Could the Apple Pencil become a complement to the iPhone? — 2022

The news that we have come to talk about comes to us just one day after the official presentation of Samsung's Note 8, which was analyzed by our colleagues from Android 5×1 in this article. This terminal includes, like all of the Galaxy Note family, a pencil (S Pen) that offers endless possibilities to users. And it is that now that there is already an interesting variety of mobile phones on the market with this type of pencils, Aren't you wondering why Apple hasn't tested the Apple Pencil on the iPhone yet? Well, don't worry, because if you have this concern, it may be that sooner rather than later you use an Apple pencil.

The Apple Pencil could come to the iPhone

And I'm not saying it, nothing more and nothing less than Tim Cook says it, who a year ago postulated about it in an interview arguing that if you've ever seen what can be created with a pencil on an iPhone, you'll have realized that it is simply amazing. Although with those words the boss of Cupertino already made it clear that he felt a certain predilection for this accessory, today he has assured from an important web page that There is a possibility that those from Cupertino have made two patent applications to be able to bring the Apple Pencil to the next iPhone.

The Apple Pencil, currently available for the iPad, could be a complement to the iPhone, says

The patent we rely on today has been uploaded to Patently Apple, a page that analyzes various topics in the world of Apple but that focuses on the intellectual property and patents of the Californian company. From this platform it is stated that today the United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a report in which it is observed as Apple would have made, in 2016, two patent applications to be able to incorporate the Apple Pencil to the iPhone in the future. This, together with the request that was submitted for the same reason a year earlier, shows the interest that the company has in presenting a complement such as the Apple Pencil (already available for the iPad Pro) for its mobile devices.

Currently, the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro is priced at around 100 euros.

Personally, I think that the Apple Pencil could be a good complement for our iPhone, since it would give us a wide range of options. Without going any further, the mere fact of being able to doodle when I write a note to myself is essential, although not to the point of paying 100 euros for it. It will be necessary to see if in the end Apple decides to implement this pencil and if it will come by default with the iPhone or if, on the contrary, we will have to pay a plus to be able to enjoy it.

What do you think of the idea? Do you think you would use an Apple Pencil for your iPhone if you had one? Leave us your opinion in the comment box.

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