Create stickers for WhatsApp with this app for iPhone — 2022

Surely you have ever wondered how to create stickers for WhatsApp on your iPhone and the truth is that you can. Initially, Apple limited this type of service in its App Store, but now we can find something like Stickers Maker Studio to be able to carry out this task. In this post we make an analysis of this app so you can see how it can be done.

Sticker Maker Studio - Good, Beautiful and FREE

In the iOS App Store we can find a multitude of apps with different tasks. Some of them are paid and the price may be more or less justified, but it is less common to find free apps that are worth it and Sticker Maker Studio is precisely one of them. This app is completely free and, as you may have already guessed, it allows you to create stickers that can be used in services such as iMessage and, of course, also in WhatsApp.

Very intuitive interface

If you are not a scholar in the language of Shakespeare, you need not worry because it is translated into Spanish . It has some menus in English, but these are more related to information or help with the app than to the system itself by which you will handle it. Visually, it stands out at first sight due to its corporate colors, green and beige, very similar to those of WhatsApp. The latter is already a declaration of intent regarding the possibility of joining the creations with the popular messaging service.

app crear stickers iphone

As soon as you enter you will find a screen like the one in the image above, in which you will see that everything is empty and in the lower part you will find the option to Create a new sticker pack . Pressing there is how you will get to the possibility of creating stickers, being able to give the package a name and even your own name as the author of the pack, so that if your friends and contacts share it, everyone will know who the creator was.

Once you have put the names to the package you will see that the home screen is no longer empty, but that the new package that you have given a name appears there. You can continue creating all the packs you want, but without forgetting that you can edit the already created . Entering each of them is where you will access to create the stickers, being able to establish an icon as the image of the pack and then all the stickers themselves.

To create stickers has been said

Why have you come to this post? Well, to learn how to create stickers with this app, so let's go with it. The first thing you should do is place yourself inside the package. In the upper box with the icon legend you can establish an image that differentiates the pack from others, although it is not necessary.

app create stickers whatsapp iphone

Once you are creating the sticker, you will be able to import photos from your gallery or directly take a photo instantly from the camera. The moment you already have the image you will find different tools for trimming. On the left side you will find a smart selector, but the truth is that it may not perform the cut you are looking for. Therefore, you can be the one who makes the cuts with the free cut tools (scissors icon) or in square and circular format. It should be noted that in the free cut you will find an increase in the upper left part that will indicate where you are going with more precision.

Once you've done the trimming, you'll be able to add color to the borders or add a text , which can be any color you want and you can even add shading to it. Once the creation is finished, you must click on Save Sticker and you will return to the package view. You can create up to 30 stickers in total and you will see that at the bottom it gives the possibility of add to WhatsApp or iMessage. Of course, to be able to import it you will need to have created at least 3 stickers.

Once you have imported it, you will be able to send all your creations. Be clever and surprise your friends with funny stickers, which can make them laugh out loud.