Create and dominate your own city with these games for Mac — 2022

There are many types of games that can be found daily to be able to distract yourself in the best possible way. That is why you will hardly find something that ends up convincing you when it comes to the world of games. This time we bring you a compilation with city building games that will help you relax or also to have a challenge ahead.

Citis Skylines and other similar games

Cities Skylines

This is undoubtedly one of the best city building games that you can have installed on your Mac. It has an optimal simulation system in which you will have the objective of bringing a lot of people to the city and keeping them as satisfied as possible. To get them you will have endless buildings for both services and leisure. You have to be very careful especially with the first of the categories to provide your new city with police, firefighters, garbage collection or health services.

But all this also entails a complex financial system in order to have a city that is as financially stable as possible. In this way you will have to manage the taxes of the inhabitants or apply certain very specific legislation on them. Although the most important challenge that this game has is the road system. Building the roads properly and combining it with public transport services is vital so that the roads do not end up being saturated, something that is quite likely in your first games and also quite annoying.

Cities: Skylines Cities: Skylines Descargar QR-Code Cities: Skylines Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.

Voxel Tycoon

This game with quite attractive and unrealistic aesthetics puts you in charge of a city where industry is one of its most fundamental pillars. It will not be enough to install a factory with which to start working, but you will have to create a real production chain by extracting the necessary resources yourself and transporting them to their respective destinations. In this way, a management system will be created to support all the inhabitants of your small city that you will have to turn into a big city through an almost infinite map.

But in addition to the factories, there is also a lot of emphasis on transport systems to take your inhabitants to the places they need, such as work. It includes 50 types of vehicles that are divided into different very well defined eras, starting with the traditional carbon and ending with the electric era.

Voxel Tycoon Voxel Tycoon Descargar QR-Code Voxel Tycoon Developer: Voxel Tycoon


Game that is very much based on the mythical Pharaoh that if you are a fan of this type of game you will know. It is set in ancient Mesopotamia having a campaign through which they will go through different cities to have the ultimate goal of having a great civilization. You will start with a few simple houses and farm fields as they did in the past until you have a large city.

The storage of resources and trade are vital to be able to advance in civilization. But they are not limited only to the construction of houses and buildings, but they are also committed to monuments. This way you will be able to create great constructions on your map that are in the books making your own personal story.

Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar Descargar QR-Code Nebuchadnezzar Developer: Nepos Games

SimCity 4


Mythical quite classic city management game with an aesthetic that is certainly not very current but with quite successful and established mechanics, being a very good management simulator. You must give life to a new city by building new ones living for all the people you want to live in your city. But in addition to homes, factory systems and services such as hospitals or security are also included.

The road system is not overly optimized like in other games on this list, but it is certainly a fundamental part. You must provide all the inhabitants with the adequate transport system both on roads as well as public transport. But the most important thing is that you will be able to manage both the taxes and the general policy that you want to follow.

SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition Descargar QR-Code SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition Developer: Aspyr (Mac)

Surviving Mars

It's time to take control of the Red Planet, Mars, and start building different colonies where your colonizers can reside. It is a really complicated game due to all the implications of being on a planet that is not Earth. You will have to be very careful when managing supplies as well as oxygen since with a simple mistake you can end up without a new civilization on Mars.

The design of this game is undoubtedly one of its great logos in addition to its aesthetics. There are endless constructions and a very marked progression line. Obviously houses as well as all industrial activity have to adapt to this new planet and if you love science fiction this is the game you have to have installed on your Mac.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet Surviving Mars: Green Planet Descargar QR-Code Surviving Mars: Green Planet Developer: Haemimont Games


With a very similar theme to Surviving Mars we also have Planetbase. You take charge of a series of space colonists who aim to establish a settlement on a remote planet. Upon arrival you must get them to produce energy, extract water and minerals to build new buildings to advance the entire colony.

The ultimate goal is to have a self-sufficient base with the help of different machines and robots that will help you. Although anything can happen on the planet that will try to ruin your base, something that you should know how to respond in the best possible way.

Planetbase Planetbase Descargar QR-Code Planetbase Developer: Madruga Works


Face a real challenge with this considerably high difficulty game. Frostpunk puts you at the helm of the last city in the world with few surviving people in a totally frigid environment. Your goal is to make the right decisions so that all these people who are under your responsibility end up surviving, building around a central building that is your base.

One of the biggest complexities you will come across is undoubtedly the temperature. Being in an environment surrounded by ice, it is important to have the necessary fuel so that the inhabitants do not end up freezing without neglecting the resources either. You'll start with a small base to which you'll have to provide different services so that they don't get sick and keep reproducing to eventually have a fully recovered civilization.

Frostpunk Frostpunk Descargar QR-Code Frostpunk Developer: 11 bit studios

Skid Cities

You are in the year 2092 in front of a city set in the world of Cyberpunk. This means that all the constructions that you can make are quite attractive if you love the future and especially the Cyberpunk style. In the end, it is a city builder as such, but it differs in aesthetics, breaking the fact that we always have constructions in our hands that are quite similar to reality. That is why you will have to build houses and different different services as well as public transport.

Additionally, in Skid Cities you can enjoy the creation of different corporations that aim to make your city attractive abroad. But not everything is limited to corporations that can be 'good', but also includes a criminal gang mechanic. This is interesting since you won't have robberies due to random events, but you can also opt for advanced criminal gangs that pose a real challenge, which is undoubtedly the true magic of this video game for Mac.

Skid Cities Skid Cities Descargar QR-Code Skid Cities Developer: Vittorio Banfi

Dawn of Man

Go back to the time of the first humans on earth with this video game. You will be in charge of a settlement with several people that you will have to guide through the different eras but always surviving. To do this you must hunt, collect and make tools as well as research new technologies. You will start with a group of humans but you can build your own city with the necessary defenses.

The most complicated thing in this case is the food that you can store. While fish are more plentiful in spring, berries and fruit will be abundant in summer. The problem will be when winter arrives where you will not be able to cultivate, so you must have those reserves as well as warm clothes so as not to die of cold.

Dawn of Man Dawn of Man Descargar QR-Code Dawn of Man Developer: Madruga Works