format that you can find in the classic and professional CV, that is, with the type of data provided first and below the information related to it.

Contemporary Resume

CV personal

The personal resume that Apple offers through Pages gives it a much more striking touch of color using a really attractive coral color that gives it a very modern and, at the same time, minimalist touch. In this way you will make the structure of the document much more visual and the information easier to find.

Regarding the structuring of the document, we continue along the lines marked out in most of the alternatives that we have discussed so far. We find everything in a single column where, through the color coral, gray and black, we can differentiate the information provided by the document.

CV personal

modern resume

On many occasions the details are what make the difference, and that is just what this resume format offers. Actually the essence is the same as all the options that we have described so far, however, it introduces some small personal data at the top that gives the document a different and modern touch.

As for the rest of the document, we find ourselves with a single column in which, based on the colors, you can differentiate the different data that is provided in the curriculum. In this case the chosen colors have been dark gray and black, two very sober and elegant colours.

modern resume

business resume

Colors are a great way to give a resume a different touch, so in this case Apple has chosen the color blue to give this resume a business touch. In addition, the novelty with respect to the rest of the alternatives lies not only in the color used, but also in the introduction of a series of lines that give it a very attractive and pleasant aesthetic, giving a sense of order.

Regarding the structure of the document we can differentiate, again, two columns, where on the right side you find different personal data, and on the left side the relevant information that every resume must have is located, and that will be the one that really marks the difference in the staff selection process.

business resume

elegant resume

To achieve elegance, you have to combine a series of factors that, without a doubt, this resume format encompasses. In the first place, the structure of the document must be highlighted, with all the information centered, unlike the rest of the alternatives that opted for the usual left orientation of the document.

The chosen colors are also key to providing such an attractive aesthetic. In this case, brown, in two different shades, and black are the protagonists. In addition, the inclusion of different lines at the top and a small section for personal information at the bottom help to make the structure much more visual.

elegant resume

resume in bold

One of the most modern options and one that breaks with what we have seen so far is what Apple has called a bold resume. Let's go by parts. In the first place, what is most striking without a doubt is both the size and the color chosen to put the name of the subject. A fairly large font size together with a very striking purple or pink color.

To your right, a series of personal data has been included that really look quite good. As for the information provided, this is structured in two different columns, in the same way that the curriculum vitae did. Of course, for this the chosen colors have been somewhat more classic, using both black and a slightly lighter gray than usual.

resume in bold

CV informal

One of the very important points when making a resume is to fully adapt it to the context of the company or the job, which is why on many occasions carrying out a somewhat more informal document may be the most successful. That is why this option provided by Apple can be very interesting for many users.

The mixture of the blue color with two shades of black and the traditional structure of this document undoubtedly generate that informal feeling that the Cupertino company is looking for. Also noteworthy is the personal data that is shown both at the top and bottom of the resume in blue.

CV informal

Create your own resume

What we have shown you so far are the different templates that are available to you through Pages. However, that does not mean that you are obliged to always use them, since you can be the one who prepares the document based on your personal tastes, since you have numerous tools at your disposal.

Data you have to include in your resume

Before going to show you how you can create your resume, we want to tell you what are the most important data that you have to take into account when carrying out a document as important as this. Aesthetics and structure are very important, but what is vital and what will make the difference will be the information you provide through your CV. Below you have a list with the data that cannot be missing.

  • Personal information.
  • Professional experience.
  • Education.
  • Your profile.
  • Skills.
  • Complementary training relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Activities to consider.

Edit existing templates

Obviously, all the templates that we have talked about in this post can be easily edited according to your tastes and preferences. However, you can also have the edit you make saved as a new template, ie create your own templates. To do this, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open the template you want to edit.
  2. Edit the document to your liking.
  3. Save the template making sure that you are going to overwrite the document you have initially chosen.
  4. Click OK.


Create your template from scratch

Another option that you have to take into account is to be the one who makes your resume from scratch and then be able to save said document as another template. To do this, all you have to do is create a new blank document and give it the style you want. Once you have finished creating your new template, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Click on File.
  2. Click Save as template.
  3. Choose the Add to template chooser option.
  4. Give your template a name.
  5. Click Create.

create template

With these simple steps you can create your own templates. In addition, once they have been made, every time you want to access it, you just have to go to the My templates section of the template selector to be able to select it and use it freely. You can also change its name and modify it later at will and according to your needs.

Download CV templates on these pages

We come to the last option that, not because it is the last, is less important. It is about the possibility that you have of being able to download templates from different web pages that offer users authentic wonders of formats to carry out and get the best possible resume. The best thing for users in this sense is that there is a variety that is practically unlimited, so you will undoubtedly have a choice.

The files that you download from these web pages are really documents that you can use, in this case, in two different ways. Initially you can take the document and edit it as you wish to create your CV, or what you can also do is save it as a template in Pages to be able to access it through the template selector whenever you need it.

As you already know, Pages has a very big advantage, and that is that it is fully compatible with documents created in Microsoft Word, therefore, all, or at least the vast majority of resume templates for Word are also compatible with Pages. Here is a list of websites where you will be able to access different templates. The vast majority are free, however you can find some that are paid.