Create fantastic logos for your business with these iPhone apps — 2022

When creating a new business, something mandatory to do is design a good logo that represents what you are going to offer. To do this, you can use professional designers or applications that you will find in the App Store to design it yourself. In this article we show you the best as well as some web pages.

Keep these points in mind

The image is one of the most important points of any company, business or project since, after all, it will be the one that will generate the first impression, for this reason it is very important that the logo is attractive and has the key points that will make you stand out. from the rest, marking your essence and generating a good impression. Therefore, it is vital that when creating your logo you have the best possible tools. Next we are going to list a series of points that, from our point of view, you have to take into account when choosing one application or another.

    get inspired. It is very difficult to have a very clear idea without first having sought sufficient inspiration, therefore, it is very important to have different examples within the application to even shape your taste and see what style of logo you want to go for. Personalization. These applications usually give you different ideas when it comes to generating your logo, however it is very important that you have the ability to change any detail of it to make it completely to your liking.
  • Use the typography adequate. The type of letter is a crucial point in a logo, as long as there is letter in it. For this, the application has to offer you a sufficient variety of fonts so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Reuse old logos. Another of the most interesting features is the possibility of reusing old logos, especially for those users who are looking for a rebranding of their brand.

Apps to design logos on iOS

Fortunately for all users who want both to make their logo from scratch and to adapt the one they already have to create a new image, they have enough alternatives to do so. In the first place we will focus on the applications that are available in the App Store to perform this type of task.

AI Logo Generator

IA Logo Generator

This application is intended for both Business that are beginning to function like those that are established. The goal is to get have a professional logo in order to attract sales and get the business off the ground. Create with it innovative and elegant logos in which you can customize both the text and the font and colors so that the logo adapts to your brand. The generation is done quickly and easily, with transparent versions available so you can embed them wherever you want. All the necessary tools are included so that you can create good designs on your iPhone or iPad.

One of the most interesting points of this application is that, despite the fact that it is itself the one that proposes different logos depending on your needs, it gives you the opportunity to make any changes or edits that you consider appropriate, thus being able to perfectly adapt the logo to the image and the feeling that you want to convey to your entire audience.

AI Logo Generator - Easy Logo AI Logo Generator - Easy Logo Descargar QR-Code AI Logo Generator - Easy Logo Developer: Tech Box d.o.o.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

An extremely simple application that creates logos on the iPhone or iPad. Includes more than 100 pre-designed logo templates that can be edited at any time to adapt it to your business. Included are more than 100 different fonts to create typefaces that are unique and representative for you along with more than 100 backgrounds to create posters or business cards . Although the download is free to enjoy all its features, you must pay a monthly subscription of 5 euros.

Logo Maker is a fantastic alternative due to the number of tools that it makes available to the user so that they can adapt their new logo to the brand image that they want to convey. Really, what you have to worry about is giving free rein to your imagination and thinking perfectly about each of the details of your logo, since with the tools of this app you will be able to make it a reality.

Logo Maker - Create a Design Logo Maker - Create a Design Descargar QR-Code Logo Maker - Create a Design Developer: Bizthug Pte Ltd



An important selection of logos is included in the library that is integrated in addition to being able to import photographs from the device's own gallery. You have the possibility to use more than 270 Latin fonts and get 50,000 logo combinations for your business. Change the gradient and color of logos, text and even the background itself with the ability to add professional quality shadows and align perfectly thanks to toggle grid lines.

You also have the possibility of using the professional color selector, a tool that, without a doubt, will raise the level of your logo by being able to design it precisely with the colors of your business, creating that very professional image that the use of the same tones grants. in all situations. It also has smart guides for users who have less design notions.

InstaLogo Logo Maker,poster InstaLogo Logo Maker,poster Descargar QR-Code InstaLogo Logo Maker,poster Developer: Logo Maker LLC



Watercolor is an ideal application for artists , designers , photographers in Event organizers . Choose from different textures, foil fonts and watercolor illustrations that have been carefully designed to be part of your new logo. Once you have finished choosing all the elements you can store it at a high resolution in a file.png'wpappbox .wpappbox-d85dc9195acf91346e4c6fa30c103683 simple appstore'> Watercolor Logo Maker Logo Maker Descargar QR-Code Watercolor Logo Maker Developer: Tap Flat Apps, LLC

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand

Logo Shop integrates a wide variety of designs in its library from the simplest to the most complex. They are divided by different categories such as letters, round, initials, vintage, doodle, animal… At any time you can edit the logos when stored in your iCloud storage and open it on both iPad and Mac to continue working with the logo.

By having so many examples, it is an application where generating an attractive logo will be a matter of minutes, since you only have to be clear about what you want the style of yours to be. It has more than 1000 logo templates predefined, which have been created by professional designers . In addition, to further edit and adapt your logo to your personal preferences, you have more than 5000 sources , symbols Y money that you can apply at any time.

Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand iOS Logo Maker Descargar QR-Code Logo Maker Shop: Font Brand Developer: PIXO Incorporation

logo maker

Logo Maker - Create Logo

Creating logos will not be any kind of problem with this application since no design skills or knowledge are required to create them. Included are more than 5,000 icons in more than 25 categories in addition to 100 funds Y 100 overlays to give much more depth and professionalism to the logo. They can be designed based on your company's brand even if you don't know exactly how it should be.

In addition, you will have at your disposal more than 2000 logo templates so that you can both be inspired by them and adapt one for your own company, business or project. As we told you before, typography is also a fundamental element when designing a logo, well, in this application you have more than 100 fonts different lists to use and display both the name and the slogan of your company.

Logo Maker - Create Logo Canva Descargar QR-Code Logo Maker - Create Logo Developer: CONTENT ARCADE (UK) LTD.


Canva: Design, photo and video

Without a doubt, if there an application that par excellence is used for the generation of logos very attractive and personalized, that's Canva. In fact, this application, which also has a web version to be used on the Mac, is a One of the most used tools by design and marketing professionals thanks to the infinity of options that it gives the user in order to take care of the image of their business, company or project, since with it you can not only generate logos, but also publications of any kind.

The variety of options is what makes this app so outstanding. You have plenty of examples from which you can draw your final logo. Of course, the customization that you can make is total since you can use the options you have or you can start from scratch creating yours completely personalized. You also have a wide variety of fonts and the possibility of professionally adapting the color based on your company's.

Canva: Design, photo and video LOGOSCOPIC Descargar QR-Code Canva: Design, photo and video Developer: Canva

LogoScopic Studio

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

With this application we can create logos in a simple and fast way. It offers various categories with which to start designing our logo, such as modern, sports or geometric. It also has a wide variety of different font types to choose the one that best suits our design. In addition, its editing tools allow you to make changes in the opacity and in the alignment of the letters of the images.

One of LogoScopic's strong points is that it has a gallery with more than a million images that we can use whenever we need it. When exporting the design that we have created, we can do it in HD quality for printing or we can adapt it to use it on different social networks. In order to have all the options, you need to subscribe to the Premium version, but the free version offers a very good variety of options with which to create our design.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker logomaster Descargar QR-Code LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker Developer: RoadRocks

Websites to create logos

Apps aren't the only way to create a professional logo in a few easy steps. That is why we also want to talk to you about the different options in web format that you can find to generate the logo of your business, company or project. Despite the fact that they are web pages and perhaps they are designed to work from a device like the Mac, from the iPhone or iPad you will also be able to work with them perfectly.



On this website you can design amazing logos for your company in simple steps. Are included 100 templates very nice and it all starts with entering the name of your company. At all times you can preview all the templates that are classified, for example between education , real estate , services , fashion Y beauty … In the end, any business will have a site on this web page to create a logo according to its brand.

By having so many examples you can be inspired to create your own logo based on what you like more or less. More than 3000 clients have generated their logo through this website , in fact, have been obtained until 56639 logos , number that can continue to rise as you use this application to create your own. Without a doubt, a very interesting alternative that you can use from your mobile device.

Access logomaster

Create logo for free


This website offers a part that is totally free to create fairly simple logos but for which you will not have to pay anything at all. It all starts by entering the name of your company and choosing its category. At the moment you will see a wide selection of logos designed for your selection that you can edit in terms of typography and the type of color that has been chosen to use.

With this web service it only takes three minutes in having the logo of your company, business or project. It is designed for all those users who do not want to complicate their lives since they do not have enough time or knowledge to design an attractive logo. In this case you only have to spend three minutes of your time on take three easy steps and you will have a logo ready to be used as a brand image.

Access to create free logo



We finish this compilation of tools to create your logo with Jimdo. It is a web service that will allow you to c create your logo without spending a single euro , that is, completely free of charge, since it has the objective that you can make your business a well-recognizable brand, with personality and different from the rest of the options that exist in the world.

Therefore, you only need invest a few minutes of your time to create your completely custom logo. It will be the website itself that asks you for certain information about your company, business or project, entering the name, corporate colors, design and fonts you want to use. After this, Jimdo will take care of offer you a logo that meets all the requirements that you have previously marked . It is one of the best options if you have absolutely no knowledge to create a logo, or do not have enough time to do so.

Access Jimdo


On this website you can create your logo design thanks to its more than 10,000 templates with different suggestions. To find the logo that best suits our brand, we will only have to put the word that best defines the company and the search engine will make a selection of the best available options. This is a good option if we don't know very well how to create our logo, since the ones that are already created can serve as inspiration to start designing.

If we want to create the logo from scratch, there is no problem. DesingEvo allows you to create the logo from scratch, with millions of icons to choose from, in addition to having more than 100 different font types in which you can adjust its color, size and alignment. When it comes to exporting, the web allows us to do it in SVG and PDF format with very high quality and without watermarks, completely free of charge.


Which is the best option?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the fact of making a logo that represents a brand image is something very important that will mark a before and after in your business, and as we always do with this type of compilation post, we want to tell you which It is, for the writing team of La Manzana Mordida, the most interesting option that we have talked about. If we have to keep just one of the applications that we have discussed, we choose without any doubt Canva , both for the ease with which you can create a really professional logo and for the number of tools that it makes available to the user to create a good brand image.

Regarding web services, the one that has caught our attention the most is Jimdo , since it offers really striking results after carrying out a process that, for certain users who do not want any type of complication, it is really comfortable and effective to have a tool like this.

And you, what service do you use to create your logo?