Create incredible 3D photos thanks to these applications — 2022

It is indisputable that iPhones have an exceptional camera, but it is always important to add a plus with third-party applications. On this occasion, we bring a compilation with the essential applications to take 3D photographs that will amaze you.

What should these applications have?

3D photos are increasingly used by users, as they bring originality to photos. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to make this type of application, so that users can choose from a greater variety and keep the one that suits them best.

For an app of this type to give a good result, they must meet certain requirements. They stand out among them:

    Ease of taking photos:the interface must be simple and as similar as possible to a normal photo camera. Various effects to add:It is important that they give the possibility to retouch and edit the photos so that they are to your liking Being able to share photos on social networks: Nowadays, most photos are shared on social networks, so these apps should have simple options to be able to share them with a single click.

3D photography apps

There are two types of apps that you can use to take 3D photos. One of them allows you to take photos and directly transform them into 3D, the other type edits photos that you have already taken, and through different effects generates the photo in 3D. In this first part we bring you those apps that do the camera function.

Fyuse - Photos 3D

Fyuse - Photos 3D Fyuse - Photos 3D Descargar QR-Code Fyuse - Photos 3D Developer: Fyusion

Spatial photography application that allows you to capture interactive 3D images. From this moment you will be able to see an image from different angles, although the time that they allow you to 'record' is quite short, so a 360º photo is not achieved. This app has a community with which you can share your photos and see those of other users to inspire you.

Thanks to this application you will be able to see your photos from different angles to choose the one you like best. You have to keep in mind that you need to have gravity, accelerometer and gravity sensors on your mobile to be able to take the photos and make them look good. You can share the results on all your social networks as well as download the photos to your device.

PopPic – 3D Camera

Pop Pic - 3D Camera Descargar QR-Code Pop Pic - 3D Camera Developer: PopPic 3D LLC

Choose the scene you want to have in 3D and take a picture through this application. There are many editing options that open to be able to add a blurred background that we like or highlight a specific element. In this way, it will seem that the image comes from the iPhone screen itself, and you can also move it freely at different angles.

It works just like a normal camera, but the photos they generate are in 3D. You can be the one who chooses the depth and angle of the photograph to obtain the best image. It allows many customizations and adjustments so that everything is to your liking and you get the best photos.

Camera 3D Pro

Camera 3D Pro

Camera 3D Pro Descargar QR-Code Camera 3D Pro Developer: Nicola Vacca

The easiest way to take 3D photos is to use an application that uses the camera without resorting to the gallery. In this way, you can also use the selfie camera to take a 3D photo, and also use it in a professional way to adjust different parameters.

In addition to taking photos directly in 3D, you can edit the ones you have in your gallery so that they achieve the desired effect. It also has a very complete editor with which you can remove what you like least from the photo or modify the parts that you don't like.



spotlights spotlights Descargar QR-Code spotlights Developer: Bending Spoons Apps ApS

If you want to go one step further when taking pictures in portrait mode, this is your application, even if your iPhone does not have this shooting mode, with this app you will be able to simulate that attractive blur in the most professional way possible . Its camera is so powerful that it emulates professional cameras.

If you have doubts about how to use it, within the app itself there are video tutorials so you can learn how to take photos and edit them to make them look their best. You will be able to adjust the color and depth among other things to obtain the best possible result.

3D photo editing apps

These apps offer a filter to create your 3D images, and you can import them from your gallery or from any other app. It's a simple and hassle-free way to get your photos in 3D if you're not very good at using a camera.



PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor Descargar QR-Code PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor Developer: Prequel Inc.

PREQUEL makes use of different visual effects to be able to give a different touch to the photographs. With these effects you get a feeling that the image comes out of the iPhone screen that is quite spectacular. Thanks to its 3D filter you can choose any image from your gallery to add that 3D effect.

In its paid option you will have many more options available than in the free one, but both are good options to take into account when editing photos. You can download your photos to the iPhone gallery or share them directly from the app itself to your social networks.

LucidPix 3D


LucidPix 3D Photo Creator LucidPix 3D Photo Creator Descargar QR-Code LucidPix 3D Photo Creator Developer: Lucid VR

App that allows you to create funny 3D photos to be able to share them on different social networks. It includes a powerful real-time 3D photo viewer that will allow you to move around a photo with complete freedom. You will be able to select any photo you have on your device to give it that desired 3D effect.

Its operation is quite simple, you will only have to choose the photo and then select the desired effect. In just a few seconds, your photo will have gone from a normal photo to a 3D photo. The app has a huge community with thousands of users where you can share your results, as well as see those of others.

Parallax: 3D Photo & Editor

Parallax: 3D Photo and Effects Descargar QR-Code Parallax: 3D Photo and Effects Developer: Plexagon s.r.l.

Choose a photo from your camera roll and easily turn it into 3D by adding different effects. In this way you can choose both the perfect depth, the background blur and be able to change the direction by moving your finger horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It is one of the few apps with which, in addition to editing photos, you can take them directly. You can adjust the number of shots, as well as the speed of fire and the amount of grain. It is one of the most complete apps. You can also share the results in high resolution to any platform.

Loopsie – 3D Photo Camera


Loopsie - 3D Photo Camera Descargar QR-Code Loopsie - 3D Photo Camera Developer: LOOPSIE SRL

Thanks to the iPhone's professional camera, you can take 3D photos with an intelligent long exposure, mixing the typical static photo and a video. 3D photography adds a new dimension to photos in 'portrait' mode, to create animation with depth.

Thanks to its intelligent exposure you won't have to be adjusting the light that enters the photo all the time, but it is the app that controls it. You will be able to share the results in a simple and comfortable way on all your social networks, in addition to being able to edit the photos and videos that you have taken thanks to its simple and comfortable editor.

Camera 360


Camera360 - Selfie Camera Descargar QR-Code Camera360 - Selfie Camera Developer: PinGuo Inc.

Professional photography application for the iPhone that allows you to process the images taken by adding filters to improve the result. Within these filters we find some that offer the possibility of having a 3D photograph. You can edit the photo as you like, thanks to its filters and its editor.

It has an option to share the results without much complication on social networks. It has a paid version, with which the options to perform increase, and with a free trial with which you can create authentic works of art.

Which ones are we left with?

Regarding the apps that take pictures directly in 3D, the easiest and most comfortable to use is 3D Pro Camera . It works exactly like a normal camera, so you won't have to go crazy learning how to use it. It has a small editor so you can modify the result of the photo to your liking.

Of the applications that include 3D filters, the one that stands out the most is LucidPix 3D . It has a simple interface with which you will be able to edit the photos and convert them to 3D in a very simple way and without many complications. It also has more filters so you can add to your photos, thus creating incredible results.

And you, what application do you use to take 3D photos?