Create the funniest and most customizable GIFs from your iPhone — 2022

GIFs have become a real element of communication, you just have to see how WhatsApp or Telegram groups are flooded with true works of art capable of making you laugh out loud. In today's post we want to give you the tools so that you can create as many of them as you want and thus become the king of your WhatsApp or Telegram groups.

Your own iPhone already lets you create some images like this

Before commenting on the best applications with which you can create such funny GIFs, you have to know that, really, to do something basic you do not necessarily have to resort to an application from the App Store since Apple itself gives you the possibility to create your own natively. You only have to use two applications, the Camera and the Photos and in a few seconds you will have it ready.

In the first place what you have to do to be able to create your GIF from the iPhone is to activate the Live Photos in the Camera app, to do this click on the icon that appears in the upper right part of the screen, once you activate it a small animation on the screen with the word LIVE indicating that this function is active. The next step is to take a photo while doing the movement you want him to appear.

Once you have taken the corresponding LIVE photograph, we go to the Photos application of your iPhone, open the photograph you just took, slide your finger up and in Effects, choose Loop. Once this last step is done, you already have your GIF available to share it wherever you want. Obviously, this is a very basic method, which is why the applications that we are going to discuss in this post are more valuable, since they have a series of tools that will give you the possibility of generating more elaborate and fun creations.

The most complete tools to make GIFs on iOS

As we mentioned before, there are more or less complete tools, for example, if you do it natively, the possibilities you have to be creative and obtain a much funnier result are limited. In the App Store there is a wide variety of applications to carry out practically any task, and obviously, for this task as well. However, some are more complete than others by providing a large number of tools to be able to customize them with different stickers, format changes, recording modes, filters or even the possibility of entering text in them. Below we will talk about the most complete applications that you can find for creating GIFs.

ImgPlay – GIF Maker


This application gives you all the facilities in the world to be able to create your own GIFs just the way you want, since one of the advantages it offers to all its users is that you can create them using Live Photo, standard photos, bursts and videos. In addition, the ease of use is another of the outstanding features of this application since it simplifies the entire process to the maximum.

When you start creating your GIF with ImgPlay you will see that you have at your disposal up to four different camera modes, from the typical Boomerang that have become so famous on Instagram, to the option to record hands-free or the typical normal mode and Stop-Motion. You also have at your disposal the possibility of inserting different stickers, adapting the format to each of the social networks and, of course, the possibility of inserting filters that adapt the color of the image based on the user's taste and preference.

ImgPlay - GIF Maker ImgPlay - GIF Maker Descargar QR-Code ImgPlay - GIF Maker Developer: ImgBase, Inc.

Gif Maker, Video a Gif Creator

Gif Maker

With GIF Maker you will be the king of your group creating funny GIFs for the different social networks since, from the application itself, you can share your creations on social networks such as Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or the typical messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or the Apple's own native Messages app. In addition, not only can you create your own, but within the app you already have a collection with the most popular ones.

The possibilities within GIF Maker are enormous, with it you can use your photos or videos, make different Boomerangs and share them directly on Instagram, create looping videos, as well as add text or adjust the frame rate or apply filters.

Gif Maker, Video a Gif Creator Gif Maker, Video a Gif Creator Descargar QR-Code Gif Maker, Video a Gif Creator Developer: Brain Craft Ltd

GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine


If you have GIPHY installed on your iPhone, you have at your disposal the largest library of animated GIFs and stickers in the world. Thus, in a few seconds you will have access to any of them to be able to share them both on your social networks and with your friends or family through messaging applications such as the native Messages app, for which, by the way, it is optimized by have a specific extension for it.

Of course, in addition to being an almost inexhaustible source, you can also create your own completely personalized ones thanks to the different tools it has. You will be able to record your own thanks to the GIPHY Cam, add Stickers, filters, text, as well as other accessories that you have available within the application. In short, a really complete app that you absolutely have to have on your iPhone if you want to be the king of GIFs.

GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine Descargar QR-Code GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine Developer: Giphy, Inc.

Other apps to create animated images

On many occasions, users do not really need very complete applications to carry out an action, in fact, sometimes it is better to have a simple and simple application that correctly meets the needs of users. For this reason, below we want to talk to you about other options that you have in the App Store to create GIFs but that do not have as many tools as those previously described, being, obviously, easier to use.

GIF keyboard

GIF Keyboard

It's a keyboard for both your iPhone and iPad, and of course, for Apple's Messages app. With it, you can first discover the GIF you're looking for so you can quickly share it without having to go to an app outside of Messages. In addition, not only can you make use of those that are already inside this keyboard, but you can even make your own.

To create them you can use both your front and rear cameras, as well as enter texts to personalize them even more, with the ease of being able to share them instantly. You also have different Stickers available that you can complement for good, insert them into your GIFs, or send them as they are.

GIF Keyboard GIF Keyboard Descargar QR-Code GIF Keyboard Developer: Tenor

Moment GIF Maker

Moment GIF Maker

This application is a real wonder and, above all, very easy to use to be able to carry out your own projects. It has an intelligent detection algorithm that the only thing you need to create your GIF are the photos that you have already taken on your device, that is, with just one photo, this application will create a super fun GIF.

In addition, once you have finished it you also have the option of being able to customize it more to your liking thanks to the different accessories that you can add such as stickers, text, frames, music, filters, change the speed, direction, zoom , apply effects, among other options that, without a doubt, give you the ability to create a really unique and fun GIF.

Moment GIF Maker Moment GIF Maker Descargar QR-Code Moment GIF Maker Developer: Popixels Ltd.

GifYou: Animated Stickers Maker

Gif You

Turn on your camera, that's what you need to start creating GIFs with this application, you just have to take your camera and with the possibilities of GifYou you will start creating fantastic animated videos that will make your friends laugh out loud. But beware, not only can you make your own creations, but the application already has a huge library that you can use whenever you need them.

The simplicity of GifYou is one of the strengths of this application that seeks to ensure that users don't have to complicate their lives when creating their own GIFs, you just have to enter it, take your photo, enter the elements to personalize it to your liking and that's it, you'll have your video ready to be shared with whoever you want.

GifYou: Animated Sticker Maker GifYou: Animated Sticker Maker Descargar QR-Code GifYou: Animated Sticker Maker Developer: Banuba Limited

Loop Videos & GIF Maker

Loop Videos

Of course, if what you're looking for is a really simple and easy-to-use application to be able to create your GIF without any complications, Loop Videos & GIF Maker is just what you're looking for. It is an application that gets to the point, without frills or complications, just the simplicity that many users want to enter, create it in a few seconds and share it quickly through their different social networks or messaging applications.

The creation process with this application is extremely simple, you just have to use your iPhone's camera, take a video or photo, open the app, select it, convert it to GIF through the tool available in the application, adjust its speed and that's it, you'll have the result ready to share wherever you want.

Loop Video & GIF Maker Loop Video & GIF Maker Descargar QR-Code Loop Video & GIF Maker Developer: Rosily Jose

Create gif and video with your face

Create gif and video with your face

GIFs are surely the kings of WhatsApp and Telegram groups, however, personalized videos in which you put different faces on funny characters can also make many people laugh. This is exactly what you are going to be able to do with this application, that is, first of all, to be able to create the one you want, but also, create a video with the faces of your friends, family members or, why not, with yours as well.

The creation process is once again very simple and you will only have to take a selfie or simply add other people's faces from different photographs to create a super fun GIF, or insert them into a video that will also generate everyone's laughter.

Create gif and video with your face Create gif and video with your face Descargar QR-Code Create gif and video with your face Developer: Wowmaking LLC



During the year there are many special moments in which you have to congratulate either because it is the birthday of that person or because it is a day of celebration for the majority. For this reason, it is interesting to always have applications like this one that will help you create fun electronic cards for these different and special days in which we all want to make others smile.

With JibLab you can create animated GIFs and personalized videos whenever you want, or if you prefer, you can also make use of its library, which has more than a thousand different options to share instantly. It also has predefined cards for all kinds of occasions in which you only have to include your face so that it is completely personalized.

JibJab JibJab Descargar QR-Code JibJab Developer: JibJab Catapult CA LLC



Do you want to create super fun, completely personalized GIFs and also do it quickly? If the answer is yes, this is the application you were looking for in the App Store. With GifGab you can put your faces or those of your friends in funny animated characters like dancing sausages, unicorns, astronauts and endless options.

Of course, all users have the possibility of creating hilarious GIFs that you can completely customize to your liking, since you can enter different funny phrases thanks to the possibility of adding text, changing the background, as well as the option of including different images within it .

GifGab GifGab Descargar QR-Code GifGab Developer: JibJab Catapult CA LLC