Create mind maps on iPhone and Mac with MindNote 6 — 2022

If you are a person who loves to organize the ideas that you have in mind, it is best to do mental maps . You can resort to doing them on paper, but with the variety of applications that can be found in the App Store it can be much more productive and visual in the end to do them with the Mac itself. In this article we are going to analyze one of the most interesting applications for make mind maps on the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Importance of mind maps

Mind maps can be very important in everyday life. Every idea starts with a simple idea that has to be developed with different sub-ideas. It can be very useful both in the business environment and for example in studies. The fact of creating schemes in this way on a Mac or on the iPad will allow you to study without having to have a piece of paper in your hand, which can be more annoying.

MindNote 6 gives you all the necessary tools so that you can create incredible mental maps on different platforms, as well as export them, as we are going to comment on below.

Organizing ideas with MindNote 6

With MindNote 6 you have the possibility of placing a first idea in the center and gradually drawing out different branches with the customization options that are included. Within each of the ideas it is allowed to include images or emoticons in order to differentiate them much better and identify them. Each of the branches can be drawn in different colors to make everything more organized and more colorful. These branches can be arranged vertically or horizontally. In addition to including different colors you can also include links, notes and even tasks to complete. In this way you can create a simple check list with the aim of completing it as you progress the project. The design is totally variable and can be adapted to your needs.

MindNode 6

Thanks to the links you will be able to quickly access the different source websites that you can have when writing a paper or a scientific article. With its quick input mode you can enter a new note in the mental map from anywhere and in a very simple way. With a few simple touches you will be able to have an idea entered wherever you are, making the task much easier and, above all, not forgetting the idea you have had. In order to personalize them, several hundred handmade stickers are also included that allow you to have ideas in a more organized way.

To work more comfortably, this application is compatible with the dark mode of the operating system and you can also use the Apple Pencil on iPad. With this accessory you can create all the branches you need comfortably.

Share mind maps

These mind maps can be conveniently shared by different messaging services so that everyone can have access to your mind maps. Within the application you can also share them comfortably with another person who also uses this app on their Mac or mobile device. It can also be exported to a PDF document so that you can print it and always have it visible so that you can study it or write on it to introduce new ideas. In addition to exporting to PDF, it also supports RTF, CSV, OPML, .png'display:inline-block; width:100%;'>


This application is completely free to view the documents you have on your computer, but if you want to create them you will have to pay a monthly subscription. This one is priced at €2.99 and makes a lot of sense for those who work with mind maps on a daily basis, such as students or creative entrepreneurs.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of MindNode 6, do you make mental maps in your day to day?