Create incredible jokes with these applications for the Day of the Holy Innocents — 2022

Today December 28 is the ideal day to send jokes to our friends and family and the best platform to do so without a doubt It is through WhatsApp or making false calls. With our mobile we can play incredible pranks on our contacts using applications that are developed solely for this purpose and that you can find in the App Store, the Apple application store where you can find everything fromapps for bikersto othersapplications that will help you take care of your plants. In this article we tell you the best apps to create pranks for April Fools' Day that our colleagues at MovilZona .

Before technology was so imposed on our lives, on April Fools' Day various jokes were made such as ask for money before an invented problem, exchange sugar for salt or ring the bell to all our neighbors.


We believe that the first application that we are going to comment on is essential because its objective is play fake phone pranks on our contacts . This typical prank will allow us to call our friend and a recording will skip to him that can tell him that they are about to cut off his electricity for bypassing the meter or for non-payment, for example.

Juassap April Fools' Day

This paid app offers a series of free pranks when we register with our Facebook account. calls are free when done from the application servers, not showing your number at any time but it will not call in a hidden number either. At the end of the call, a recording will be generated with the reaction of your friend or family member.

You can download it from the App Store here , and as we say , we recommend it 100% as the resulting jokes are incredibly funny.


With WhatsFake you can create totally believable fake WhatsApp conversations since it simulates the entire interface of the messaging platform perfectly. We can create our conversations with whoever we want, such as an old friend, our friend's girlfriend or a famous celebrity.

WhatsFakeThis application is free, although to remove the watermark you will have to checkout and pay a couple of euros for it. You can find it on the App Store here .

If you don't want to download this app on your iPhone , we found a web page that will allow us to do this online. This website is called FakeWhats , a free tool that works really well and that will surely make you laugh more than once.

Prank Dial

This application It is very similar to Juassap , and of which I myself have been a victim. It gives us a series of jokes that we can preview, although we will have a limited number of times that we can use it for free. If we want to spend several jokes in a row, we will have to watch ads or go to the checkout.

Prank Dial

When we choose the prank we want to do to our friend, we will introduce his number and the recording will start to see the reaction of your partner before this telephone prank that is quite believable and above all funny. With the recording once the call is over you can distribute it wherever you want, to be able to listen to the specific joke a thousand times. As in the previous case, the call will be made from the servers of this application and your number will not be displayed.

You can find this app in the App Store here .

What pranks are you going to play today on April Fools' Day? Tell us the applications to spend your pranks today.